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  1. Friedman said on Tim and Sid yesterday that the Habs still have interest in Gardiner. It's Defensemen Blackjack and Bergevin keeps saying, "Hit me."
  2. Not shocked the Habs aren't a prime destination for tryouts and PTOs this year. Few empty spots available in Montreal or Laval, and no guaranteed ECHL affiliate.
  3. https://www.nhl.com/news/twenty-eight-players-to-participate-in-the-canadiens-2019-rookie-camp/c-308688160 Camp culminates with the tournament against Ottawa and Winnipeg. I'm ready to see some hockey, but I'm also wondering if we should take bets on which Habs player gets injured playing useless games against ECHL thugs?
  4. Pat Maroon signs in Tampa, 1 year, $900 000. Shocked St Louis didn't keep him at that cost.
  5. Too bad it's almost entirely about Cole Caufield and doesn't give is anything from the 2nd day of the draft, but I guess last year's vid gave up too much info for their liking. Edit: Apparently some people are trying to piece together the Habs draft list from the footage of Bergevin. Habs had Caufield 10th, Sieder 11th. Also Vegas tried to trade for 15th OA gor 17 and a 3rd round pick. Glad Timmins shut that down without hesitation.
  6. Apparently the Isles are most likely.
  7. Hayden Hawkey must be a fairly desirable free agent now too, right?
  8. Press F to pay respects. DON has asked to perform 'Amazing Grace' for us in honour of this dearly departed prospect. Go ahead, DON.
  9. Weal. The battle for 13th forward is pretty much between Hudon, Peca, and Weise, with an outside shot to guys like Varone or Barber.
  10. I don't mind Pominville on the 3rd line with Byron and Kotkaniemi. In fact I might even prefer him there over Armia. There will be enough injuries over the season to get Poehling and Suzuki some NHL games, and I'd rather both get big minutes in the AHL for a bit than get 3rd or 4th line minutes from Julien.
  11. I didn't think he met the cap hit criteria for a post-arb buyout, but he does just squeak over it. Man, they might have traded Ryan O'Reilly for 2 buyouts, a near-bust prospect, the 31st OA pick, and a probable 50+ OA pick.
  12. I get that you're interested in Risto, but where would he play? Habs right side defense is pretty well set now and in the future.
  13. Brassard had a bad year. I figured he'd need to take a 1 year "show me" contract, like 1 year/3 mill. 4? Yeesh.
  14. A trade I'd be interested in the Habs exploring if they didn't have Chiarot.
  15. I fear I might be at risk of moaning Cole Caufield's stat line during sex.
  16. Sabres are over the cap. Not sure how correct I'll be, but I wonder if Scandella gets bought out?
  17. Ya, I figured they would have done a Smith buyout and tried to trade Shattenkirk at half salary retained. The 2nd year of the Shattenkirk buyout is beyond painful.
  18. Tampa trades Callahan and a 5th to Ottawa for Condon and a 6th. The market for cap dumps really took a downturn after the Leafs had to part with a 1st to get rid of Marleau.
  19. An update on some of the teams in cap trouble... Rangers: Assuming they bury Beleskey and demote Hajek to the minors, the Rangers are currently over the cap by ~2 million and still have Deangelo and Lemieux to sign. That Dan Girardi buyout has bitten them harder than they probably expected it would. They'd love to get rid of Brendan Smith (2 years, $4 350 000, m-ntc) and Marc Staal (2 years, $5 700 000, nmc), but I expect they'll need to trade 1 of Shattenkirk, Namestikov, or Kreider this summer to make their cap work. Capitals: They need to drop ~1.4 million in cap before the season starts. Assuming their core is untouchable and their recent free agent signings won't be traded, I wonder if Eller is the odd man out here? Flames: Have ~6.3 million to sign Tkachuk and Mangiapane. They might buy out Stone, but they could need a few more dollars freed up. Canucks: With Eriksson and Fantenberg buried in the AHL they have ~7 million to sign Boeser and Goldobin. They were hurting for cap space even before the Luongo cap recapture.
  20. I still think there is a 4th line NHLer there, but dude is gonna need a perfect season to get there.
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