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  1. I think that goes over the character length allowed for usernames...
  2. will he have articles for both florida and toronto when he gets back? or will those two games be skipped over? also, if the team starts playing like Ottawa will he change his moniker to An Ecstatic Fan?
  3. I'm thinking the lesson learned would have been much more beneficial than the 2 points. They gave up a 3 goal lead in the 3rd period, they stopped trying, and they were bit in the ass because of it. But since they still got those two points I guess it doesn't really matter, right? :eyes:
  4. I want the Habs to lose. Giving up a 3 goal lead is deserving of a loss.
  5. Maybe Kovalev's absence will light a fire under this team's collective ass and they might actually play a full 60 minutes many games in a row. The injury bug has hit hard; Kovalev, Bulis, Bonk, Zednik, Ivanans, and players battling the flu, and it's not even 1/4 through the season yet!
  6. wow...what a heated thread. Is Theo earning his salary? Nope, not yet. Do I think he will? Yes, hell yes. I have more faith in Theo for the starting job than Danis (a rookie with 2 NHL games under his belt) or Huet. I'd consider this year the middle of the rebuilding phase, and giving the starting job to a rookie is a good way to restart the whole process.
  7. Every new member should get a How-To tutorial email on anything that is frequently asked like avatars. Might be a pain to set up, but it might save sakiqc the tedium of saying it again and again.
  8. Behind the net Dandenault tried to clear it Deflected off Allison Went right up in the air Hit Theodore in the back and BARLEY crossed the line Infact, if it wasn't for the net came, it would have been disallowed. From the top camera, you can't tell if it's in. [Edited on 2005/11/13 by Leafs Suck] Shit
  9. Can someone describe the game tying goal to me? I keep reading "What a fluke!" but I'm not getting any descriptions
  10. I won't be able to see the game tonight, but I'll be thinking about it the whole time.
  11. Pittsburgh 3 Montreal 2 We had less goals than Pittsburgh We lost. This isn't rocket science. Now let's take the disgusting 1 point and blow away the Leafs.
  12. I actually screamed out "NOOO!!!!" when Crosby scored in the shootout. It wasn't quite Vader-ish, but I'm sure I came close. This was one of those games where I actually wished they would win or lose. They didn't deserve the point.
  13. If they're gonna lose this one, I want all of the Penguins goals to come from the powerplay. It might wake the guys up from their dream world of taking penalties with little or no consequences.
  14. well, it's about time for me to close all Firefow windows except the CJAD player. 56k Powaa!!!! See you all at the end of the game
  15. Zednik - Koivu - Kovalev Higgins/Plekanec - Ribs - Ryder Bulis - Bonk - Perezhogin Higgins/Plekanec - Begin - Sundstrom "Why break up the third line?" you may ask. Because, Bulis and Sundstrom just aren't burying their chances. Both cause problems for the other team (Bulis with his speed, Sunny with his superlative positioning) but neither one is a finisher. So I'd like to see Perez on that line to throw in some offense (which we know he can do) and maybe even learn to use his speed like Bulis does.
  16. Is it just me, or does her writing style make her less attractive?
  17. I want a big guy who uses his size out there against the heavyweights like Philly. I like Ivanans as a habs. I think he'll be back.
  18. Who has been booing him? I haven't heard anything over the radio...So far it's basically been different levels of cheering. Dags gets his name announced, everyone claps. One of the rookies gets announced, everyone claps and yells a bit. Kovalev, Koivu, or Zednik get announced, the ceiling nearly gets blown off. Also, I doubt you'll find anyone booing Souray here at Habsworld. Post this at the Canadiens official forum. [Edited on 2005/11/10 by Trizzak]
  19. It's time to show Sidney Crosby why he should be a habs. 10 - 3 Habs.
  20. Don't forget their caption for next weeks Power Rankings: Habs drop 4 spots cause they rely on Theodore too much.
  21. I'm gonna start praying to as many different God's as possible...whatever it takes for a win by more than one goal.
  22. It's true that the Habs haven't shown dominance over any team yet, and I agree with whoever it was that said that proves we aren't an elite team. However, they're a hard working team, they're creating these chances to stay in games, and they're proving to be pests to the top tier teams. That makes the Habs a really good team, and I'm fine with that.
  23. Hey, I've never been a fan of Dags on the fourth. However, I do see good reasons to move Begin to the second line for 2 or 3 games. He'd defensively reliable, and since Dags, Ribs, and Ryder are a combined - 17 (approx) the second line could use some defensive awareness.
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