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    B! B! B!

    ZedniK *shrug* Not a fan of this line. I'd rather Begin as the 4th line sparkplug. Bulis has the energy for the 3rd line, they don't need anymore.
  2. Observations and Questions for the Habsworld members: Dags on the fourth line: 5:47 of ice time, no shots, no penalties. So basically nothing new to add to the Should Dags Stay? argument. (But we'll beat this topic to death, resurrect it, and beat it to death again anyway) Moving on, glad to see Kovalev get a REAL goal this game. I'm very excited about this first line, whether it be Perez or Zednik on the LW. I'm glad that the BBB line was so successfull tonight, but I'd rather Begin back on the 4th. Bulis has the energy for the 3rd line, Begin is unnessesary. I'd rather Higgins/Plekanec/Sunny get the ice time, while Begin anchors the 4th. Quick poll: Can anyone think of a better 4th liner than Begin? Bouillon had more ice time than everybody but Kovalev. Has he made the jump from 7th defenceman to daily bottom pairing D at the NHL level? Who does Komo replace on the Habs D in the next 2 years, Rivet or Souray? (That's based on style of hockey, not who y'all want out.) Someone puts a gun to your head and says "Trade a rookie habs!" Who do you ship out? (Bonus: For who?) Just a few things I'd like everyone's opinion on.
  3. Then it's a good thing we haven't asked for a hockey poem. Things might surpass a PG-13 rating when it comes to rhyming "puck"
  4. this is on the idea that Ribs would get traded? huh? I'm missing the relation...
  5. Islanders are on a bit of a role. Habs are gonna have to come out hard and fast and kill the Isles' momentum early. I'm wondering if Kovalev will get an "A" on his jersey later in the season?
  6. Shouldn't this thread be in the Prospects section? But I agree mostly on all rankings, though I expected Murray to be a bit better ranked than 21st.
  7. I didn't think Bonk was doing so badly... At the very least he's been competent.
  8. Ouch. I see little hope for Dags without Begin beside him for some reason. Injury bug is hitting early for the Habs...
  9. Something I have to talk about is something I brought up early on during the Free Agent Frenzy. Dandenault played some wing tonight. It feels good to say that too, cause I love versatility on a team. Centremen that can play the wing, defencemen that can play forward, goalies that can score (Theo!), versatility really means a lot to me. The Dandenault signing was great for many reasons, but I love the fact that we have a veteran presence that can play wing or D depending on which position needs the help. Why was Dags not in the lineup tonight? Because of Dandenault, that's why.
  10. There's still hope. Plenty of time between now and Saturday to discuss even the most miniscule of details. First home win! Yeah!
  11. He didn't play, he was a healthy scratch. oh? did Zed play? did they dress 7 defencemen and give dandy some wing time?
  12. Could somebody fill me in on Dags? How did he do with limited ice time and a couple grinders feeding him the puck?
  13. That's it. This thread was the final nail. I'm getting sattelite tv. No offense guys, but seeing someone type "What a move by Kovalev!" just hurts. I need to see Kovalev make that move!!!
  14. I'm so jealous that I can't watch this! You said it.
  15. Bad news guys. Eklund just called for a Habs win tonight. Since he's 0 - 5 on his game predictions so far this season, we're pretty much ######ed.
  16. I'm saying that they have no trade value for us. Sure, many gm's would take Ribiero right now... they just wouldn't give up much to get him. If he were to be traded, I'd rather let him start playing like he can so Gainey can trade for a great defenceman.
  17. I hope he sticks around for his whole career.
  18. Danis will play against the next "weak sister" of the league. Theo will get every opportunity to play out his struggles.
  19. Beck - Debra "I wanna get with you, ohhhhhh girl...and your sister. I think her names Debra!!" I've begun a bit of a Beck binge. Midnite Vultures is such a great album, and I'm just starting to listen to Mutations. Any Beck fans here?
  20. Maybe he should head to a local soccer field to keep his legs in shape during his time off. Am I talking about running or kicking? I'll let you decide.
  21. or to go a bit simpler, just create a mesh design on the pads.
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