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  1. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Same can be said for pretty much the entire team. For all of the crap spewed by Bergevin about guys getting you to the playoffs and guys getting you through them, heck, we can't even GET there.
  2. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Disregard...made a comment based on speculation on TSN. Carry on...
  3. Feb. 14, Habs vs Avs, 9:30 PM

    The only positive about attending the game is that my son got to be near the tunnel and got knuckles from most of the team. The excitement on his face was worth it. Now, for the 50 year old tool (with the trophy wife in tow) that said my son needed to move because those were his seats, and he had no interest in the players, screw you. You could've stayed one seat over while he had the opportunity to watch the players come out. My wife politely asked if my son could stay there while the players came on the ice, and he flatly said, no, these are my seats, tell your kid to move. If it was just me and my wife at a game and a young kid wanted to be at the tunnel during practice, I'd be a-ok with it. We moved a couple of rows back and all was well, but man, the smug jerk in his suit, slicked back hair to cover his bald spot, I've never wanted to just pour a beer on someone more than that guy. Unfortunately, I didn't have one. Anyway, I can barely remember the game. I'm starting to have a hard time rembering what it's like to watch the team win. The good news is my son's favorite teams are Montreal and Colorado, so he was equally happy that the Avs won. I was happy because it meant no points for Montreal. The end of the season is kind of a win/win, I can get a small sense of enjoyment when they win (even though I know the best thing at this point is lose baby!) , and appreciate the impact for the future when they lose.
  4. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Who woulda known, that much like Gainey with the skill/small/speed forethought, that Gauthier would also be ahead of his time by trading a player mid game. Can't believe it's happened twice this year, and both times, Ottawa was involved in some aspect.
  5. Well crap, the Habs practiced at my son's ice rink this morning. Had I known, I would've swung by. I know it's fairly common for teams to practice there, but still. Argh!
  6. We have our tickets for the game on Wednesday. We're excited to go, we'll be ten rows up behind the Avs attack twice end, so we'll get to see Price (hopefully) up close in net for a couple of periods. My son just wants to see Montreal play, and I'm glad we can do that for him. It helps that through his hockey association, tickets are about a 40% discount off face value. Last year, one of the equipment guys gave him a Habs cap signed by Galchenyuk, so we'll try and get there early again to get near the player tunnel. It's also his last year of 8U (mite), so he gets one last chance to skate during intermission in a couple of weeks. It'll also be his first time suiting up as a goalie at the Pepsi Center.
  7. Oh, I never said you did. I was just spitballin'. I can just see Bergevin creating one void by filling another. He's run out of fingers to stick in the dam.
  8. I don't see any UFAs other than Tavares to spend on that would make a significant impact to the team (John Carlson?). I'd say trade is the most likely solution, but as I've said before, I personally don't want Plekanec 2.0 (RNH) as the expected first line center going into next year, especially if it's an overpayment to get him. If it's the UFA route, we'll probably end up with Backlund, and kick the tires on Kovalchuk after they trade Patches for RNH.
  9. Given that Bergevin has compiled the inept defense we currently have, and has been unable to land a top C during his entire tenure, the retool starts with new management/vision. I don't see the team as being a total tear down. There's a vacuum of talent between 26-30 years old or so, drafting, the lack of picks, development has handcuffed the franchise. It doesn't seem likely to plug 2 or 3 significant holes at once, so I don't see this season as a mere dip. It's going to take time to recoup.
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    So apparently you’re new to deadline trades? Teams overpay for impending UFAs on an annual basis, that’s the whole point of being sellers at the deadline.
  11. So Gainey's smurf Habs rebuild was forward thinking? It was just 10 or so years too early.
  12. The Market for Max Pacioretty

    When it comes to Tavares, at MOST, I expect the traditional Sundin/Hull/Shanahan/Hossa etc yearly taunting about how they almost came here.
  13. Habs vs Blues - 8:00 EST.

    I hope to see the Avs win when the Habs are here in February. I'd like to go to some Avs playoff games this spring.
  14. Permanent Rumour Thread

    At a minimum, Plekanec, Deslauriers, and Benn (I know he isn't a UFA, but cheap dman with 1 year left on his deal) should be moved out. I'd say if the Rocket aren't making the playoffs, trade Niemi for whatever and bring up a goalie. Our last selling brought in Danault and a 2018 2nd rounder. Unlike most that lamented Bergevin's performance at last year's deadline, I don't think he's been terrible at managing the deadline. Yes, offense would've been nice, but the Habs weren't revisiting Vanek, and Vrbata does squat, it seems, when he doesn't play in AZ. The best hope is that assets are swapped for draft picks and a future GM gets to use those.
  15. Or....9 point back of the final wild card with 2 games in hand.