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  1. When do NCAA free agents start to become available? All signs point to Caufield getting a contract at that time, but the Habs have a few more open contract spots now after trading away their entire depth roster (with any value.)
  2. Getting a better pick for Cousins than Thompson... I guess all that powerplay time really boosted his value.
  3. Julien's powerplay strategies are in shambles right now. Weal is gonna have to stay out there for the entire 2 minutes!
  4. Kreider re-signs in NYR. The interest in Tatar must have just skyrocketed.
  5. Marleau to Pittsburgh for a conditional 3rd that becomes a 2nd if they win a cup. Penguins get the conditional that I wanted for Kovalchuk.
  6. Odd trade from Florida but I think I like it for them?
  7. That is such an overpayment for Pageau. The Islanders would need to play the Habs in every round of the playoffs for that price to be worth it.
  8. It's unlikely Washington will have the cap space to sign him next season. They are also a contender and could get Kovalchuk a cup this summer, and he gets to play with Ovechkin for a few months which would be a couple checkmarks on his bucket list. I'd say the Habs have a pretty good shot at signing him July 1st.
  9. Cashing the chips found on the casino floor. Would have loved a conditional pick that turns into a 2nd with some playoff rounds won, but it is what it is. Habs now have 8 picks in the first half of the draft (and could have 9 if Winnipeg drops off.) Thanks for 7 weeks of highlights, Kovy.
  10. I could see the Habs making claims on Schaller and Timashov, assuming the plan is still to trade Thompson and Kovalchuk. That would help keep the prospects in the AHL for the rest of the year.
  11. Obviously we don't throw stones from our glass house... the Habs did just get swept in their season series against what will probably be the worst performing team in the salary cap era. But we do have to enjoy life's simple pleasures as they come. The Leafs lost to a 42 year old zamboni driver has had liver transplant surgery and also happens to be employed by them. Rejoice.
  12. Snoop Dogg does his 2nd year in a row as a color commentator for a Kings game. I love the fun the Kings have with their broadcasts. Snoop Dogg, Thomas Middleditch as Tony Babcock... give me that kind of entertainment over 8000 segments on small-town hockey any day.
  13. The last shimmy for Uncle Nate in a Habs uni?
  14. There is always twitter memes:
  15. So have we found our new backup goalie?
  16. An emergency goalie gets an NHL win.
  17. I take it back. He just dropped Tkachuk in the slot. Rip up his contract, sign him for 8 years.
  18. I don't know if he fits here long term, but damn I love me some Lord Byron.
  19. Looked like a pass-shot from Domi that caught Anderson sleeping.
  20. How do you plan ahead for 3 LH defensemen all getting injured within 24 hours of each other?
  21. Ottawa is sitting Ennis and Namestikov ahead of the trade deadline.
  22. If you're doing the first well then you're also doing the latter. A winning culture is where prospects thrive. We always talk about the importance of veterans in the NHL to help younger players become better. And we'd all welcome playoff experience to see how Suzuki, Mete, and even Domi would react to it. Why would the AHL be any different? Putting Kotkaniemi with Hudon is nice, but why not give them a respected leader on the other wing to try to raise both their games up? What is Vejdemo supposed to learn from Alain? Kevin Lynch might be a good soldier, but is his play this season helping to unlock Poehling's potential? This is just a bit troubling from an outsider's perspective, and the team's recent skid isn't helping the optics.
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