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  1. I'd almost rather we not have this powerplay. Montreal seems to play better with equal or less men on the ice.
  2. I'll be cleaning carpets and couches for the next little bit, but I'll keep an ear to the Habs game every once in awhile. Go Habs Go!
  3. Does that mean you're going to Trent or Fleming?
  4. I'm starting to get into VAST VAST - Touched
  5. Audioslave is no Rage Against The Machine either! Zach De La Rocha must be turning in his grave over what his ex bandmates are playing with Audioslave, and that's hard to do since he isn't even dead yet!
  6. Apparently Perez was very ill, so nevermind. I still think he'll replace Dags on the second.
  7. hmmm...having Souray and Komi pairing together is starting to seem like a really bad idea
  8. Perez had less ice time then Dags. This will be rectified next game, I'm sure. I've been very much against it, but I think Dags needs to play on the fourth line and give Perez his spot back.
  9. Rangers are first in their division, we are not. [Edited on 2005/10/31 by Trizzak]
  10. Considering Souray's play lately, would it be worth it to cut his ice time down to 3rd pair minutes?
  11. I think Montreal is due for a blow out win. I wanna see a 7 - 2 win with multiple points from the top line, no more of these 1 goal games.
  12. So far Emery is 2 - 0 against the Habs. Am I insulted? Nope. But I am pissed off the Habs can't win against him.
  13. Quite frankly, I'm glad they escaped with a point. Ottawa had target practice on Theo tonight, and thankfully Theo played his best game of the season and kept the Habs in the game.
  14. Maybe it's just cause Emery had success against the Habs? Hardly an insult if he wins the game again.
  15. Just doing my usual check on the game stats and a few things jumped out at me. Mike Komisarek's total time on ice: 5:02 Was he injured, or did he ###### up really badly? Chris Higgins: 9:05 Same deal. Why isn't he getting more ice time? Nice of Dags to get his first goal...but I hope he doesn't mind the time in the press box when Zednik gets back.
  16. He was a troll, aka leaf fan Actually that might be a bit harsh, if a leaf fan signed up and offered a different insight then "Habs suck!" I'm sure he'd be welcome. Anyways, glad to have you aboard.
  17. Trizzak

    Sex offender!

    To me, you throw away the "The males wanted it" argument and try to find the answer to the question: "Is having sex with a teacher harmful in any way?" I'd say yes, it is harmful to the teacher, student, and the whole student body. That being said, holy ######ing shit she is hot!
  18. Call it "Dinner" "Oh what a cute cat! What's it's name?" "Oh it's just Dinner"
  19. Philly isn't generally a quick team, so we should see a lot less Holding and Hooking penalties this game. Hell, our "big" guys might even help instead of hinder.
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