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  1. Does anyone know where these kids are staying when not playing with the team? In the past, new players would stay at a hotel until they knew if they would stick with the team. Yet, Brendan Gallagher got to stay Josh Gorges Alex Galchenyuk stayed with his mother and sister. A similar situation may have been the place for other new young players but I don't know. As to Sergachev and Lehkonen, I hope they are being put into family like situations. There's too much fun waiting for them after the games and practices which has, in the past, not been beneficial to young player
  2. Not bad for a primarily AHL/CHL/PTO team. Other than that, gotta see about trading for Hoffmann.
  3. Hahahaha! What an idiotic comment. I'm glad you don't have a gun... that comment is like shooting first and then finding out what's going on...
  4. I didn't see the game. I don't know if it was on TV or not but were McDonagh or Kristo 'contributors' to the elimination of the US squad? During the Canada/US game, I thought that Kristo did pretty well for a 4th liner and McDonagh held the fort on his side of the ice pretty well. He did have the unfortunate broken stick thing that led to Tavares' second goal but, the goals that took place in scrums in front of the net took place on the other side of the net. McDonagh held his place keeping 'an eye' on the Canadian player on his side of the net. Now, back to the original question... were M
  5. Gorges has been upgraded, by sportsnet.ca, as a 4th defenseman. For a long time, he was considered 6th or 7th. It looks like his work ethic, qualities and aptitude have made him recognized by these non-partisan evaluators as a higher quality defenseman. What a huge steal by Gainey! Gorges & Pacioretti for Craig Rivet. I'm also glad for Gorges... he was so heavily maligned when he was claimed by the Canadiens - just a throw-in to be thrown out. Here's the link: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/players/Josh_Gorges/ GO :hlogo: GO!
  6. I know that this has been said before but it may be argued, in years to come, which was really a better pick... Crosby or Price. Right now, it's still Crosby but, down the road, that may change. We'll see. GO :hlogo: GO!
  7. In an article by Chris Nicols in Sportsnet.ca, Carey Price is considered the 8th best goalie in the league. Ahead of him, in order, are Brodeur, Nabokov, Lundquist, Luongo, Giguère, Turco & Fleury. Just below him, in 9th & 10th, are Kiprusoff & Osgood. Keep in mind that this list is a 'fantasy' list and takes into account the players in front of the goalies. The description of Price's rating is: "Carey Price, Montreal: Playoff follies should fuel this leaner, rising star's first full season. BACK UP THREAT LEVEL: Halak is impressive; Denis is a question mark. This is Carey's
  8. In an video interview on rds.ca, Guy Carbonneau says he's got his lines (trios) already made up and his line-up is about 95% complete. The point of this topic is not a rehash of the lines (I'm guessing basically same line-ups as last year, I imagine except for slotting in Tanguay, Laraque and that 5% person(s)) but who is perceived as having a shot of making the team. The big thing about this comment is that not likely many (if any) new kids'll make the team - at least on opening night. I'm guessing that Bouillon, Dandenault, Brisebois and any others (Kostopoulos?) that many have been sa
  9. I bought a copy of the NHL 2009 YEARBOOK magazine yesterday and, as usual, they have their general interest articles and their previews for each team. For our interest, there is a big article on the Canadiens and their 100th anniversary. As part of the article, on page 43, there is a small box that talks about the number of cups that the Canadiens (24), Maple Leafs (13), Red Wings (11), Bruins (5) & Oilers (5) have won. Of interest is the comments below these stats. One of the comments says, for the Canadiens: "Canadiens won one cup before NHL was formed". Added to that is this com
  10. I don't know if I can do this but here goes... If I can then this thread will stay, if not, then I'll find out soon enough... Please read the box below and, if you're interested, you can go to the link to sign up... Here's the text of the message from NHL Fan Faceoff Panel (support@nhlfanfaceoff.com) to which I've belonged for over a year now... Dear Montreal Canadiens Fan: A week ago we sent you an email asking for your help in recruiting new panelists to the NHL Fan Face Off Panel. We still need your help in recruiting fellow Montreal Canadien fans. Currently, the Canadiens have on
  11. Umberger had the series of his life vs Montreal... look at what he did vs Washington - nothing, look at what he did vs Pittsburg - nothing Philadelphia robbed Columbus... gosh, I despise Bobby Clarke... GO :hlogo: G0![colour=#FF0000][/colour]
  12. I put this topic in another hockey yack site and I thought maybe it might be of interest to you too... ****************************************************** I read TSN's TOP 60 PROSPECTS list (http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?fid=11437&a...=topRelated_nhl) and I noticed that Kyle Beach is rated 10th. Interestingly, Terry Ryan, by the way, was rated 11th in his draft year. The two players are quite similar. Aggressive power forwards, big, strong, score goals, drop the gloves, etc. The differences would seem to be that Beach has a bit of an 'edge' in the skating department (maybe no
  13. You know... Umberger isn't as good as he seems to be during this series against us. He just scored his 8th goal but 7 of these have been during this series... in the seven games against Washington, he only had one. This is an accurate reflection of his regular series where he only scored 13 in 74 games. I hope he enjoys what he's been experiencing because it's very much out of the ordinary. By the way, on tsn.ca, there's an article on Umberger where the headline is that he's looking forward to the series against the Penguins... he may very well get there but he ain't there yet. If the Fl
  14. You bet I 'seized the opportunity'. It wasn't to lecture but to remind us that we need to be balanced and to consider refraining from bad mouthing, disparaging or knocking down someone as quickly as is sometimes done. Putting down someone isn't a constructive negativity. For example, for one of your friends or parents to call you intelligent in a 'too positive' sense and for another friend or the other parent to call you an idiot in a 'too negative' sense doesn't add up to a balance. You will still feel attacked and likely be hurt by that harsh comment. Maybe I'm wrong in that 'you' wo
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