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  1. Could you please tell us when you do? The current lineup looks great. With Plekanec out you'd have to wonder if he's been guaranteed a spot already.
  2. Yeah, his take on the Habs defence seemed a bit off.
  3. Zednik - Plekanec - Latendresse Dagenais - Ribeiro - Perezhogin Kostitsyn - Locke - Ferland Higgins - B├ęgin - Vandermeer Anyone else notice that second line? It's the second audition for Ribiero and Ryder's linemate for the season. Should be interesting. I like seeing Plekanec given a shot at an offensive role, and Higgins on Begin's wing is just tasty. This should be Ferland's last game before being cut.
  4. Did Michaud even get into a game? I considered him a dark horse for the backup job. Give him a few games till Huet gets back, then depending on if he does an average or a horrible job, send him down to the AHL or ECHL or trade him.
  5. well I jumped the gun on a few guys I guess. Ferland, Locke, and Archer get to stick around
  6. I'm gonna go with Price, Michaud, Benoit, Archer, Aitken, Ferland, Chipchura, Locke, Lambert. I understand Cote has been playing very well I'd might get the nod for a couple more games before being cut. With him will either be Streit or Hainsey, but not yet. I think Kostitsyn will make it to the last cut, if only to light a fire under his ass to try to impress all year in Hamilton. Same with Latendresse, cause he's proved his worth all camp. Ivanans and Vandermeer still need to have a quick spar during a practice to see who gets the spot on the Habs roster.
  7. Just to help out, here's a list of who remains: Steve Begin Radek Bonk Jan Bulis Kyle Chipchura Pierre Dagenais Jonathan Ferland Chris Higgins Marcel Hossa Raitis Ivanans Saku Koivu Andrei Kostitsyn Alex Kovalev Michael Lambert Guillaume Latendresse Corey Locke Alex Perezhogin Tomas Plekanec Mike Ribeiro Michael Ryder Nicklas Sundstrom Peter Vandermeer Richard Zednik Jonathan Aitken Andrew Archer Andre Benoit Francis Bouillon Jean-Philippe Cote Matthieu Dandenault Ron Hainsey Mike Komisarek Andrei Markov Craig Rivet Sheldon Souray Mark Streit Yann Danis Olivier Michaud Carey Price Jose Theodore Cristobal Huet
  8. So what are the actual lines tonight? Spiderman NL is incorrect in the first post of this thread.
  9. Well, you know what to do.... ;) Habs have scored since. I'm sticking around :/)
  10. Mark Streit isn't making a good case for himself here with these penalties
  11. I'm bad luck. CJAD finally loads for me and the leafs score. Sorry guys.
  12. I'd keep Zednik around based solely on what he gives to the team for the price we have him at. Under 2 mill a season for 1st line production. Thank you kindly.
  13. ugh, lost twice! Regular game and the shootout! That just hurts.
  14. Kyle Wellwood is certainly making a push for the Leafs roster. 2 goals tonight
  15. Dagenais - Ribeiro - Latendresse Hossa - Plekanec - Kostitsyn Bulis - Chipchura - Locke Vandermeer - Sundstrom - Ivanans This isn't a "piss on Sunny" post, but hot damn I'd prefer Begin in the middle of that fourth line tonight. Besides that, I like seeing these lines. Might not win this one tonight, but there are some experiments here worth watching. Examples being: Kostitsyn being played in an offensive role (his niche,) Chipchura being tested at what will be his role in a few years, and seeing what Tender can do on a Buddy - Buddy - Newbie lineup.
  16. Twas rumoured to be 10, twas shot down by the owners. 8 per conference.
  17. or Ovekchin. (sp?) He was the top prospect before Crosby showed up, and he's one year older and stronger
  18. sheesh, I miss a few days and suddenly I'm playing major catch up. Good to see the board this active though. Go HABS(world) GO! Anyways, to respond to something I read in the last three pages of this thread (and I'm only reading three pages,) I gotta say that Dags might not get a chance to prove himself this year. I'm one of the few that actually thinks he'll improve and become a threat this year, but with these prospects clawing their way onto the roster he may have to get shipped. The question is then: Does that effect Ribiero's play?
  19. That orange fur and red jersey really don't look good at all.
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