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  1. I love how he hadn't scored a goal yet this year and comes up with that gem
  2. She was banned? That may have been the funniest thread I've seen here.
  3. I'll give you "mad props" (as the kids say....or at least used to say) for signing up here despite not being a Habs fan. If my ex signed up here to try to get involved in my hobby...no, my passion, she might not be my ex. Actually that's not true, but I would have appreciated the effort. Anyways, enjoy the site! Message to everyone else: Be nice!
  4. can someone explain the reffing situation to me? what happened?
  5. Once again, another Saturday game I will miss because of announcing. I gotta try to sneak a mini-tv in my booth or something.
  6. I'm in favour of Ryder on the top line. I just want to see Ribs and Ryder seperated for a game or two.
  7. We...had a choice? Well in that case I'll choose the Habs win the Leaf game! I just wish I had a choice as to whether the Habs were a dominant team or a frustrating team.
  8. I'm seriously starting to question Julien's sanity. Bulis on the top line? Second, possibly. Third, most definitely. But 1st line? God! Give me Perezhogin, or Plekanec, or Ryder, or Higgins, or Bonk. I'll even take Begin on that line over Bulis. I'm all for internal fixes to the Habs problems, but perhaps trading for someone who can score would be a better option? This was a problem even when Kovalev was in the lineup. Now it's just magnified.
  9. www.encircling.us I still don't get it. Help! Check your u2u messages. And now linked: www.encircling.us
  10. I pretty much agreed with all grades, and appreciate the effort. One question I do have is whether the player bios will be updated soon, or mid-season.
  11. I'd also like to point out I am a Dags supporter, and called for him to be on the second line until one of the rookies knocked him from his perch. That happened about 2 games in. Now I don't think he has a spot on this team.
  12. If Dags is dressed for games then it pretty much ruins any chance of rolling 4 lines consistently, thus giving anyone else playing on the fourth line as little ice time as Dags. I don't like that. I'd love to see him on the powerplay with his ass right in the goalie's face, tipping in shots and knocking in rebounds. Then when he gets a few goals and gets SOME trade value, try for a player with average all around skills. But it won't happen.
  13. Delgado can hit, but he might as well leave the bat in the dugout during clutch situation. He'll hit the highlight reel grand slam when his team is already ahead by 6 runs, but a clutch hit with the tying run on second? Rarely.
  14. Florida found out what Toronto fans already knew. Delgado is good, but he's not that good.
  15. I totally disagree. It's nice not to hear his racist comments (and it's equally nice to not hear members goading him into saying racist comments,) but I do miss his constant and informative updates on Habs prospects.
  16. http://www.habsworld.net/article.php?id=99...c7d420f4de2d8b5 awesome
  17. I like that second line too... ...if I'm the opposition.
  18. I'm a baseball fan, but I only follow the Blue Jays closely. But if the Marlins just lost Beckett and are about to lose Burnett, I don't see them going anywhere except maybe Vegas
  19. Good to see A Concerned Fan back! Another well written review of the game, as usual.
  20. Perez had less ice time than Dags tonight... injured? If not, and if these are the minutes he's gonna be getting, they might as well ship him to Hamilton.
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