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  1. This is the first season we don't have our tickets to the game already. So far, my son has been excited to go to the DU games, and hasn't really asked much about going to any Avs games this year. If the Habs are still out of a playoff spot come February, it might be the first Montreal/Colorado game I'll have missed since I moved here in 2000.
  2. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I accept that. Given the vision of the GM the past couple of years, it's time for a change.
  3. Permanent Rumour Thread

    That's also from Garrioch. Reporting that the Habs "may be looking to shake things up" is akin to saying the sky is blue.
  4. November 14th: Cannons @ Habs

    Agreed there. Back to no scoring, 7 goals in the last 5 games. We know a .957 save percentage isn't sustainable from Lindgren, and that's what it's taken from him to have three wins and two losses.
  5. Bergevin......

    They're just shutting Price down so he doesn't get injured while they shop him. Hasn't Lindgren been anointed the new starter already?
  6. November 11th: Sabres @ Habs

    Ok, hypothetical away. I won’t pretend to be a goalie scout, but the league is full of historical fast starts from players of all positions that fizzled after their brief flash. The discussion has more merit at least a few months into the season, rather than one week. Move Montoya for a pick, split Price and Lindgren down the stretch, even though it’ll be heavily biased towards Price starts. i still stand by my assertion that if Price had been typical Price prior to his mysterious injury, we wouldn’t even be having the discussion, regardless of Lindgren’s play. That’s what I mean by turning on a player. Not implying that anyone is treating Price like Desharnais or anything.
  7. November 11th: Sabres @ Habs

    Had Price and the team not struggled to start the season, this wouldn’t even be a discussion. In fact, had he started strong, then had a minor injury, everyone would be says “Here we go again!”. It’s such a silly discussion to even entertain. Price isn’t going anywhere. This fan base is so quick to turn on any player. Heck, what are we doing with the almost $9M in cap space now?
  8. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Unfortunately for St. Cloud, nobody stood out last night. DU outplayed them from start to finish. It helped when DU had 10 minutes of major penalty PP time, too. I watched Poehling when I could on the ice, used in pretty much every situation. Looks big out there, didn't shy away from getting physical as the game get chippy in the third, but I'm not sure if that was a product of the game or if he's normally involved physically. Offensively, pretty much no sustained pressure at all from St. Cloud in this one. SCSU was swept, held to 3 goals over the two games. No points for Poehling in either game.
  9. November 11th: Sabres @ Habs

    I’ll be scouting St Cloud while the Habs are playing tonight. Go Habs!
  10. Injury news

    Holy cow, I had completely forgotten Hemsky was even on the team. Ha!
  11. Nov. 9, Wild vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Effort was there, especially missing our top F, D, and G. Screwed outta two goals, that sucks. Only silver lining is I’ve got Zucker on my fantasy team.
  12. The Habs Need a Better Backup

    Well, we just bought gear for my son, so if they can hold out another 11-12 years, he should be ready by then. Lindgren's brief NHL career numbers are nice, but it's a rather small sample size. While I'm happy with the results of last night's game, I can't say (from what I saw) that I'd anoint him the next starter just yet.
  13. Nov. 5, Habs vs Hawks, 7 PM

    Holy cow, could Sportsnet try any harder to jinx the shutout? I think he said he three or four times in the last two minutes!!
  14. HABS @ WILD, NOV. 2

    Go Habs! I'll be at my son's hockey tonight, checking in for updates.

    I didn’t ignore Forsberg, I think he’s a better player. I disagreed on Plekanec production and it what age he was a consistent scorer. At this point, if Galchenyuk is a consistent 60pt 30/30 type player, I don’t think that’s bad. I’ve never thought he was going to be an elite player that could carry the team.