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  1. Nice Calder action going around. Crosby: I'll put in an assist Ovechkin: I see your assist, and raise you two goals. Plus a few others around the league. I think Brule has an assist.
  2. One of the broadcasters for CJAD summed it up perfectly for me (paraphrasing of course): "Dagenais can't skate. If you can't skate, you hook and grab, and now you get penalties for it." He's gonna have to adjust fairly quickly or he could be sitting more games than he plays. I still think he'll prove better than last year, but Higgins, Plekanec, and Perezhogin could just prove to be better.
  3. I see Bulis scored the Habs goal, with assists from Bonk and Sundstrom. That's a damn fine 3rd line. No doubt about it.
  4. Dags scores 4 goals and plays a defensively sound game. Fans still call for him to be traded to make room for Latendresse.
  5. Trade Zednik? Hells no! He's worth more than what he's being paid. That alone is reason to keep him in the era of the cap.
  6. Sheesh, Hainsey and Streit were supposed to push each other and battle for the final roster spot on D. Instead we get: Streit: Hey Ron! We should both be painfully mediocre all throughout camp!" Hainsey: "lol! ur funnie! okayz!"
  7. Just giving Vandermeer/Ivanans and Streit/Hainsey a last look. One of each pair has to go.
  8. No point in making a new thread on this, but when will the next cuts happen? Tomorrow before the game, or Monday after the game? (God I hope they don't keep both Vandermeer and Ivanans)
  9. How courteous is it to send him to NY? That is arguably the worst place to send him. Being courteous would be to send him to Atlanta to play with his brother.
  10. Might as well send them Hainsey too. Give them our 1, 2, 3 picks from the 2000 draft; Hainsey, Hossa, Balej.
  11. With Latendresse: Zednik - Koivu - Kovalev Dags - Ribs - Ryd...s? Bulis - Bonk - Latendresse Higgins - Begin - Plekanec Vandermeer/Sundstrom Without Latendresse: Zednik - Koivu - Kovalev Dags - Ribs - Rydes? Bulis - Bonk - Sundstrom Higgins - Begin - Plekanec Vandermeer/Perezhogin
  12. If Latendresse's only spot is on the 4th line then he might as well stay in junior and develop offensively. I'll take a 1st line power forward in 2 years instead of a 4th line checker now. Either put him on the second line now, or risk him on the 3rd line and hope Bonk and Bulis help him produce offensively.
  13. I'm not a fan of this move. I'd rather a defensive prospect that isn't like Aitken in return.
  14. Well...he knows what it takes to win. But he's also known for being a bit of a prick. I don't see him being that great at it.
  15. Hey, give the writer some credit! He somehow managed to write an article while jerking off John Ferguson Jr.
  16. Who cares? Put him on waivers. It's no loss to us if he goes anywhere else.
  17. Fine, I'll give you that. However, if Higgins proves to be adept at the same role, then Sunny won't need to stick around.
  18. Great! Then I'll do my official "Nobody gives a shit, but I do it anyway" line breakdown. Perezhogin - Koivu - Kovalev Latendresse - Ribeiro - Ryder Bulis - Bonk - Hossa Higgins - Bégin - Sundstrom Get used to those bottom lines ladies and gentlemen. Aside from the occasional Pleks and Enforcer, those lines will be a constant. However, is it just me or is Sunny's salary too much for a 4th line player? If that's his spot (and with Hossa and Bulis's play so far, that will be his spot) then I have to again state he will be traded. He's a 2nd or 3rd line player on other teams, and his salary backs that up. Also, two tough guys left in camp, and neither are dressed tonight? I'm not even sure Ivanans has been in a preseason game yet! The rookie - vet - vet line combos on the top two lines are nice, though Tender seems to be set up to fail since Ribiero's play hasn't been true to form lately, and this is Ryder's first game of the preseason AND he's coming off an injury. Let's see what Latendresse does against the odds. As I mentioned before, no Pleks in the lineup. Has he already earned his spot while the other rookies are still fighting? I think so. Bulis - Bonk - Hossa A few years ago, that line would have been our #1 or 2.
  19. Could you please tell us when you do? The current lineup looks great. With Plekanec out you'd have to wonder if he's been guaranteed a spot already.
  20. Yeah, his take on the Habs defence seemed a bit off.
  21. Zednik - Plekanec - Latendresse Dagenais - Ribeiro - Perezhogin Kostitsyn - Locke - Ferland Higgins - Bégin - Vandermeer Anyone else notice that second line? It's the second audition for Ribiero and Ryder's linemate for the season. Should be interesting. I like seeing Plekanec given a shot at an offensive role, and Higgins on Begin's wing is just tasty. This should be Ferland's last game before being cut.
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