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    Zito was rumoured to be traded to the Jays... I think the A's can keep them for now.
  2. US - One More Night by Phil Collins UK - Easy Lover by Philip Bailey and Phil Collins Who the hell is Phil Collins?
  3. Not to mention if you finish in the bottom half you are already rewarded with better draft picks than the higher placed teams. Suddenly being an average team doesn't seem too bad. Why spend money on high priced talent when you can stay quasi-competitive and make playoff money for years?
  4. I'll have to give Addblock a look. Sounds like the Tivo for the internet - no commercials.
  5. I agree. As I said in my deleted post, mediocrity or less should not be rewarded.
  6. Right on! Now Syracuse just needs to fade quietly with a loss. Shhhh, don't fight the inevitable, just lay down and lose Syracuse. [Edited on 2005/4/11 by Trizzak]
  7. I go take a shower and miss all the excitement ARRRGGHHH!!
  8. The AHL scoreboard has Cleveland leading Syracuse 3 - 1 with 7 seconds left in the game.
  9. Can't say I like that new playoff format. Let's not reward mediocrity for a little more money in the pocket.
  10. Thinel should try shooting the puck out his ass. The way these goals are being scored it might just be wacky enough for the hat trick.
  11. I'm hoping Cleveland can steal a win from Syracuse tonight. That being said, Dogs have to get the job done tonight. GO DOGS GO!!
  12. any chance of someone grabbing that for the audio/video thread? I don't want to register, plus I'm using 56k powaa.
  13. Trizzak

    I stink!

    Ground coffee is pretty good at getting out bad odours. It worked wonders after a gas leak in my car. You could try that around the house instead of tomato juice.
  14. Also worth noting, Syracuse beat Manitoba 4 - 3. Bastards!
  15. Not sure where else to post this, so I'll throw it in here for now... April 5th 2005 Manitoba 3 - Syracuse 1 A game of great importance that ended in the Dogs favour.
  16. So who's next? I see this as the start of a great push by the Dogs, and I want them to strike while the iron's hot
  17. And it ends, Dogs win it 3 - 0 Danis with the shut out!!
  18. Caught the last 5 minutes of the 3rd. I thought that Delay of Game penalty was gonna get the Dogs back into the game. Ah well, they'll just be going for the throat tonight against Syracuse! Go Dogs Go!
  19. I'm hoping to get over to a friends house to watch this on Sportsnet. Anyone know (approximately) when the game ends?
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