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  1. I suddenly feel left out.
  2. I can answer that last question with a solid maybe. 5:30 am and I'm not tired. ######ing insomnia. I think we should have a Girls of Habsworld calender, that is, if there are actually 12 female Habs fans here.
  3. Yes, but look at karma coming back and kicking our ass with key injuries.
  4. Baby three toed sloths are so dumb that sometimes they will mistake thier own arms for tree branches, grab on to them while climbing and fall to thier deaths.
  5. a big "ouch" to all you exam and essay writers I applied to Seneca for Radio Broadcasting a few days ago, so I'll be joining you guys soon enough.
  6. I've said before in this subforum, and I will say it again. The future is bright in Habs land.
  7. For all those posts that aren't worth making a thread about. Random thoughts? This is the place. Insomnia...it's a bastard. I couldn't fall asleep at all last night, and finally dozed off sometime around 1 in the afternoon. This is really gonna screw up my already horrible sleep schedule.
  8. *bump* Jays sign closer BJ Ryan and pitcher AJ Burnett. If they sign or trade for a big bat then the post season is a good possibility this year. Haven't the Yankees been uncharacteristically silent so far this offseason?
  9. That would have been a perfect time for a "I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico" post. But it's good to have Mikey back.
  10. well yes, that is a dream situation. might as well make it a wet dream situation though: Dags for Forsberg.
  11. You expected anything else with a week between Habs games?
  12. I like the nickname for Dags, though it might be a tad graphic....
  13. OMG CAPS LOCK Please stop yelling at us.
  14. I think Ottawa would still dominate without Heatley. and philly would still be really good too. Rangers are pretty thin without Jagr though.
  15. My calender is filling up. I'll be colouring with Bulis_the_Habbie sometime this week, and I might be sorting socks with lazy26... This is one of those weeks you wish you were part of the Habsworld League.
  16. My tongue was planted firmly in cheek. That was pretty much my way of expressing displeasure with how Julien is treating the rooks. Garth Murray is called up to warm the bench? Not even one shift? Pleks makes a rookie mistake BAM moved to 4th line. He's driving me crazy. I admire Gainey's patience. I would have blinked during that slump and would have shipped someone out. But he waited it out.
  17. I just wish Gainey and Julien were on the same page. Gainey: "We're doing a youth movement, we've got some great kids coming up" Julien: "You betcha! So I'll just sit them every time they make a mistake, therefore hindering their development." Gainey: *not really paying attention* "yeah yeah, sounds good, great, just great." ....that's how I envision it, anyway.
  18. What was his nickname here? Cement Hands? Love to watch him play up until he shoots the puck.
  19. I accept that there is a grey area and welcome intelligent arguments for or against a player being traded. This topic is my plea to those who look at a player underachieving and saying "Get rid of him!" and then doing a complete 180 when that same player does well. "You can't get rid of him! He's doing so well!!!" Personally, I want someone to have high trade value when they leave town, cause it usually means someone good is coming in. But that could just be me.
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