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  1. For years, we've heard GMs and hockey talking heads muse about building a team from the net out. Is that how the league really works now, though? We've got a great goalie, a solid top 4 (ok, we can debate if it's a top 3 or not). Where has that gotten the Habs? Even going back to Theodore, we've had a decent goalie between the pipes. Not goal scoring, that's for sure. I remember meeting with Pierre Lacroix during a preseason meet n greet many years ago, and he mentioned then that he was a proponent of building down the middle (easy to say when you've got Roy). Have the past few GMs for Montreal been so focused on net-out thinking, that they've simply missed the boat? Of course, there are three teams that scored fewer goals than Montreal that qualified for the post season. Two of those three teams are still playing (Ottawa, Anaheim). Go figure.
  2. So it sounds like our best hope for Sergachev (and Juulsen) is that he avoids the AHL. The prospect pool has been my biggest fear the past few years. I'll admit I don't follow prospects THAT closely, but read enough random things on this site and others about what is in the pipeline. What hurts is that since the 2007 draft, there has yet to be a draft that has yielded more than 1 full time NHLer. 2013 has the best shot of breaking that streak, with McCarron, Lehkonen, and Andrighetto. Not sure if DLR will be a full timer. '08 and '09 didn't yield any NHLers. So while I do think development is an issue, at some point you have to point at scouting for as many swings and misses as they have had, too.
  3. Didn't he have a pretty good run when Julien first came on board? 11pts in 12 games or something like that? As is typical, then he struggled and was moved down...not making it any easier to break out of a slump.
  4. Who cares if Price was outplayed? The team didn't score. That's the problem. It's crazy when the team scores 4 total goals in 4 losses, and people are piling on Price. I'm all for blame where it's deserved, but it ain't on #31. For the Habs to win any of their 4 losses, that would've had to win 0-0 (that'd be interesting) , 1-0, 2-1,1-0. Pice would've needed a 0.25 GAA and at minimum a .990 save percentage. Yeah, that's reasonable. Regardless, the Rangers didn't set the world on fire either. 12 goals, not including ENers. Their team would have been fried for lack of scoring had the Habs won the series. There wasn't a single game where I thought the Habs were out of their element and a worse team than the NYR. That's why I'm disappointed. Not because them team needs to be gutted and rebuilt. But because it very easily could have gone the other way. That's the playoffs, and the finality of the last loss stings. Looking forward to th next few seasons, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. The team is seriously devoid of top end talent in the system. That's where a look at MB with a critical eye.
  5. While I hear people say that price didn't steal a game, it's hard to do so when you score 1 goal in your losses. Winning 1-0 is an unrealistic expectation. That said, this was a close series. It really could have gone either way. I remember in '93 feeling bad for Buffalo when they get swept in 4 straight 4-3 games. Losing to a beatable team sucks. Seeing the speedy Habs not be so speedy anymore is a bit sad. I sure wish they could've put up a few goals.
  6. I'm disappointed. I expected to make the 3rd round, and hope for the best from there.
  7. I've tried to teach my son not to give up til it's done. This feels done.
  8. Down one, heading into the third? No problem. Go Habs Go!!!
  9. Funny moment. My son had a birthday party to go to tonight. I brought the iPad and after dropping him off, my wife, sister, and I grabbed dinner at a restaurant. We were watching the third, and when the Habs tied, we all yelled out in celebration. Everyone in the place turned and looked at could hear a pin drop! We paid our check, picked up my son, and the Habs scored in OT on the way home, with my son watching in the back seat. Wooooo!!
  10. Go Habs Go! My evening will be split duties, as my son has a birthday party, but I'll be watching on my phone when I'm not at home. I have a good feeling about tonight.
  11. They pretty much did that. They only gave up 1 goal. Scoring chances were pretty much dead even. Yes, I know the Habs have scoring woes, but when you only give up 1 goal, the outcome should be a win. I find it hard to believe the Rangers game plan would be to score 1, then sit on it. They had to be making some sort of effort to score.
  12. Best road team in the NHL winning the first game doesn't give me a "sky is falling" feeling. Heck, the Rags are a better road team than home! The team played well in the first, and I rarely wanted to throw stuff at the TV last night while I was watching. It's going to be a tight series, which I think everyone expected. The script may well be flipped tomorrow and it's the Habs protecting a 1-0 lead late. To say the Rangers had that much more firepower when they managed a whopping 1 goal. And you can't say it was because peak price was stealing the game, either. I may be irrationally optimistic, because I finally get some car parts installed yesterday on the Cougar that had been giving me fits, but today, I don't feel any worse about the Habs ability to win this series. Close, tight game that could have gone either way is how I saw it. Oh, and Nesterov? Get off my lawn.
  13. So, I was working on my Cougar last night and not paying significant attention to the game. Normally, I'd listen in or have it on in some capacity in the garage, but not last night, for no good reason. Literally EACH time I walked in to the house last night, the Hawks scored. I decided to sit down and watch the rest of the third period. The Habs made it interesting at least. I wasn't fond of Carey being pulled prior to possession being gained off the faceoff, but I don't make the big coaching bucks that Julien does. As far as Emelin goes, I don't really recall the second goal, but on the 1st and 3rd, I was wondering what the heck was going on, especially on the third. Weber must've been covering some of his gaffes, and has been more Weber-like, it seems, since being liberated from Emelin. Anyway, players have crappy games. That one was one whoparoo of a stinker for Emelin, though. I missed the NYR game, where Martinsen was supposedly good. Interesting that he hasn't been in may more games other than that one. Why is King so invisible? On the forward front, it's a little sad that Ott has been the most noticeable of the deadline acquisitions.
  14. The Habs didn't effectively suck as bad as the Hawks before the Hawks current stretch of strong seasons, giving a bit a credence to tanking. Strangely enough, excluding the Galchenyuk draft year, the Habs have been +/- a couple of picks around the Hawks in terms of 1st round draft position. It's crazy how much the bitter taste of last year has sullied the overall strength of the Habs the past few years as well. Exclude the Martin/Cunneyworth/Gauthier debacle season for the 2012 pick and the rotating cast of sub-par backup goalies 2016 draft years, and the Habs have only had a couple of picks in the low teens, and more in the 20s. Of course, that shows the Habs have more highs/lows and less consistency.