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  1. Chiarot was asked post-game about the reasoning behind the new pairing. He said the idea was to put two defensemen that aren't fun to play against (Weber and Chiarot) against the Bruins' best line. I didn't get to watch much of the game so I have no opinion on if it worked, but it's definitely ballsy to put your 2 worst skating defensemen on the ice against Marchand-Bergeron-Pastrnak and thinking, "Well they'll definitely be paying the price when they cross our blueline."
  2. I don't understand how Reilly went from being scratched for every game except one from the trade deadline last season, to suddenly having the coach's confidence over Kulak for the past 4 games (including back-to-backs.) Reilly has looked shaky to me. What am I missing about him?
  3. It was Chicago's AHL team against Vegas' AHL team, if anyone would like to start some speculation. But obviously the deal must involve Shaw and a 2nd round pick in some way.
  4. Kotkaniemi has been put on IR for his groin injury. Poehling recalled.
  5. Well this was Petry's worst game this season, no question. Edit: This was everyone's worst game this season.
  6. McNabb has been our best forward this game.
  7. Not even a powerplay can stop the Habs from forgetting how to hockey in the final minute of the period. Vegas got better scoring chances shorthanded than the Habs did a man up.
  8. I mean... McNabb... but yes, WOW DROUIN
  9. Nobody is panicking about it. It's been a fairly Xanaxed discussion on this forum about 3 struggling players. Now then... which superstar can we get for Byron, Lehkonen and a 2nd?
  10. Flip a coin on Byron and Lehkonen, in my opinion. And do it as early as tomorrow against Vegas. Same for Kulak in for Reilly. Put as many fresh legs and hungry players on the ice as you can on the second half of a back to back. Julien's insistence on always sticking with a winning lineup is mildly infuriating for me.
  11. Gonna be a long time til Cousins is a healthy scratch again.
  12. He's got a great amount of character for a former player. And his interest in the Mete goal drought saga was incredibly entertaining to me.
  13. Kotkaniemi is not handling the puck with confidence.
  14. There have been multiple big hits this game by Habs D.
  15. Wow, goalies should not be using pop-out blades.
  16. I wonder if he's one of those players that is a bit daunted by the big contract he's signed. Every year before this he was playing on a "show me why you should get more" contract, but now he's in the first year of his first "okay, you earned it" contract. He wouldn't be the first player to get an increase in his paycheque and suddenly forget how to play the hockey that got him that increase.
  17. Armia, Petry, and now Chiarot have all carved a piece off an Arizona player with some immense physicality. Weber is so proud he almost thought about smiling.
  18. Gallagher in his 500th game scores a very Gallagher goal.
  19. I edited it and the rest of my post still stands, but I feel like unless it got bargained out in the last CBA, the ruling on Lubomir Visnovksy set the precedent that a waived clause is waived permanently unless the new team agrees to honour it (which any team trying to trade for him should not.)
  20. If Suter waived his NMC to come to Montreal then neither he or Weber would have the trade protection that Seabrook and Keith have for the entirety of their respective deals. In the unlikely event that they both play out their respective deals to completion, either Weber can be dealt to a rebuilding team who will love a near 8 million cap hit for a 1 million salary mostly paid by insurance. If they both do LTIRetirement, then it's more like the Clarkson and Horton situation with Toronto this season. I'm not talking myself into liking the possibility, but I don't think it would be as dire a situation as Chicago. The Habs could trade their way out of it. Suter is just worth listing as a top LHD who could be available.
  21. Suter would also be a candidate to be moved out of Minnesota. The contract is shit, but there's your top pairing LHD.
  22. If Weal gets back into the lineup, I feel like it won't be to replace Cousins. Might be Lehkonen at the moment.
  23. Another Drouin breakaway for the hatty, please.
  24. Getting a middle 6 RW at the cost of two years of $1 366 667 dead cap (that Winnipeg ended up not even needing to deal) is the kind of deal I wish Bergevin had been able to do again this year with the cap space the Habs still have.
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