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  1. GM Candidates, As BHL Commish, I would like to invite you to www.bhlhockey.com! Take a look at the Flyers and Lightning...both in need of new GMs! Currently we have 20 of 22 active GMs (line submissions, lotsa trade rumors, and a very involving messageboard) who are waiting for new GMs to talk shop. The BHL is heading into the 2nd half of its season...so why not join now? - BHL Dream Team player draft: This year, draft an all time D man to your team! - Fully Enforced Salary Cap! - Create a Player option! - Season 4 will be using the STHS sim, with plenty of stats and the shoot-out! So why don't you swing on board and revamp a team of your own? Contact bhlgeneral@bhlhockey.com and join us![/u]
  2. Hello GMS! The Penguins GM position came and went thanks to the posting on this mesageboard. We are looking for 3 GMs for promising teams: Flames, Wings, and Flyers, home of Marty Brodeur! All teams have a solid core of players since this is a 22 team league! Dream Team draft to recruit an all-time D-man! Hard Salary Cap and Luxury Tax! Active Messageboard and new NHL Style action! Guaranteed excitement as we transition next season to a new sim! If you can submit a line, make a trade, and stay on it every week, visit www.bhlhockey.com. Email us at bhlgeneral@bhlhockey.com. Serious GMs only.
  3. BHL Fantasy League wants GMs!

    Potential GMs: Are you looking for a dynamic, interactive fantasy hockey league that rewards GMs for their performance as well as their teams? Visit the BHL today at www.bhlhockey.com Currently, we are entering our 2nd season. Interested GMs can jump right into the current season with one of the following teams: Wings Flames Predators Oilers Devils Please email us at bhlgeneral@bhlhockey.com to take part in the BHL, including the Dream Team draft, tthe BHL LIVE Entry Draft, and numerous prizes! BHL Commish [Edited on 2005/9/10 by BHLCommish] [Edited on 2005/11/11 by BHLCommish]
  4. BHL Looking for a few good GMs!

    The Breakaway Hockey League is the best sim to break out since turn table hockey. We're looking for interested, active GMs who can help guide one of the following contenders toward the Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks - featuring Goaltender Roberto Luongo! Interested GMs, please visit www.bhlhockey.com and check out the Team Page for the BHL team you're interested in! email us at bhlgeneral@bhlhockey.com. Text [Edited on 2005/7/26 by BHLCommish] [Edited on 2005/8/28 by BHLCommish]