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  1. http://nhl.bamcontent.com/images/assets/binary/309033752/binary-file/file.pdf 57 players are attending training camp, and 12 players were already released from rookie camp. 6 of those players were Habs prospects returned to their respective junior teams (Harvey-Pinard, Fonstad, Hillis, Houde, LeGuerrier, and McShane), and the other 6 were tryouts. I know the rookie camp covers most of what they need to know about the junior level prospects, but I'd still be a fan of those guys getting a couple practices in with Julien and NHL vets before being sent back to their junior teams.
  2. Habs rookies played against the Quebec University All-Stars. Most of the big names were healthy scratches (probably to make the game slightly more fair), but the kids still stomped them 7 - 3. Training camp starts September 12th.
  3. As most expected, Gardiner had no interest in Montreal.
  4. If the site is going to go down for awhile, might I suggest August?
  5. Nice to be back. Habs rookies and a poor offensive showing in the Rookie Showcase, name a more iconic duo. Sucks when most of your goal scorers are in Europe or in college, but I was hoping for a bit more offensive dominance from the 1st rounders and 2nd year AHLers. Harvey-Pinard would have a contract off his performance here if the Habs weren't flirting so closely with the contract limit. Leskinen might need a whole year in the AHL to get used to north american ice size, but the puck-moving skill is apparent. Evans might be the smartest player on the ice in every game he plays this season. Really feels like Suzuki's potential will best be met at center, but that gaping hole at 2nd line RW on the Habs might be calling his name too loudly. Brook, oof... not a good first impression with the coach. And holy shit is Verbeek ever fast, but too bad that's about it with him tho. Just something to keep in mind: Bergevin made the Pacioretty trade last year on September 10th - shortly after the Rookie Showcase ended.
  6. Day 2 of rookie camp, so it's time to jump to conclusions and overreact to not much... Suzuki is lining up as a RW instead of C for the drills.
  7. Former Non-Rocket Prospect legend Nikolas Koberstein has retired from hockey at 23.
  8. Pominville's agent would be the one negotiating...
  9. More behind the scenes at the draft. Also LOL at the blurring.
  10. Friedman said on Tim and Sid yesterday that the Habs still have interest in Gardiner. It's Defensemen Blackjack and Bergevin keeps saying, "Hit me."
  11. Not shocked the Habs aren't a prime destination for tryouts and PTOs this year. Few empty spots available in Montreal or Laval, and no guaranteed ECHL affiliate.
  12. https://www.nhl.com/news/twenty-eight-players-to-participate-in-the-canadiens-2019-rookie-camp/c-308688160 Camp culminates with the tournament against Ottawa and Winnipeg. I'm ready to see some hockey, but I'm also wondering if we should take bets on which Habs player gets injured playing useless games against ECHL thugs?
  13. Pat Maroon signs in Tampa, 1 year, $900 000. Shocked St Louis didn't keep him at that cost.
  14. Too bad it's almost entirely about Cole Caufield and doesn't give is anything from the 2nd day of the draft, but I guess last year's vid gave up too much info for their liking. Edit: Apparently some people are trying to piece together the Habs draft list from the footage of Bergevin. Habs had Caufield 10th, Sieder 11th. Also Vegas tried to trade for 15th OA gor 17 and a 3rd round pick. Glad Timmins shut that down without hesitation.
  15. Apparently the Isles are most likely.
  16. Hayden Hawkey must be a fairly desirable free agent now too, right?
  17. Press F to pay respects. DON has asked to perform 'Amazing Grace' for us in honour of this dearly departed prospect. Go ahead, DON.
  18. Weal. The battle for 13th forward is pretty much between Hudon, Peca, and Weise, with an outside shot to guys like Varone or Barber.
  19. I don't mind Pominville on the 3rd line with Byron and Kotkaniemi. In fact I might even prefer him there over Armia. There will be enough injuries over the season to get Poehling and Suzuki some NHL games, and I'd rather both get big minutes in the AHL for a bit than get 3rd or 4th line minutes from Julien.
  20. I didn't think he met the cap hit criteria for a post-arb buyout, but he does just squeak over it. Man, they might have traded Ryan O'Reilly for 2 buyouts, a near-bust prospect, the 31st OA pick, and a probable 50+ OA pick.
  21. I get that you're interested in Risto, but where would he play? Habs right side defense is pretty well set now and in the future.
  22. Brassard had a bad year. I figured he'd need to take a 1 year "show me" contract, like 1 year/3 mill. 4? Yeesh.
  23. A trade I'd be interested in the Habs exploring if they didn't have Chiarot.
  24. I fear I might be at risk of moaning Cole Caufield's stat line during sex.
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