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  1. Dags can't be on the fourth line. He is a one-dimensional player; he doesn't play good D, he doesn't skate well, he doesn't use his body like he should. He shoots. And he does that very well. And while I fully agree with most who say he is a Press Box player, (a guy who comes in when someone is injured or just needs a break,) he has to jump to the second line to be effective. The man scored 17 times with limited ice time. But that limited time was usually with Ribs at his side. You can't put him on your 4th line. Make him an extra in your projected lineups, or maybe the 3rd line (or the 2nd if you really think the Habs can't find better,) but 4th liners are defensively sound, gritty fighters. Dagenais is not that by any stretch of the imagination.
  2. Kostitsyn isn't NHL ready. He needs another season in the AHL, but with time on the top line to let loose his offensive talent.
  3. Why do you think the NHL would rig it to get Crosby in Columbus? Wouldn't it make more sense to rig it to put him in a bigger market, like LA or NY? I say that because Columbus needs the fans and Crosby will bring in anyone just from people saying "Apparently this guy is tremendous, maybe we should check him out..." Not Columbus? How about Carolina? Florida? All those places that shouldn't have hockey teams. So I say "If it's rigged" based on Bettman wanting to create a hockey town.
  4. If it's rigged? Columbus If God hates the Habs? Toronto If there truly is balance with the force? Montreal. For life. Bizzatch.
  5. I look at Balej and I see a guy that I'm all too familiar with on the Habs: Small but talented. How many more small but talented guys can fit on one team? Even if he turns into Pavel Messier Gretzky with the Rangers, he probably wouldn't have with the Habs playing with other small but talented guys. Balej and a second rounder for Kovalev and the possibility he'll stick around? I'll take it.
  6. Keep Koivu as Kaptain Alliteration and a potentially racist acronym aside, Koivu should stay the captain. If any rifts or cliques amongst the team were to be solved through a leadership change, then I suggest switching about the Assistant Captains first.
  7. haha, i wander on almost a month later. sorry about that. Best songs on each album (IMO) is: Silent Steeples: Elias (and Hey Hey) Bang Bang: Bang Bang (and Mission) Four Day Trials: Headlights Who Are We Living For?: Time Served (and Prince of Spades) Gut The Van: Even (and Here we Go) Under The Radar: One Truth (and Gasoline Dreams) I see this over a month later... I'll check out those songs and let you know what I think of them. I look forward to your reply in August.
  8. Nine Inch Nails - Only Saw the video for it a few days ago. It's both interesting and boring. But it's directed by David Fincher (Fight Club) and that alone makes it worth watching.
  9. Trizzak

    I forget

    Zednik - Koivu - Kovalev (until he isn't signed, he's in) Perezhogin - Ribiero - Ryder (pretty young line, but fits) Bulis - Bonk - Sundstrom/Dags/Higgins Higgins/Sundstrom- Begin - Ward I get the feeling I'm really gonna enjoy watching the 3rd line this year. Also of note, I think Plekanec will be traded cause I don't think there currently is a spot for him on the team. Souray - Komisarek Markov - Rivet Brisebois - Hainsey/Boullion Hainsey in till he's traded.
  10. eh, what the heck. 5 - 3, Habs win. Goals by Koivu, Kovalev (2), Ryder, Begin
  11. hmmm, one less body in a Bulldogs uniform. That is not needed
  12. I was a bit hasty with my comment. I now recognize that there are positives behind any news about improvement to the NHL, even if it doesn't involve the words "We've agreed on all areas of the CBA, and there will be hockey this fall"
  13. I'm gonna have to put a stamp of "Whoop-dee-######ing-doo" on this one. This would be a bigger deal if I actually knew there would be hockey this fall. Until I know that, the size of goalie equipment doesn't really matter at all to me.
  14. I watch it whenever I see it on the tv Which is odd I wouldn't expect to get excited watching a card game.
  15. 24 questions for carrot. When that King fellow walked up and whispered in Darth's ear I was just sitting there thinking "....what the ###### was that?"
  16. I like it here. Post counts are actually an accurate measuring stick of those that have the most habs insight. Other places have people posting random smilies, just so their name appears as the last poster. Hardly any pointless posts here. It takes work to get to 1000. Congrats Hannes.
  17. So I guess the contracts aren't being pushed up a year like some had speculated? (Last years contracts become this years contracts) That certainly creates a bit of freedom for the GM's (some overpaid players suddenly back to nothing) but will mean a lot of signings all around.
  18. Sammy Herzegovina Herzegovina?
  19. yay us! I'd like to thank God, my parents, my many fans...without you I am nothing.
  20. I'll send in an application later.
  21. Billy Corgan has a solo album coming out. I've heard two tracks. "A100" has a bit of a Nine Inch Nails influence, while "Walking Shade" is complete Smashing Pumpkins. Good stuff, I hope to see him in Toronto in July
  22. No. He has no account on any hockey boards. Are the Leafs still available? If yes, I'll send in an application as soon as I know.
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