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  1. Glad to see they got the win. The Leafs can make up blowing their game against Syracuse by losing to the Dogs on April 1st. It's only the polite thing to do.
  2. Getting rid of Bulis is a mistake. He's a great third liner, with occasional 2nd line potential. But most importantly, he gives his all night after night, and would consider him part of a core group of players I think the Habs should build around. Glen Murray fits for a first liner, but I'd prefer Kovalev. I think Brisebois should stay, but only after a serious paycut.
  3. Although I'd miss his shot and key faceoffs...let's give the ice time to a young guy. Yanic has no spot in the Habs lineup
  4. I'm not for this at all. I'd like them to stop with the quick fixes and actually do something that will make a big difference for a long period of time. International ice size, and take out the red line. Let the talent shine! Give the players more room and the goalies equipment size will matter very little.
  5. Brilliant! Next up, Ribiero down with a look of anguish on his face...in a drama class.
  6. Or how about one of Audette in full hockey gear standing on a Florida beach?
  7. "Stunning" is a fitting word for them. The Koivu one is now my desktop background. :/) [Edited on 2005/3/29 by Trizzak]
  8. Any NIN fans out there? I'm just getting into them.
  9. Firefox is wonderful. I find it takes longer for the browser itself to open when compared to IE (could just be noticeable on my crappy comp) but once it's open it beats IE in every way, hands down, no contest. Firefox > IE
  10. Hopefully they make up for their poor scoring performance from last game, and come forth with a 6 goal effort. :/)
  11. Trizzak


    wow. That didn't take long for this thread to get highjacked.
  12. Trizzak


    It had become a tradition with my family to go to Montreal twice a year, once for a Habs game, once for an Expos game. This year I get neither.
  13. They also lost because they failed to score a goal... Sure, refs may have screwed them, but come on... they can't keep all the pucks out of the net.
  14. It says I am not permitted to view the page...
  15. Trizzak


    Baseball! Any fans out there? I follow the Jays, so it's looking like a fantastically average baseball year for me. I realize the Expos are no more, and that alienates a few people on this board... but there must be some fans left out there. Who are you cheering for? [Edited on 2005-5-16 by puck7x]
  16. I like Dowd too, but I doubt he would come back as a part timer.
  17. Zednik-Koivu-Kovalev Yeah, so Kovalev isn't currently signed. Shoot me. I want him back. I love Bulis. I really do. I'd love Bulis on the second line... but the guy just can't find the back of the net like he should with the opportunities he creates, so I am resigned to put Dagenais in his place. Dagenais-Ribiero-Ryder Bulis-Bonk-Perezhogin Ward-Begin-Sundstrom I love the options the Habs have. Maybe move Perezhogin up to the second line. Bring in Hossa and bump Ward to an extra skater for a bit. If Sunny starts to suck again, perhaps he is given a break and they bring in Plekanec for a few games. Trade a forward for a defenceman, there's a lineup of guys to take his place. Hot damn! I love the depth on this team! Souray-Komisarek (good for Komi's development) Markov-Rivet (I can't be the only one that is neither impressed nor unimpressed with Rivet. He just seems to fade into the artwork, though that's not necessarily a bad thing) Brisebois-Boullion ...we need D help... Huet Theodore ...just kidding! Theo #1, Huet backup :/) Any comments? Insults?
  18. And to clarify my statement on Aebischer, I think he's good enough to help get a team to the playoffs, but not good enough to see a team through the playoffs. Yes, he put up great numbers this year, but it was a great year for goaltenders all around. If he continues to put up those numbers, I will glady shut my mouth and tip my hat to him.
  19. It's no longer a rumour. Tommy Salo has retired. http://www.nhl.com/onthefly/news/2005/03/227276.html
  20. I'm currently listening to Tool - Lateralus
  21. Does that leave the Avs with Aebischer as their number 1 for next season? Yeesh. That won't win you a cup.
  22. Greetings all! I'm a longtime reader, and probably would have joined earlier had there been a season. Just want to mention that I like the attitude surrounding this board (especially after reading the sportsnet forum. If I have to read "crotch itch" one more time!) Anyways, I look forward to being a part of this site, especially when we start getting some real Canadiens news to discuss! Go Habs Go!
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