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  1. At least we can agree on Ontario dictating all political movement in Canada.
  2. You should give it a try....rednecks aren't all bad, just a little crazy. Actually I've always been very conservative (surprise surprise). I vote CPC or Reform all the time. However, I've become very apathetic to the whole thing. I feel it doesn't really matter one way or the other who is in. The Liberals get in and they have to make some conservative decisions, the conservatives get in and they have to pander to the Liberals. So it ends up that there is really no difference between who is governing. Though this is more likely a western mentality, it doesn't matter what we want out here, Ontario and Quebec dictate what happens in this country. Sorry I didn't mean to take this to a political discussion. Back to our regularily scheduled trade bashing.
  3. And don't even get a Westerner started in on this.
  4. Hey guys, I don't think I've posted on the mainboards here, I'm in the EHM league and an Oiler fan. On one of our fan boards there is a guy who 'supposedly' has connections with the Oilers. He has called a couple trades, but not enough for me to completly trust him. He is throwing out a rumor tonight with the Habs that I was wondering if anyone here has heard. To MTL: Sykora, Markkanen and Tjarnqvist To EDM: Niinima, Kostsitsyn and a 1st. Again, sorry if you have rules about souces or such consider it a proposal. What is the feeling here about this?
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    Veronica Mars

    I've heard of it, and that's about it.
  6. To tell you the truth I had fallen asleep during that supposed goal. I never did see the replay. But if it was that close then I guess the two cancel each other out.
  7. Conklin is gone after this year next year is a team option for him and I can guarantee the option own't be picked up. I expect Markkanen to be inluded in a deal for an upgrade in goal, leaving Morrison who I am quite immpressed with too. He's not going to be a starter, but a decent back up he is. He actually has the 2nd best shoot out stats this eyar behind only Brodeur. He'll be our shoot out goalie. BTW Sniper I know the letter of the law says otherwise, but that Hemsky goal where the net was kicked off should have counted. Oh well, I really didn't expect them to win that game 3 games in 4 nights against a team who hadn't played since Saturday with Hejduk back spelled disaster. I hope they do better agasint Minny on Friday, I'm going to that game.
  8. There have been no solid talks in Oiler land about a new #1. Conklin on waivers is simply becasue he is horrible. Markkanen and Morrison have easily outplayed him and Conks on waivers is simply something that we've known would happen and have been waiting to happen. I personally don't expect the goalie that will evenually come to the Oilers is it is going to cost a major piece of the puzzle. I see the Oilers going after a guy like CuJo and then dipping in the UFA market next year. Lowe isn't going to be trading any of the core players for a stop gap in goal, that means; Pronger, Bergeron, Smith, Spacek, Horcoff, Torres, Stoll, Peca, Moreau, Smyth, Hemsky and maybe even Staios will be staying.
  9. Wow, I thought I was the oldest here. I'm 27, married with 3 daughters.
  10. As an Oiler fan I have no problem with this deal. I had high hopes for him. He would show glimpses of what he could be but couldn't be counted on to bring it consistantly. In the new NHL Isbister is too expensive as a 3rd or 4th liner. Harvey will do the same job for half the price, and probably do a better job at it. HOWEVER, that being said I could see him pulling a Knuble if Boston keeps Thronton.
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    Lets go Riders!!! :-^
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