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  1. Sylvain Lefebvre has been fired

    It's almost difficult to be excited by this news since it's something that should have been done quite some time ago. While it's certainly welcome news, the incompetence that allowed him to be part of the Canadiens development system well past his sell by date is quite depressing.
  2. Fire Bergevin

    If I hear attitude and character anymore, I'm going to lose my mind. You know what I'd like? Talent. Geez, who's left from the pre-Bergevin days? Gallagher, Patches, and Price...am I missing anyone? Good job gathering that attitude and character, Bergy. Here comes the annual offseason wash/rinse/repeat: What 3rd liner can he swap some picks, how many 6/7 dmen will he sign (can't have enough!) and what washed up player can he add for $1M? Sigh.
  3. 2018 draft thread

    If I remember, several mock drafts the following years (if we redid the 2012 draft type things) had several folks saying Galchenyuk would've been the #1 overall pick.
  4. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    I don't mind Shaw. He isn't the problem on the team. He's rarely pressed to play where he isn't supposed to, and makes a salary equivalent to his peers, for the most part. I'd say his recent concussion history is rather concerning, though. In an ideal world, all players would be developed internally, isn't that kinda the point/hope of the draft? Simple fact is it doesn't happen, thus teams make trades and sign UFAs. It's not just Montreal that does this, every team (shock) makes trades, signs UFAs, and some even let UFAs walk. Let's not pretend Montreal is some anomolous organization in how they handle things, regardless of how you feel about Bergevin. Anyway, woohoo draft picks!
  5. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    I'll be stunned if a couple of those 2nd rounders don't end up elsewhere.
  6. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    So 8, possibly 9 picks in the first 4 rounds. Wee. So, what will the Habs end up trading that surplus of picks for?
  7. GDT Stars @ Habs Tuesday March 13 7:30pm

    Quite honestly, using Pateryn's own words, and seeing the video from behind the net, you can kind of conclude he knew what was going on when he punched Shaw after he was on the ice.
  8. I have one thing to thank for those awful teams of 99-01, they brought a bunch of us posters together on ESPNboards and this site was born out of a collection of those folks. Well, the timing is coincidental, but they mesh in my mind. I will say that this is the first season in a long time that I've simply checked out on. The only reason I didn't check out on the truly dreadful year was because it passed the time while I was working night shift.
  9. Feb. 26, Flyers vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    After a long busy weekend, I can plop down on the couch and half pay attention to the game. Looking forward to seeing the post trade deadline lineup in action! Impressive how improved the Flyers got with their deadline acquistions, buyers for sure!
  10. NHL trade deadline thread

    I forgot to cross out Drouin as well. How the Habs have managed to get weaker at C is quite impressive. Haha. Damn you! Funny thing is that spot there's ALWAYS a woman and her son from the hockey association we play at standing there. This was the first time in probably 20 games or so that we didn't see them there, so my son was excited. He still got a Chucky hat last year and was excited that he still got knuckles from everyone, despite having to lay on his belly a few rows up. He'll be goalie during intermission at the Flames game on Wednesday.
  11. NHL trade deadline thread

    Drouin, Galchenyuk, Danault, DLR. Not bad. Ha.
  12. NHL trade deadline thread

    What contending team would want Niemi? Every other player on that list has term left, and Benn/Schlemko are scrap heaps on the Habs defense...again, what contender wants them? Patches and Shaw, I don't think anyone realistically thought they were moving at the deadline. People expect so much every deadline. Expectactions are just unrealistic.
  13. NHL trade deadline thread

    Reilly for the Caps 5th rounder in 2019. Back to no 5th rounders next year.
  14. NHL trade deadline thread

    I thought Plex was 50/50 and that Deslauriers would be traded. Plex was traded, and shockingly, a #20 jersey sticks around Montreal for longer than a couple of months. Plex and Jerabek out, a couple of draft picks in. Come on people, this trade deadline, like many other before it, was a no show for many teams. Nobody wants Schlemko with a couple more years term, or Benn with another year. The only other pure rentals left were Niemi and Hemsky. Maybe Morrow and L. Shaw won't be qualified, making them as "rentals" with technically no term left. I don't see them moving Carr and DLR for low picks. Edit: Morrow trade announced as I was typing this. Ha.
  15. NHL trade deadline thread

    I remember when we were just a #1c away from the cup...only 20 years going!