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  1. You can be my buddy then. The computer at my work doesn't have a soundcard, so I'm update-less as well. Word homes, we be the Soundless Crew yo.* *Editor's Note: Trizzak will no longer be speaking "street" for the remainder of his Habsworld tenure. I apologize for anyone who felt their brain cells diminish upon reading that sentence.
  2. so if the Habs win it will be 3 - 2? wow, we haven't had enough of those games recently...
  3. CJAD just shit the bed on me. I'm relying on you guys for updates
  4. I'd love to see a shakeup on the second line. I just want to see what would happen with Ryder and Ribiero seperated. Give Ribs two hard working rooks and hope they don't develep his bad habits. Just a thought
  5. A sandwich, that doesnt taste as good as a Macburger. That's what i make of it! Looked a bit more like a casserole dish to me.
  6. Will there be a quarterly report on the Habs/Bulldogs players, or am I waiting for midseason? I just look forward to the players bios being updated, like http://www.habsworld.net/SakuKoivu.php and http://www.habsworld.net/RadekBonk.php
  7. But back to the original topic, I think the only changes we'll see are changes to the lines. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 2nd line shakeup.
  8. Hockeysfuture.com is also in panic mode
  9. Seriously though, if Hainsey could be brought up without being lost to another team, I'd take it and ship Streit out. I'd rather give Hainsey a shot at redemption than continue to see a 27 year old stumble through a learning period.
  10. We're a Lynch mob? I didn't know that everyone here are Stephen Lynch fans!
  11. Okay, the Habs losing tonight is bad enough. But then the little twist of the knife is Toronto winning, and winning by a lot.
  12. They seem to make a habit of outshooting their opponents and not scoring. But then take Kovalev out of the situation...
  13. I have a suggestion for a motivational tactic, and a disciplinarian tactic. Julien implements corporal punishment. Ryder not skating back fast enough? Have a fan punch him in the head. Streit takes a stupid penalty? Here kids! Give him a few whacks with a stick to his back. The whole team isn't hustling? Please Trizz, bust out an electric cow prodder. It may work, it may not... but I'm sure it will help vent some fan frustrations.
  14. I'm gonna start medicating myself before these games. The Habs are giving me an irregular heart beat
  15. geez...I go grab something to eat and the whole game changes.
  16. If the ice is as bad as they say then that could be difficult
  17. I think that goes over the character length allowed for usernames...
  18. will he have articles for both florida and toronto when he gets back? or will those two games be skipped over? also, if the team starts playing like Ottawa will he change his moniker to An Ecstatic Fan?
  19. I'm thinking the lesson learned would have been much more beneficial than the 2 points. They gave up a 3 goal lead in the 3rd period, they stopped trying, and they were bit in the ass because of it. But since they still got those two points I guess it doesn't really matter, right? :eyes:
  20. I want the Habs to lose. Giving up a 3 goal lead is deserving of a loss.
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