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  1. I switched over to Team Tank after last night's loss, so this signing does nothing for me except that the thought of Poehling and Kotkaniemi playing with Kovalchuk instead of Weal will help make watching Habs games enjoyable til the trade deadline (where Kovalchuk is hopefully shipped to a contender for a conditional 3rd.)
  2. *Christian Folin enters Bergevin office during a meeting with Claude Julien* Folin: "Hey, sorry to interrupt. I see that you traded Reilly. If you can find a place for me next I would appreciate it. Even if it's waivers and being sent to Laval. I just want to play." Bergevin: "I understand. I'll see what I can do for you." *Folin leaves* Julien: "Who was that?" Bergevin: "I dunno."
  3. Neither. Laval plays tomorrow so he might as well play for them, and if he's needed to play on Saturday for Montreal due to an injury then he'll only play 4 minutes anyway.
  4. Good game. Tough loss. That was probably their last hope for a playoff spot.
  5. Chiarot jumped by 5 Bolts. Coincidental minors. Uh huh.
  6. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/move-scandella-says-canadiens-still-believe-playoff-hopes/ Engels points out that if the Habs continue to fall down the standings, they should be able to recoup the pick by trading Scandella again at the deadline.
  7. Everything but the goal that shift.
  8. Have you tried wishing really really hard?
  9. He wasn't even named in the title of this thread. I don't think anyone assumed he was a valuable piece.
  10. Weise going Old School to endear himself to coach.
  11. Price big off. Great 4th line shift from the "We don't have anybody else" trio, and it leads to an icing and a scoring opportunity for Domi.
  12. Petry's patience paid off, scores just after the pp expires.
  13. So all in all today it's Mike Reilly and a 4th for Scandella, a 5th, and minor league depth. Also, for next season:
  14. Julien hasn't been happy with either Kulak or Reilly this season. Scandella will probably slot into the 3rd pair with Fleury and battle with Kulak for that spot. Also possible he gets the "thank god I'm out of Buffalo" bump in his play and pushes Mete down from the 2nd pair. Edit: Scandella is from Montreal, and is the nephew of TSN690 broadcaster and former Habs player Sergio Momesso.
  15. Too many years on his contract to fire him and pay him to do nothing. His previous history with having to sell players brought us trades like Danault and a 2nd (Romanov) for Weise and Fleischmann, so he had proven he could get value out of expiring contracts and veteran players. It obviously wasn't an ideal situation - I'm sure Molson would have preferred to fire him and every fan would have been on board - but circumstances were what they were, and the cost was too great. So Bergevin was given the chance to fix the mess he made. Again, I ask, how has he performed under ownership's directive change in 2018?
  16. You don't, but can you stop screaming into the wind about Bergevin's tenure as a whole? On January 2018 he was fired from his job as Playoff Push GM. He was re-hired as Retool GM, and has been faithful to that role. How has he performed under the retool parameters given to him by Geoff Molson? How has this organization's youth focus, drafting, and long-term outlook been since 2018?
  17. It isn't. The organization from the top down, owner to waterboy, committed to a multi-season retool centered around drafting and trading for a new young core. It's the direction that Geoff Molson wanted and still wants. It's why the only things the Habs gave up at last year's deadline to shore up NHL depth were career AHLers and dropping 20 spots out of the 4th round into the 5th round in the draft (Chaput for Weal, Thompson and a 5th for a 4th, Folin and Weise for Schlemko and Froese.) It's why Shaw was traded in the summer for picks without a guaranteed replacement in the lineup. Even the Aho offer sheet was calculated in what they were willing to give up for it to be worthwhile long and short term. It's frustrating because we all want to watch the team win games, and it's even more frustrating because the Atlantic is such a shit show this year, but the organization is sticking to their plan for long-term benefit. The plan frustrating to every fan, but is only flawed to impatient fans.
  18. Gonna be watching the Montreal Rocket til late January.
  19. Gallagher on retro IR with a concussion. The earliest he can play is Tuesday.
  20. Dutch Gretzky was called up, which suggests that Gallagher will not be playing in today's game.
  21. He is a smart fan, but a bit more of a sarcastic fan lately. No one is any official capacity guaranteed a Cup.
  22. A loss to Tampa on Thursday will pretty much seal a lost season. I know they can't be expected to win every important game, but 3 straight losses to teams they're chasing in the standings at the mid-point of the season, well...
  23. Barber played 3 minutes this game. Price allowed 6 goals. Claude's lineup decisions on back-to-backs really bother me. If you don't trust a guy to give you ~10 minutes of ice time, then dress someone else ESPECIALLY when it's 2 games in 2 nights. If you don't trust your backup to play at all, tell Bergevin to bring up Primeau.
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