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  1. At least I can spell. Dude, "chaos" not "kaos"
  2. Just a thought.... I'd like everyone to post who you think is overachieving and underachieving, based on what you thought they would do at the beginning of the year compared to what they've done up to midseason. I like to think I set realistic goals for the players in my mind, and you'll notice that most of them involve offense. Underachievers Theodore (Current worth of play nowhere near equal to contract length and amount) Zednik (I expected Zednik. Where is he? Anyone know?) Dandenault (I thought the new NHL was practically formatted with him in mind. I thought he would thrive. I tho
  3. For the record, I only wanted them to lose so they could wake up and realize they needed to play better than how they were. I wasn't satisfied with fluke wins because I wanted dominate wins. I believed they could do it. Boy, am I an idiot.
  4. I'm here to publically make amends. Months ago, during that beautiful streak long ago...when the Habs were winning, and actually placed 1st in the Eastern Conference.... I wanted the team to lose. It's true. I didn't like how they were winning the games: lucky bounces, heart attack inducing third periods, doing just enough to get by but not enough to dominate, etc. So I asked for it. I posted it, here, and said "I want the Habs to lose." And they did. And they continue to. Being that I am a fan, I am almost positive that everything I do directly influences how my team will perform.
  5. That theory needs to be refined. During the game against Calgary, we had sex but the Habs lost. Today I'm nowhere near her and the Habs are destroyed. Utterly destroyed. I'll continue to dabble with this boys. The girlfriend is all for it too. In the end...I win.
  6. Koivu was supposed to have two great wingers beside him; Zednik and Kovalev. Unfortunately, neither show up to the same game, and that is compounded by the fact that Zednik might as well be playing with his hockey stick up his ass. Good lord! Last year he was bargain, now he's being overpayed. Sundstrom. It's great that he can do all the little things the coaches love. Now I'd like him to do the big things that everyone else loves. An example of that would be....hmmm...I dunno... scoring? hitting? playing with balls? Defense. I'm not sure what this is. I think other teams have it... Theo
  7. Bad news, I'm not seeing the girlfriend tonight. I was with her last night though....I was with her a couple of times last night to be exact.... Maybe it will carry over? Go Habs Go!
  8. Philly will need to get revenge through their farm team then.
  9. Hope he's back with the big club soon. It would be nice to get a little competition going with Bonk, Pleks, and Ribs for the second line spot.
  10. Playing on a line with Sunny is like sitting under the learning tree of defensive responsibility. Unfortunately, it's not what the Habs need. I wouldn't doubt if he was traded this season.
  11. Hey, give me another chance. Maybe the game is based on positions used... I think I'll stop there before we need a disclaimer for every thread I post in.
  12. We had a good laugh at that too. However, we finished awhile ago, some time in the second period. It's up to the Habs now.
  13. I mentioned it jokingly over the phone yesterday. I don't think she thinks I'm serious.
  14. Girlfriend is on her way over... Unfortunately, she hates hockey. I may be denied strictly out of spite.
  15. I find that hilarious. He knows how to work a crowd.
  16. He speaks his mind, which is at least entertaining.
  17. Happy to oblige. If this starts to work consistently, everyone should chip in and send me condoms.
  18. You misunderstood me....or you understood and posted that to spite me... I want you to predict a Habs Stanley Cup win this year.
  19. Just to stir the pot? The pot hasn't settled for weeks! Leave the pot alone!!!!!!!
  20. how about predicting a Stanley Cup win this year?
  21. Nolan will probably sign with whomever appears to have the best shot at the Cup this year, and will sign for whatever allows the team to fit under the cap.
  22. That I agree with! Honestly, if Pleks could bring in a young but promising d-man, I'd be all for it.
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