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  1. Interesting that Poehling moves back to centre. Is this a long term outlook on where he should play in the NHL, or just what's best for Laval right now?
  2. Top of the league in depth, for sure, but not top-end talent. It's nice to have a deep roster of nearly sure-thing NHL players but it's not really as impressive if they all put up 3rd or 4th line production.
  3. I'm really disappointed that nobody mentioned the Vince McMahon reference. Not a single one of you dropped J.R's iconic "Aw sonova bitch" in the replies.
  4. I believe Price deserves an assist on that goal and I won't accept any argument against it.
  5. And it has resulted in almost zero offensive threats against a team (and goalie) playing on the 2nd night of a back-to-back. *sigh*
  6. I'm shocked. We got some actual hockey news and analysis during Hockey Day in Canada. Brian! Come quick! It's Christmas in February!
  7. Habs are outclassed offensively by Toronto by a pretty wide margin, but it would be nice to see something other than a puck chipped into a corner that is comfortably retrieved by a Toronto defenseman.
  8. If Byron had been healthy this season I think we'd be mentioning him in exchange for Ghost.
  9. Wow, and all of a sudden we have an actual top 9 again.
  10. Everybody is posturing. It's 2 and a half weeks to the deadline. We'll see what the offers are when teams get a bit more desperate for some offense going into the playoffs.
  11. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canadiens-ilya-kovalchuk-drawing-interest-bruins-flames-oilers/sn-amp/?__twitter_impression=true Engels with rumours on Kovalchuk, Domi, Tatar, Scandella, Kulak, Thompson, and Weise.
  12. The Calder trophy is going to go to one of Hughes or Makar, but Suzuki deserves to be on the ballot considering the rookie forwards closest to him in point production are both 24 year olds.
  13. Petry stepping up in Weber's absence. OT snipe.
  14. 80's Night for Price with the two-pad stack!
  15. Suzuki no-celling that goal like he's bored. Kid is 55 games into his career.
  16. Breakaway for Evans on his first shift in the NHL. Might not get another chance like that for years.
  17. Then it's a good thing the Habs have a solid shot at a top 10 pick instead of 11 through 15.
  18. It's not just about the lottery odds, it's about finishing lower to have a better chance at better players in each round. And no one is cheering for losses. We're not Buffalo. We're just not upset when they happen. It's for the greater good.
  19. From 31 Thoughts: Edmonton has shown interest in Tatar.
  20. No, the season is over and I have no interest in getting another mid-first round pick. Top ten and increased odds at the #1 pick please.
  21. Elite sniper Christian Folin.
  22. I can't believe he missed the post there.
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