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  1. RDS pointed that run up too about plecky. But he was back on the ice for the third. I hope he doesnt get traded.
  2. Locke from Hamilton. My guess. Culimore, Witt, Schneider, Hill, Weinrich.
  3. For me the stars of the game were Danis, Begin and Buillion.
  4. I know this is only one game for the youngster Danis. But he really impressed me with his goaltending ability tonight. His first NHL game was a Shutout. He beat a pretty good Atlanta thrashers team as well. With all this in mind. where does this leave Huet???
  5. I actually think we need to make room for Plecks. Rather than Lats. What I have seen of Plecks so far I really like. He will be an impact player with regards to his defensive abilities. We need a player like that badly on this team. With Sunny and Plecks on board the PK team is set up nicely. I know many on here are not Sunny fans. But he does bring in good PK ability and will show Plecks what to do. The little things help win games especially on the PK. [Edited on 2005/10/2 by Habsrocket]
  6. I thought this new CBA got rid of the waiver draft. At least thats what I thought I read. Can someone clear this up?? If so then the only way to obtain someone would be through the trade route.
  7. TBL singed Vinny Lecavalier to a long term deal. Terms were disclosed. ( MY french is horrible. ) link. http://www.rds.ca/hockey/chroniques/185903.html [Edited on 2005/8/16 by Habsrocket]
  8. one year contracts are fine for now. If the guys dont produce then the Habs will be able to shed the garbage if there is any. Then the Habs can go after a good free agent next year with the remaining extra cash available. It just makes sense to do this right now. Let the players prove themselves to Gainey and Julien. Then remould the team next year. JMO.
  9. Would Halak be the back up to start the season then???
  10. Sure Theo won the vezina trophy but that was already a few years ago. It is also when he had oversized equipment to wear on his person. Now with the smaller pads and glove we do not know how Theo will fair in this new NHL system. I would only give him around 4.5-5 tops and let him reprove himself to the new NHL style of play. Its a whole new ball game.
  11. With the Signings of Dandenault and Kovy in the past few days and the negotiations starting with Theo, Ryder, Koivu etc. What is the Habs Cap Dollar going to be? Would their be any transactions in order to bring down the team cap? Just wondering thanks
  12. So has TSN. http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?id=132307
  13. you gotta love those rumors. LOL Gainey Make a move inquiering minds want to know what your up to?????
  14. There are plenty of D men still around as a UFA. The list includes the likes of Roman Hamrlik Mathieu Dandenault Scott LaChance Vladimir Malakhov Scott Niedermayer Numinen James Patrick Stephan Quintal Marcus Ragnarsson Schneider Not a bad list to go and buy some players for the Habs. Could the Habs re-sign Stephan Quintal? That could be a possibility. Dandenault and Patrick. Wesley is another but probably not.. JMO. [Edited on 2005/8/2 by Habsrocket] [Edited on 2005/8/2 by Habsrocket] [Edited on 2005/8/3 by Habsrocket]
  15. anyone think the Habs are going after Berard now?
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