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  1. I can see Bulis having a breakout year and getting the 2nd line job... But 1st line is a tad lofty
  2. I expect Gainey will go after a backup goalie for the league minimum. I think Danis should spend the whole year in Hamilton, playing as many games as possible.
  3. Thank you! I see I'm not the only one that thinks Dandenault was signed as a winger first, D man second. Until I see a trade, Dandenault is the fall back guy if one of the defencemen can't cut it. However, I disagree with you about Bulis. There is a spot for him on the Habs. If there isn't, they should make a spot for him.
  4. We don't have 8 defenceman. Dandenault can play wing. If any of the defensemen suck, they can be traded for a bucket of pucks, and have Dandenault take over their spot on D
  5. What is it with the Rangers hard on for Habs talent lately? We trade them Balej (and a 2nd round pick?), we trade them a 2nd and 3rd round pick to move up in the 2nd round, and now they sign Jason Ward days after being released. Maybe Hainsey/Hossa is next?
  6. The brilliancy behind the Dandenault signing is that he can start as a winger and replace any defenceman that proves he doesn't have it (Streit, Hainsey.) If the D flourish, Dandenault stays a winger. But if Hainsey or Streit suck, Dandenault moves down to take their place. Just a possible scenario to consider
  7. Where does he fit? I see he plays both D and the wing, but how good is he at either?
  8. Cancel Gonchar off that list, Penguins picked him up at 5 million for 5 years. [Edited on 2005/8/3 by Trizzak]
  9. Alright, take out the word "monumental." Even if Gainey screws up (in my opinion) he still deserves his job.
  10. Boston had to make a big splash in the free agent market. I believe at one point they had a roster of 3 players!!! Not to mention, they have to surround Thorton with talent if they want him to stay.
  11. hahahaha yeah! Fisticuffs for the final roster spot!
  12. Believe me, I'm trying to wait it out. But the more D men that get signed in rapid succession, the more I'm going to be grinding my teeth. Top forwards we can wait for, there are enough to go around (not to mention the steller crop available next year) but defencemen are a pressing need for the Habs, nearly to the point of desperation. If we wait till all the top D are overpayed but signed, and end up with "Joe Shmoe" for exactly what he's worth, I'll consider it a monumental failure by Gainey.
  13. oh, and Brian Leetch and Brian Rafalski. That's all I can think of at the moment.
  14. I think Dan McGillis and Jiri Slegr are still available
  15. Niedermayer and Gonchar spring to mind. But I'd consider Niedermayer to be untouchable
  16. I'll admit, I'm a tad nervous. Quite frankly, as much as I'd love a talented winger on the top line, I wouldn't want the Habs to overpay him. Or at least not too much. If we can't get a winger cause the numbers don't add up, fine. What concerns me is the number of defencemen signing happening within two days of free agency. Breezer leaving was supposed to give us freedom to improve. Now everyone on my wishlist is gone - Foote to Columbus, Aucoin to Chicago, Zubov back with Dallas, Therien, Hatcher, Rathje to Philly. The top guys are dropping like flies. I'm all for giving Hainsey ice time
  17. I've started to worry too. I keep hearing Kovalev will sign with the Penguins, and now the defencemen that best fit the Habs lineup are signing elsewhere, or demanding too much. I may end up going crazy if Gainey doesn't do something soon. Someone, please, tell me everything will be alright [Edited on 2005/8/2 by Trizzak]
  18. I'm not liking this at all. Foote - Gone. Aucoin - Wants a lot of money. Zubov - Gone. ...
  19. A two way contract means he can go to the AHL without having to clear waivers, yes? I can see where he'd hate that, but I also see it as being good for him. If he has a one way contract, he'll play 50 games and sit in the pressbox the rest of the time. With a two way contract, he never stops playing and gets to improve his game. The AHL would be a perfect place for him to improve his skating, and if that makes him a better player, he won't need the two way contract next year. And in the end, he is still good enough to play 50 games for the Habs, if not more
  20. In the end, Ward was expendable. Moreso than anyone else on the team. I'm sorry he's gone, but he's gone.
  21. Murray. I want talent and size used effectively on the top line. That's Murray
  22. I wouldn't consider him a bust, but I do consider him a disappointment. Actually disappointment sounds too harsh, but I can't come up with an accurate euphemism. He didn't live up to what he was supposed to. Much like how Hainsey and Hossa will find work in the NHL, but won't be dominant like they were supposed to. (Just an example, they could actually turn into the stars they were deemed to be.
  23. Is this a case of Gainey keeping the qualifying offers hushed, or is he waiting till the last minute to make the offers?
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