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  1. 2018 HW NFL Pool

    Yep. If you’re up for having me, I’ll come back for SK.
  2. 2018 HW NFL Pool

    I don't think I'll return this year. I haven't been very good at staying as active as I have been in the past.
  3. We took the plunge and will be housing a teen this year. Curious to see how it goes!
  4. Habs re-sign Phillip Danault

    Wait, i thought I read that he was looking for 1c/2c money? Seems like a bit less than most were expecting by a little bit. I’m happy with it.
  5. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Filppula reportedly nixed a trade to the Habs on deadline day when he went to the Flyers a year or two ago. I’d say he had no interest in coming here.
  6. I almost added an "Anything can happen!" option, but that would allow people to be too wishy washy.
  7. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Fair enough. In my head, I was only picturing UFA NHL players and not overseas. I tend to forget about those guys.
  8. Easy question, do you think they'll make the playoffs. There seem to be factions of both sides, oddly enough. I'm in the "No" camp.
  9. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I don't know that many of those "some people" are on these forums, though. It seemed fairly universal that Duclair wasn't a fit for this team. Yes, he played with Domi before, but I think it was mainly the "thinking out loud" type thing, similar to what people used to do with Galchenyuk and Yakupov. Duclair may soon follow Yak to the KHL. The only one that seems to be lamenting that he wasn't signed is you by stating that "Habs are going for a top three pick". It's day 6 of free agency. The Habs shouldn't be kicking tires on anyone that's left on the UFA scrap heap.
  10. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I'm in no way trying to minimize anything. I'm simply trying to point out he didn't inherit a great team. The young players that are supposed to supplement a roster didn't happen, there are 4 years of zero draft help, aside from Gallagher. it irks me that it's seen as defending Bergevin, but the prospect cupboard wasn't exactly overflowing when he took over. People so fervently hate Bergevin now that they easily discount the failures of prior GMs. I'm isolating one aspect of things that's always stood out to me to be glariningly obvious, our roster is missing those impact "prime" age players that we SHOULD have been able to fill internally. Those aged players would have been drafted before Bergevin. Much like the home run draft of 2007, we should have at least ONE player from '08, '09, even '10 that impacted our roster postively BEFORE Bergevin joined the team. We didn't. That's a whole bunch of prime 26-29YO players we DON'T have because prior GMs sucked at that part of their job, too. People point out Boston and Nashville as drafting/developing well. We didn't draft and develop well prior to Bergevin, either. Blame Bergevin (deservedly) for the current state of the team, but he had help getting there.
  11. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Oh, how soon we forget. That team Bergevin inherited, that 11-12 needs to be revisited without the rose colored glasses. The young guys ready to compete are the same 3 that are still here (minus Subban). Calling the other "young" players good is a stretch, Eller, Emelin, Weber, Diaz, Leblanc, Blunden, Palushaj. Look at the vets on that roster, Cole, he nosedived the following year, Darche, Moen, Kaberle, Gionta, Borque. Additionally, whether it was development or poor drafting, those 2008-2011 years produced 1 viable NHL player, 2 if you add in Beaulieu. Funny thing is, C and D are the 2 things Bergevin has drafted most since he took over, and I'm not even counting the 2018 draft. For all of Bergevin's failures, and there are many, he didn't inherit a young powerhouse like people seem to remember. It IS, of course, on Bergevin that in 6 years, he hasn't been able to assemble a quality roster.
  12. I think everyone can agree our development at the AHL level sucked and is a significant reason the team is in its current situation as a bottom feeder. Maybe, just maybe, part of what could help with a turnaround is proper development of our plethora of prospects and a few of them actually turn out to be quality NHLers. We've had a black hole at that level for years, and people seem genuinely pleased with our new AHL staff. That's what I'm putting my faith in at the moment. That doesn't make the current NHL team any better, but it gives a glimmer of hope for the future.
  13. Injury news

    Well crap, it would've been entertaining at least to see Weber start the season. Crazy that while it's different injuries, it comes at a similar age to when Markov had issues. Here's hoping he's able to come back like Markov did and be productive for, let's see...SEVEN (or is it eight) more years? Yikes. Markov made it 5 before the Habs kicked him to the curb.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. Transportation is mostly accommodated, a lot will depend on which school he attends. I was initially a “no”, while my wife has been for it. I think I’m starting to sway a little bit towards the yes. We have the room, we have the money to afford any extra food. I know we’d get paid, but as you said, it’s more a supplement amount and not something that would cover all expenses. It could definitely make for an interesting hockey season coming up!
  15. I guess this is a relevant topic on the hockey forum, has anyone been a billet family for a player before? We’ve been asked by a friend who coaches a AAA 15U team if we’d host one of their players for the season. It’s quite a responsibility, but it might be good to expose my son to the work/dedication of a top tier player, too. My son will be a competitive squirt goalie next year. Just curious is anyone has any any experience either first hand or known anyone they’d billeted.