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  1. Agreed. I'm calling for a personale change. Someone's got to go, and it's got to show the rest of the team they can't do shit like this.
  2. woah... that's asking a bit much for the result of a hockey game. May I encourage you by saying that one day, your wish will be inevitably granted... just don't rush it due to a loss to the Sabres. Hey come on! That may have been the best one. and let's face it, these games are too frigging depressing
  3. This got old quite fast. But I cannot stop typing. Someone shoot me please.
  4. Haiku's did not work. How much more zen must I be To have the Habs win?
  5. Habs cannot win games Alas, another bad loss I wish I was dead
  6. That is quite absurd CSI? Law and Order? Divorce! GO Habs GO!
  7. Bruins trade Thorton Is this the end of their team? No, they beat the Sens :nono:
  8. Why thank you option I like to entertain you But back to the game...
  9. I will be posting In Haiku format tonight Until I get bored Dags in front of net The goalie, he cannot see Dags should do this more I do not like Bonk Onomatopoeia? Yes A goal scorer? No Our Captain is out Who can steer the ship tonight? I wish it were Bonk Bulis_The_Habbie CJAD has ######ed up Please do play-by-play
  10. well folks, I'll probably skip the 1st period. And if CJAD continues to ###### up on me, I'll be back for the Habworld Member Play by Play.
  11. It was funny not for the insults. It was funny because nobody knew what was going on. Insulting others is just not nice! I believe she is un-banned now. Exactly. Here's everyone after a disappointing loss to the Leafs, and here comes someone who doesn't know much about hockey and is using 2 game old information to congratulate the Habs on a great win. It might have been the worst possible time for that thread, and that's what makes it hilarious!
  12. well shitbitch! LET THE KIDS PLAY!! If we lost, but had the rooks play lots then I wouldn't be as upset. Instead we lose, and the kids sit on the bench.
  13. No koivu? oh shit. well, I asked what could get any worse for the Habs, and this is it.
  14. I'm calling for a win. 3 - 2 obviously, but a win.
  15. And remember, Samsanov will probably be moved at the deadline cause he'll be a UFA next year.
  16. Damn, that has got to be hard on Mikey.
  17. I'd say either Bulis or Sunny are expendable. I wouldn't want to get rid of both.
  18. Rooster (on the poster) Anti-Flag (? ...the black flag) Matchbox 20 (took me a while to figure that one out) Mona Lisa (never heard of them but the painting is there) 50 Cent (the American Coin?) That's all I can add. Whitesnake
  19. Goodnight Lister. I will probably need to be heavily medicated in order to sleep tonight.
  20. and just an FYI for everyone. dark_faerie87 is awesome 500th post! woo!!
  21. Nice work Ryder! wait...was it a clean hit? If yes...nice work Ryder!
  22. Some teams might actually need a defensive forward more than a goal scorer. I'm not saying we get back someone better, but with many defensively responsible forwards I think it's worth the gamble. Give me someone that can finish on the third line and push for a second line spot when there are injuries, then I'm happy.
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