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  1. I'm just glad he's a leaf so Komisarek has 8 games to check Czerkawski through the boards :/)
  2. None of the names you mentioned would have made as formidable 1st line as the Kovalev signing. If we had another roster spot open, I'm sure we would be seeing a trade/signing that you're calling for. Slightly off topic, what's your take on trading for Bonk?
  3. yeah it was something different when you actually praised the Habs draft choices. And oddly enough, most of us agree with you this year. (now if only we can get you to come around on Kostitsyn this year...) But beckham, would you honestly want Mariusz back in Montreal? Mr. 43 - 5 - 9 - 14? I think we can all agree Kovalev is slightly overpaid, and the contract length is 1 year too long. But I have more faith in his production this year than I do with Mariusz
  4. Any chance of convincing him to come back as a habs?
  5. Czerkawski, Lindros, and Allison ALL underachieve to less than their contract worth.
  6. Why does it have me as the thread starter?
  7. I disagree with you kaos, I think if Hossa is badly outplayed in camp he will be traded early in the season.
  8. I don't think Pleks signed a two way contract, and cannot be sent down without clearing waivers. Higgins, however, can still be sent down.
  9. I think your ratings are too high. Not enough proven scorers to warrant an A- for offense, B or B-. Our Defense is adequate, C+. Theodore hasn't played two good seasons in a row yet, and no one knows how Danis will play at NHL level, B-. Size? (I'm guessing you mean physical players.) Dude, 5 of the 8 guys listed in your first paragraph are minor leaguers. Only one of them will make the Habs this year. Yes, the team is bigger than last year, (Bonk, Kovalev, new goon) but not by much. However, your rating is almost spot on (in my opinion,) B- for the optimist, C+ for the pessimist. De
  10. Mari...Mariusz...Cher...Czer.. that former habs will sign with the Leafs either Thursday or Friday, physical pending. More opportunity for a habs to lay him out with a hard check.
  11. I'd ask you to do the same thing for playoffs. Better picture of the players worth emerges
  12. Also worth noting is he was a 42nd overall pick in 1996. Though for what that's worth I don't know.
  13. Breezer is gone. Who to boo next? I'm gonna go with Rivet. He'll be the source of all the Canadiens problems, beat women, scorn children, and prevent world peace (all while twirling his mustache and stroking a kitten.) Who do you think is next on the Habs fans shit list?
  14. It was suggested but voted against by the owners, I do believe
  15. I've heard that the salary is averaged out over the year span of the contract, and that number is counted against the cap, in which case 5.33 mill is correct.
  16. I think Carey Prince will be just as good as Carey Price. Someone's gonna be traded!
  17. So what does that do to our cap room? Isn't it the average overall, rather than 4.5 this year, 5.5 the next, etc etc? http://www.ofeliamateescu.com/alin/nhl/can...anadienscap.asp Where the site gets it's numbers I don't know, but it looks like the Habs are at 34,368,933, with 4,631,067 to spare.
  18. So what does that do to our cap room? Isn't it the average overall, rather than 4.5 this year, 5.5 the next, etc etc?
  19. I read also (forgetting where) that he denied the No Trade Clause
  20. Bring back the Stitches mask to the NHL (Gerry Cheevers if I recall correctly?)
  21. I was surprised Dave Andreychuk decided to resign with the Lightning for 2 years. I thought he would retire.
  22. Mogilny probably isn't going anywhere, seeing as he just signed there. Gomez might be an interesting addition, I just don't know where he'd fit.
  23. I'm taking this game of Pick A Devil and making it just a bit more serious. Info brought to you by TSN: Martin Brodeur - $5,237,238 Brian Rafalski - $4.2 million Patrik Elias - $4.18 million John Madden - $3,861,561 Vladimir Malakhov - $3.6 million Alexander Mogilny - $3.5 million Jeff Friesen - $2.28 million Scott Gomez - $2.2 million Dan McGillis - $2.2 million Viktor Kozlov - $1.746 million Colin White - $1.71 million Jamie Langenbrunner - $1,655,130 Sergei Brylin - $1.52 million Richard Matvichuk - $1.368 million These are the top money makers for New Jersey. Their cap is
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