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  1. Bad news guys. Eklund just called for a Habs win tonight. Since he's 0 - 5 on his game predictions so far this season, we're pretty much ######ed.
  2. I'm saying that they have no trade value for us. Sure, many gm's would take Ribiero right now... they just wouldn't give up much to get him. If he were to be traded, I'd rather let him start playing like he can so Gainey can trade for a great defenceman.
  3. I hope he sticks around for his whole career.
  4. Danis will play against the next "weak sister" of the league. Theo will get every opportunity to play out his struggles.
  5. Beck - Debra "I wanna get with you, ohhhhhh girl...and your sister. I think her names Debra!!" I've begun a bit of a Beck binge. Midnite Vultures is such a great album, and I'm just starting to listen to Mutations. Any Beck fans here?
  6. Maybe he should head to a local soccer field to keep his legs in shape during his time off. Am I talking about running or kicking? I'll let you decide.
  7. or to go a bit simpler, just create a mesh design on the pads.
  8. Wishful thinking, right now their trade value is minimal. Ribs needs to play like he can, and Dags just flat out needs a lucky streak before we get a pretty good defenceman back. Plus, I don't want Dags traded yet. I just have to see what he'll do on the fourth line. (My prediction: suck) I'll be happy to eat those words, but I don't think it will happen.
  9. actually, screwing over the Coyotes would have been playing out the season, continuing to not produce, and then retiring. I'm pretty sure Hull's salary is off the book now, so the Coyotes have some room to maneuver with trades. Maybe they go for Nolan around Christmas. God that would be a gamble, right up there with Lindros/Allison
  10. Maybe we should send em Dags. He'd probably produce the same numbers Hull would have this year, and he's cheaper. But mostly, I'm thinking of the Habs benefit here: adding by subtracting.
  11. hahahahaha very nice. That was an amazing shot. My favourite line from one of the CBC announcers: "Is there a better stickhandler in the league than Kovalev? He's the kinda guy that could follow you into a revolving door and come out ahead of you.")
  12. fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccck that felt good, one more time ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckk *sigh* so close for a win. And Lindros...god that hurts. Second line needs a shakeup, maybe even a demotion to the third line for awhile for Ryder. Throw Bulis and Plekanec or Higgins up to the second line with Ribeiro to add a little hustle. I dunno...might be worth experimenting.
  13. It leaves them without a washed up winger. They'll probably make a trade or two, maybe a draft pick or a prospect or two. Those Kolanos rumours might heat up again.
  14. Maybe no one. Maybe they go without an enforcer for awhile and give Dags the ice time till Zed gets back.
  15. Habs being ranked #2 is great, but let's face it guys, the Habs aren't playing all that well. Most especially their first two games which they shouldn't have won.
  16. I just read at NHL.com that Begin was carried off the ice with a knee injury. Does Garth Murray get a callup?
  17. 2 - 0? sheesh, what a low scoring game. Dags might have to go to the Bulldogs for a bit and try to adjust to the new style of play. Is it worth the risk? I'd say yes.
  18. Dags will need to adapt to the new NHL style before he gets any trade value. Once he keeps his penalty minutes down and scores a few goals he may have some use to a team without a scoring second line. Everyone knows he can shoot and shoot well, but he will need to at least form a bit of an all around game before we can move him. And then there is the Ribiero factor. Hopefully he treats any Dags trade like a professional.
  19. San Jose is pretty surprising as well, considering they're supposed to dominate this year.
  20. Tough game tomorrow. Easily the biggest test for the Habs yet.
  21. Starting the thread early to jumpstart the quest for the longest thread record? I'm in. GO HABS GO
  22. I'm just saying that the pass was in either Bonks' or Bulis' skates. A better pass on the stick probably would have resulted in a shot (not necessarily a goal.) I'm just of the opinion that it didn't look sharp, but he made up for it by unleashing the sniper shot in the top corner. I think it hit the crossbar and the post, and it sounded terrific.
  23. um...I didn't mention anything about the chances Sunny takes...
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