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  1. It appears it's difficult to separate the exuberance Radulov showed on the ice from his desire to play for the Canadiens. I really liked him as a player last year, and he was entertaining, to say the least. A player has the right as a free agent to choose where he wants to go. He chose Dallas. By all accounts, Bergevin made a reasonable offer to Radulov. It's important to remember that point. He wasn't lowballed, and the term wasn't unreasonable either. I don't care about the rumors as to how it supposedly played out. A reasonable offer from Montreal was not accepted. It's time to move on. Given the Habs lack of scoring, Bergevin now needs to replace that offense some how with the available cap space. If I'm forced to judge the roster now, meh, it's hopefully a work in progress.
  2. Wow seeing it right there, it's the Great Russian Exodus. Don't forget Emelin, too! Don Cherry for GM!
  3. Grigs just signed with Moscow, so he's out. C'mon Fail for Nail! Sigh.
  4. Man, I'm tired of the yearly reclaimation projects. I remember in a mock draft for 2001, I had the Habs trading up to take him at 13. I guess we finally got him! 16 years later...
  5. Would anyone consider that a hometown discount? Damn, I hope he stays healthy, and can play center.
  6. Good point.
  7. So I guess we can officially call the DSP/Matteau trade a wash?
  8. This sucks. I've cut Bergevin a lot of slack, but if he is unwilling to fix the development problem with this team, can him, too.
  9. Did he start following the Habs on Instagram yet?
  10. Gainey resigned, Gauthier, I think the PR disaster with Cunneyworth, and not the bizarre Cammalleri trade (or the poor showing of the team in 2011), was what get him canned. I think the undoing of Bergevin will be drafting and development. That will take longer. I think the only thing that speeds that up is missing the playoffs entirely.
  11. Another depth Dman. Can't have enough of em, right? Granted, we do have a need on the LD. For a 5th rounder, nothing to worry about here.
  12. Why does Hudon's hype remind my of Jozef Balej? Not saying Hudon is destined to be a footnote in the NHL, though. Is he just another overhyped Habs prospect, or legit? Only a real shake in the NHL will tell...
  13. I agree on potential. I personally view him as close to his 2015-2016 season. Roughly 60 pts/yr. However, isn't there a league wide freeze right now (except for LV) until the completion of the expansion draft? Wouldn't that prevent a Mtl/NYI trade from being announced? I don't believe there is one based on the rumor, just using it as an example for the trade freeze.
  14. I'd like to keep Galchenyuk. I think he's gone. The unfortunate thing about it is that I don't see Galchneyuk getting the return that fans think he should...including me. I don't think he's about to turn into Crosby or anything, but I think he has great talent and potential. Isn't the "new" NHL all about potential and retaining your young assets?
  15. I'd say the excuse is keeping the coaching and development team intact. The Bulldogs/Icecaps had missed the playoffs 4 straight seasons with Lefebvre at the helm prior to this season. One would think that in itself would lead to a dismissal. If you go back to (arbitrarily) 1969, the Habs AHL affiliate only missed the playoffs 5 total times between 1990 and 2011. Since 2011, they've made the playoffs once. I'll admit to not following the AHL team closely, but since Bergevin came onboard in 2012 (and hired Lefebvre a month later), the AHL team has pretty much stunk. I'd be willing to say, Julien misses the playoffs more than once, he'd be canned.