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  1. You can strike Kostitsyn off that list, he needs another year playing in Hamilton on the top line. And Higgins will probably be sent back (just to start the season. He is the only player that can be sent to Hamilton without having to clear waivers.) So 2 rookies (and Hossa) playing forward, and 2 young d men (and Streit.) That's a nice youth injection into the lineup. Some might say too much, but I like it.
  2. I don't get it. What does cheap wine have to do with Patrice Brisebois going to Denver? Why do I care that Andreas Dackell purposely left his Rich Voisine cds in San Jose? Why some of the words spread out li ke th is? And who the hell is Peter Breakfast? This either went over my head or under it.
  3. I wouldn't ignore Beckham. He brings some interesting viewpoints to the prospects, and researches quite thoroughly. He just has opinions that most of us shake our heads at.
  4. Buffalo. Can't wait for the Habs to play them 8 times this year
  5. I think we're all entitled to at least one heated comment on this forum. That was mine.
  6. I'm 20. And I respect his on ice capabilities. I don't respect him as a person. He is a bit of a prick. In case you missed it, I did thank him for the two stanley cups he brought (nearly singlehandedly) to Montreal, but he wouldn't be good for the Habs as anything; player, coach, or mascot.
  7. I wouldn't want him back as anything. Thanks for the cups Patty, now please stay the ###### out.
  8. Too bad we couldn't sign him for longer, but this is great news.
  9. And if anyone should know about Bulis it's this guy!
  10. Even if he does do well I expect he'll be traded. It just means we get more for him.
  11. I'll concede you the points on losing Bonk and 3 defensemen. Okay, they've regressed. But saying Lalime is better than Hasek is just...I dunno man... Belfour plays well as a 40 year old, I think Hasek can too. That being said, goaltending is their question mark. If Hasek proves to be a mistake, they're ######ed. Ottawa does have depth to make some trades still. I think they'll be the contender in the division. Yes, still better than Boston.
  12. Buffalo should be in there, I think.
  13. In the conference or in Canada? Or in the NHL? And don't forget they still might have to ship away a top 3 defenseman. The Redden rumours haven't died yet. Division and Conference. Perhaps not NHL because I haven't been paying too much attention to the Western Conference. Sure the Sens won't have Bondra. But they didn't have Bondra for most of last season and they were still a great team. Quite frankly, I think if Hasek can play like Hasek then they can afford to lose Greg De Vries.
  14. Montreal is paying him 1.7 mil to be versatile. Someone who can play both defense and forward is valuable.
  15. Sorry guys, but if Hasek proves effective then I gotta go with Ottawa as the top team.
  16. Agreed. He needs to be a second line center. He shoots and wins faceoffs, but then becomes a defensive liability.
  17. Should we hand Ottawa the cup now?
  18. I'm sure a trade will take place.
  19. I'm already using Firefox. (Explorer...*shudder*) Sounds like it's on my end though. Ah well, there are worse things in life than not having to click "Login"
  20. When I click "logout" it basically refreshes the page. I'm stuck here! LET ME OUT!!! No seriously, it isn't a huge deal, but I'm wondering if it's a problem on my end or Habsworld's...?
  21. This is my favourite part of him being signed. I don't think he was brought in to replace Brisebois. I think Hainsey is supposed to replace Brisebois. Whether he does or not is up in the air, but if he plays like he's supposed to have been playing then I think he fills the offensive void Breezer left behind. If he busts out, Dandenault is the plug for the void on D. But I think he'll start the year as a forward. [Edited on 2005/8/23 by Trizzak]
  22. This is hard for me. I'm too biased to have an opinion
  23. You're forgetting that Edmonton will be sending some players, and surely one on them will be a top scorer
  24. 1) Bonk, the big defensive centre we've been wanting/needing. 2) Bulis, it will be his year - career highs all around. 3) Markov, Souray who? 4) And I'm going to cheat and say the line of Zednik - Koivu - Kovalev will give the Habs a true first line for the first time in a long time.
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