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  1. Too many injuries then, and Suzuki wasn't as proven as he is now.
  2. I don't know how Weber can let Huberdeau behind him on that powerplay. Caught watching the shorthanded chance?
  3. I am legitimately shocked, and I think I am being personally punished for my hubris. Poehling scratched, Weal in on the 3rd line. Cousins to the 4th.
  4. Probably the same lines as last game because the team won and Julien wouldn't change lines after a win even at gunpoint. "Just switch Poehling and Cousins, Claude! I'm begging you. Do it or I'll shoot." *Julien steps forward so the gun barrel presses into his forehead* "Then shoot true. This lineup will stand forever. Vive la formation!"
  5. Eichel was p i s s e d after the Habs scored the empty netter. He must feel all alone on that roster - worse than McDavid ever did in Edmonton for sure.
  6. Clearly a late blooming player who rises higher against elite competition.
  7. Buffalo fans are so fed up that this has almost become a home game for the Habs.
  8. Absolutely. I counter with putting Suzuki beside Gallagher's compete level and leadership.
  9. I didn't like Julien going back to the old familiar first line. I thought they should keep Kovalchuk with Tatar and Danault, and move Gallagher to the 2nd line to get it going. I am okay with the decision now.
  10. Well they definitely played most of that period like a flu bug is tearing through the dressing room.
  11. Your kinks are your own, but please keep things family friendly on the forum. 😶
  12. https://wgr550.radio.com/media/audio-channel/1-29-caller-duanes-sabres-rant Things going well in Buffalo.
  13. ^ Just shouting out the pacific start time for my west coasters. Confirmed Habs lines: Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Kovalchuk - Suzuki - Armia Cousins - Domi - Lehkonen Poehling - Thompson - Weise Chiarot - Weber Kulak - Petry Scandella - Mete Price
  14. There has been a ton of recent debate in the Habs fandom and media about the centre position. This seems to be coming mostly from Suzuki taking the 2nd line C spot from Domi, but also with Poehling playing wing beside Kotkaniemi. I reckon that some of these current lineup decisions aren't considered ideal by the coaching staff and management, but instead have been forced on them by the injuries. We'll definitely learn a lot more about what the staff think of who belongs where when Gallagher and Drouin (and Byron) return, but there are some serious questions about the long term placement of some guys: Is Domi a center or winger? Is Suzuki a center or winger? Is Kotkaniemi going to be more than a 3C? Is Danault worth signing long term? What is Poehling? What is your opinion on the best way of getting the most out of the centers currently within the organization? ------------------------- Personally, when the lineup is mostly healthy, I would send both Kotkaniemi and Poehling down to Laval as 1C and 2C respectively and try to push that team into the playoffs. They both aren't well served playing 3rd line minutes in Montreal right now. Go learn how to be a star players... the Habs need some. For the Habs I'd run Danault, Domi, Suzuki, and Thompson/Weal for the rest of the year. Maybe call up Evans for the 4th line since he's earned a cup of coffee and will top out as a bottom 6 forward anyway. Counter to Kotkaniemi, I think Suzuki would be well served playing with defensively responsible linemates like Armia and Lehkonen. We know Suzuki has the offensive chops for the top 6 moving forward, but we don't know that Kotkaniemi does. Nick will make a better argument for a center option moving forward if he improves defensively, and can still get his offensive minutes on the powerplay.
  15. Paraphrased from Friedman's 31 Thoughts blog: the Canadiens message is they aren't interested in trading for rentals, and they likely won't do a ton of trading by the deadline. They want to be in the playoff race next year, so trading guys like Tatar and Petry is unlikely without a stupid good trade offer.
  16. Forgot to type this out earlier, but during one of the intermission segments Lebrun noted that the Caps are doing their homework on Nate Thompson and Trevor Lewis to see who would fit best as a depth acquisition for their playoff run. Their GM has trade deadline history with both teams; getting Hagelin from LA last season, and key acquisition to their cup winning team (🙄🙄🙄) Jakub Jerabek from Montreal the year prior.
  17. It basically boils down to 4-game segments in the schedule of the Habs winning 3 of 4 games for the rest of the year. They're already down their one loss from tonight, and coincidentally their next 3 games are all against teams they're directly chasing: Wsh(L) - Buf - Fla - Cbj Njd - Ana - Tor - Ari Bos - Pit - Dal - Det Wsh - Ott - Van - Nyr Car - Nyi - Tbl - Fla Nsh - Buf - Ana - Lak Sjs - Col - Buf - Fla Nyi - Chi - Nsh - Tor Red teams are home games. Bold teams are against teams they are chasing for a wild card / division spot, and essentially "must win" games. For those that still believe, well ^ there's the road map. For the rest of us, by points percentage the Habs are closer to 2nd last than they are to the final wild card spot. #TeamTank
  18. TSN showed the graphic of the Habs leading the league in one goal losses (by one over LA) but I'd love to see the stat of including games where an empty net goal was scored as well. I wonder if the Habs would pull well ahead there or if things would stay about the same. They battle every game, definitely can't argue their compete level. Just wish we couldn't argue their talent level.
  19. 4 points in 10 games. He's desperately trying to make sure this isn't his final NHL contract.
  20. Petry giving us the full range of Canadiens hockey tonight.
  21. Gallagher and Drouin were in non-contact jerseys today. Byron was skating at full speed with a trainer. I wonder if Byron will do a conditioning stint in Laval? He wasn't playing his best hockey before the injury and could use the confidence boost against lower competition.
  22. What we know: 1. Kovalchuk was misused in LA and not given a chance to play in the role he was best suited for. 2. He wanted to go somewhere else to prove he deserved to play in that role. 3. He ultimately wants to play for a chance at a Cup. Montreal (a hockey media hotspot) was a team with dire need of scoring during an injury crisis, and could meet most of the criteria he had through opportunity, marketing, and an outside shot at a playoff run. While it might be jumping the gun to say a trade agreement was already put in place when he signed the contract, it's not unreasonable to say Montreal was the best place to rehabilitate his career, but would most likely fall short of his ultimate goal. It makes complete sense that he will want to be traded to a playoff bound team that will play him in the role he's best suited for. And it makes complete sense for Bergevin to trade him in a perfect "pump and dump" scenario. Thank you. *Jaded, conspiracy theorist Trizzak steps up to the mic* This is a publicity stunt! Everyone is in on it! Kovalchuk is like jingling keys meant to distract us from the poor season! You all bought it! YOU ALL BOUGHT IT HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER! You all bought it! Even my family, even my immediate family bought it! Every damn one of you was made fools of!
  23. Vaguely updated return timelines for Gallagher and Drouin. That Byron injury continues to be mysterious.
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