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  1. Well ######. I'll start praying to all the gods. One of them might listen...
  2. They're gonna need some of those bounces to go their way. Rochester is too good of a team to get by without some good luck with the puck.
  3. Apparently the Team 990 is not covering the Dogs game. I turn it on and I hear the Team Canada vs Team USA game. *shrug* [Edited on 2005/4/22 by Trizzak]
  4. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he were traded. There are just too many small players on the Habs.
  5. Not a must win, but it certainly would be nice. What more can I say? GO DOGS GO! [Edited on 2005/4/22 by Trizzak]
  6. I wonder if not showing the Amerks Danis and Begin last game could change the play of this game. We all saw what Begin provided for the Habs in the playoffs. I think the Dogs can steal this series if they play their game, and get a few good bounces along the way. Any word on Kostisyn's status for this game?
  7. If these young guys can show the same heart and determination the Habs did against Boston, then yeah they could surprise the Amerks.
  8. Good man! John Petrucci is my hero. Have you heard of Liquid Tension Experiment? It's Petrucci, Mike Portney, Jordan Rudess and Tony Levin (from Kind Crimson) with all instrumental songs. Very rockin.
  9. Mer De Noms is absolutely incredible for a first release. No song is a throwaway tune (except perhaps Renholder.) I liked Thirteenth Step too. It was more of a flowing album than MDN, which was pretty much an album of singles. eMOTIVE wasn't as good, but what hey, whatever. I haven't heard of Dispatch though. I'll look around for some tracks to listen to.
  10. Shite. ah well. If Danis can keep his composure throughout the playoffs, and with leadership from Begin, Ward, and Komisarek, I think they can surprise the Amerks in the first round.
  11. 5 - 2 amerks after 2 periods. I would prefer a close game, just to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of Rochester. Losing by 3 goals or more just doesn't cut it.
  12. I see Kostitsyn isn't playing again. I hope he will be ready for the first playoff game.
  13. Will they give Yann Danis the start? I'd show them Ellis personally.
  14. What about your Life's "Theme song" (18th birthday) US - In da Club by 50 Cent... I guess I hate my life.
  15. Actually, I'd rather they draft Crosby first. THEN a defenceman.
  16. Scoring change. Begin didn't get the goal, Hainsey did. That's 2 on the night for Hainsey.
  17. Considering the Canadiens defenceman situation, would it have been better if the BJ's didn't take him?
  18. I see Francois Beauchemin is playing for the Crunch. Wasn't he the one the Blue Jackets took off waivers from the Canadiens? Also, wasn't he a really good defenceman?
  19. Trizzak


    The Jays are off to an amazing start! Hinske isn't sucking at first. There's an excellent balance between power and speed. And the bullpen is much improved (though not great.) Now if they could only do something with the paper thin starting rotation, The Jays might actually contend!
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