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  1. Too bad we couldn't count on the Leafs to tire them out a little for the front side of the back to back.
  2. I agree, I thought he had a good game last night, and I liked the physical play he brought on a few shifts. It's easy to forget that the kid holds his own at the NHL level and he's still just 19.
  3. I generally don’t post in GDT out of superstition. But that hasn’t gotten us anywhere, so it’s time to drop that silliness. Go Habs!
  4. Three Selkes, three Cups. Many people look at Gaineys numbers and would say the same thing.
  5. Meh, I don't pay attention to upvotes/downvotes/likes. It's only a pissing contest once those start flying. But just hearing "Bergevin sucks" as a punctuation to a lot of posts is annoying. Stating your premise is fine, and then just stop before adding the obligatory Bergevin dig. For instance if your post above was simply: The Markov and Radulov situation was ridiculous. A top line winger, who absolutely brings it every shift. He was literally the only player to show up for the Habs, in the playoffs. without the added Bergevin comments, it wouldn't be as inflammatory.
  6. Apparently we read different forums, where nearly every topic devolves into a Bergevin hatefest. If there are any defenders, it's mainly because it's such a rehashed topic that it's really tiring to read. The only defense I generally see is that he didn't screw up by trading away picks/prospects lately.
  7. Man, I don’t post enough. I have earned my professional lurker status, though.
  8. So, Hudon and one of Reilly/Folin from a skater standpoint. It seems from most observations that Fleury should have earned a spot.
  9. I doubt the Blues would trade him, now.
  10. Anything less than 246 goals is a bust. Ha. Realistically, your projection seems to mesh with what the expectation has been of Poehling. He did have a great WJC showing though, so it's nice to see him be dominant against peers.
  11. I see there’s another Markov article up on TSN. Hopefully the Habs offseason doesn’t wind up with the team adding Pominville and Markov. I remember about half of Pominville’s points last year came during an October/November stretch when he was playing with Skinner and Eichel.
  12. Seems like all of this should be moved to the Fire Bergevin thread. Every time the Rumour thread is bumped, I expect something interesting. Instead, it's more Bergevin and a race of the downvotes/upvotes.
  13. I think you get my point. Fine, I’ll change it since 1967. It’s hard to win Cups if you don’t make the playoffs, which the Habs haven’t done in 3 of the past 4 seasons. I management person, I am not. I don’t know who a good candidate would be, but if the Habs go 3 straight years out of the playoffs, and 4 of 5 seasons, the GM isn’t getting the results. Anyway, that’s cart before the horse stuff. I’m content seeing how the remainder of this offseason, and how the season plays out. But this entire conversation goes back to stating Bergevin is an above average GM. I don’t agree with that statement and the lack of playoff hockey, let alone playoff success, should be enough to prove that.
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