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  1. Snoop Dogg does his 2nd year in a row as a color commentator for a Kings game. I love the fun the Kings have with their broadcasts. Snoop Dogg, Thomas Middleditch as Tony Babcock... give me that kind of entertainment over 8000 segments on small-town hockey any day.
  2. The last shimmy for Uncle Nate in a Habs uni?
  3. There is always twitter memes:
  4. So have we found our new backup goalie?
  5. An emergency goalie gets an NHL win.
  6. I take it back. He just dropped Tkachuk in the slot. Rip up his contract, sign him for 8 years.
  7. I don't know if he fits here long term, but damn I love me some Lord Byron.
  8. Looked like a pass-shot from Domi that caught Anderson sleeping.
  9. How do you plan ahead for 3 LH defensemen all getting injured within 24 hours of each other?
  10. Ottawa is sitting Ennis and Namestikov ahead of the trade deadline.
  11. If you're doing the first well then you're also doing the latter. A winning culture is where prospects thrive. We always talk about the importance of veterans in the NHL to help younger players become better. And we'd all welcome playoff experience to see how Suzuki, Mete, and even Domi would react to it. Why would the AHL be any different? Putting Kotkaniemi with Hudon is nice, but why not give them a respected leader on the other wing to try to raise both their games up? What is Vejdemo supposed to learn from Alain? Kevin Lynch might be a good soldier, but is his play this season helping to unlock Poehling's potential? This is just a bit troubling from an outsider's perspective, and the team's recent skid isn't helping the optics.
  12. Ah, but Blandisi suffers from one fatal flaw that will keep him from getting ice time with Bouchard: He deserves it.
  13. Capfriendly has the reserve list limit at 90. Am I misreading the site?
  14. Notable Rocket player Andrew Strutz was sent to the ECHL today.
  15. Pierre Lebrun believes the Canes would be willing to trade Jake Bean and a first for Jeff Petry.
  16. Picks can be flipped for future picks. Bergevin did it last draft for this draft, he can do it again. Hell, Kovalchuk can be traded for a pick from the 2021 draft outright, and skip the middleman of this draft entirely. And prospects can be traded for established players. Even unsigned prospects can be traded for established players. Having too many prospects isn't a problem, it's a gift. And considering how many of the Habs prospects are injured right now (which could have serious impact on their development) I'd argue that we don't have too many at all.
  17. We were truly blessed to see The Great 8 score two goals tonight.
  18. I understand putting actual prospects in positions to succeed, but why would any AHL veteran want to sign in Laval after how Varone and Barber have been treated lately?
  19. Was getting ready to post about the futility of Cousins and Weal on the same PP unit, but then that unit scored so whatever, #### it, throw Weise on there too, nothing makes sense or matters.
  20. Byron with a giveaway, vintage burst of speed, takeaway, and a pass to set up a Cousins to Thompson 2 on 0. Glad to see he was rewarded with an assist after a bad start to the season and 3 months lost to injury.
  21. Gallagher is not playing tonight. Weal or Weise will be in.
  22. Might circle back around on Marco in July.
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