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  1. Ah, but Blandisi suffers from one fatal flaw that will keep him from getting ice time with Bouchard: He deserves it.
  2. Capfriendly has the reserve list limit at 90. Am I misreading the site?
  3. Notable Rocket player Andrew Strutz was sent to the ECHL today.
  4. Pierre Lebrun believes the Canes would be willing to trade Jake Bean and a first for Jeff Petry.
  5. Picks can be flipped for future picks. Bergevin did it last draft for this draft, he can do it again. Hell, Kovalchuk can be traded for a pick from the 2021 draft outright, and skip the middleman of this draft entirely. And prospects can be traded for established players. Even unsigned prospects can be traded for established players. Having too many prospects isn't a problem, it's a gift. And considering how many of the Habs prospects are injured right now (which could have serious impact on their development) I'd argue that we don't have too many at all.
  6. We were truly blessed to see The Great 8 score two goals tonight.
  7. I understand putting actual prospects in positions to succeed, but why would any AHL veteran want to sign in Laval after how Varone and Barber have been treated lately?
  8. Was getting ready to post about the futility of Cousins and Weal on the same PP unit, but then that unit scored so whatever, #### it, throw Weise on there too, nothing makes sense or matters.
  9. Byron with a giveaway, vintage burst of speed, takeaway, and a pass to set up a Cousins to Thompson 2 on 0. Glad to see he was rewarded with an assist after a bad start to the season and 3 months lost to injury.
  10. Gallagher is not playing tonight. Weal or Weise will be in.
  11. Might circle back around on Marco in July.
  12. We'll see how the team reacts to the Scandella trade. This is the first indication that management has thrown in the towel on the season. Do the players follow suit after such an exhausting effort to stay in the race?
  13. Scandella cost a 4th six weeks ago. Circumstances change. Pay up.
  14. From 31 Thoughts blog (https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-tyler-toffoli-trade-vancouver-canucks/😞 "There's been a lot of rumours about Max Domi, but I did have one source call them "Fake News."" And Brian scooped me again. Dude, take a nap!
  15. Definitely appears to be a bit of a sellers market.
  16. Bit of a morbid note to this deal, but it probably only happens because of Bouwmeester's cardiac arrest.
  17. Not just about NHL potential, but AHL pedigree. Peca should be doing much better than he has been. Weise has been a better NHLer than AHLer. Varone and Barber are underperforming at least slightly considering their previous numbers. Olofsson is way off his AHL standard (but did miss an entire year to injury.) The defense as a whole should be much better with guys like Ouellet and Alzner playing at the slower AHL pace... And while I was typing all this Brian swooped in and made all my points.
  18. Quite the thread here from Mitch Brown on the struggles in Laval. While Montreal's poor season is understandable, the Rocket are very much underperforming.
  19. I applaud every Habs player's moxie in refusing to lay down the season. They are competitive and giving it their all to the bitter end. I am horrified that management hasn't figured out that "the bitter end" was a few games ago. No player should be allowed back from a 4 to 6 week injury after 2.
  20. Looks like Minnesota kicked off the deadline deals 1 week early with the Zucker sale. NJ just traded Andy Greene to NYI for a 2nd and David Quenneville, and it appears Blake Coleman is on his way to Colorado. Do the other obvious sellers deal early too, or wait for the deadline to see if prices go up?
  21. I thought Evans did well at center. Does he have anything left to learn in Laval?
  22. Refs didn't call a penalty against Dallas all game, and had several opportunities to do so.
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