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  1. The #1 need for this team is scoring. They need to find it this summer. Galchenyuk and Radulov contract up this summer, Price contract done after this year, Pacioretty comes up in a couple years which boils down to this team window to win being this year and next due to increasing salaries. This team was good this year, but not good enough to win it all, with the biggest problem being goals for. So what's the point of continuing down this path if you can't find a way to bring in scoring help? Scoring doesn't exist on the farm, and it's not available at free agency. It's gonna have to be traded for.
  2. I think in an ideal situation for the Habs would be to have LV select Plekanec and free up $6 million. That'd give Montreal in the neighborhood of $27M in cap room with Galchenyuk $6M?, Beaulieu $2.5M?, Radulov possibly $6M? needing new deals. That leaves ~$12- $13M. Depending on how Nesterov $1M plays, give him a new deal. Now there's ~$12 M Now the Markov spot needs to be filled and either a top 6 Centre or Left wing is required. Little unfair to ask Sergachev to fill that hole. With Juulsen, Hudon, Scherbak, and with two 1st rounders and Five 2nd rounders over the next 2 drafts go find a solution.
  3. GDT

    Dissapointing. Be interesting to hear Bergevin explanation
  4. GDT

    Vrbata disappears come playoff time. Vanek now a Panther. 3rd seems very reasonable What's Bergevin working on?
  5. Ott and Shaw are guys you need for the playoffs. They'll make it easier for softer guys like Galchenyuk, Plekanec and Pacioretty. McCarron will learn alot from them. My guess is Bergevin adds another 2nd borderline 3rd liner to round out forwards. Someone like Vanek, although Bergevin could have grabbed him with Ott
  6. Canadiens have traded for Jordin Benn for Pateryn and 4th round pick
  7. Maybe they'll be original and bring a coach back for a 3rd tour and re-hire Therrien
  8. It's a start. Guess that means no trade this week?
  9. This organization better not ing trade Sergachev under any circumstances. If they do so Bergevin and Therrien can save their jobs, I'll give up on this organization. It'll be the 3rd strike...Roy/Leclair/Sergachev. I consider the Subban/Weber a foul tip
  10. Keep Galchenyuk. Use Juulsen, one 1st Rounder either this year or next, one or 2 of the extra 2nds over the next few years, and maybe McCarron or Scherbak and go after a talented forward. Van Riemsdyke, Duchene, Landeskog or one of the Tampa forwards. Galchenyuk needs to play with top 6 players or his talent is wasted. Montreal requires another top 6 individual to win a cup
  11. Anybody who has played sports at a competitive level, especially hockey with the contact, knows eventually something pisses you off and you say or do something stupid. I have done and have been on the receiving end of slashes, buttends, spears, punches, verbal insults of all sorts. It happens in the heat of the moment and very rarely is it ever truly meant by the person saying it, after you've cooled off. Some guys chirp more than others. Shaw seems to be one of those guys. From his interviews he doesn't come off as an unintelligent asshole. He genuinely seems sorry for his stupid remark. We expect these guys to be wound up and going full tilt, then they make a mistake and everyone wants to hang then. It's not fair, humans make mistakes. Shaw is a required piece of a Stanley Cup Contender and I'd take him over some of the other no shows like Plekanec, Desharnais etc.
  12. Hannah will end up going for a 2nd Rounder (the new currency for rentals) or a lower prospect. Arizona is asking big early cause.....hey why not?
  13. Out indefinitley. Evaluated by team doctors Wednesday in Montreal.
  14. Pacioretty and pieces to Islanders for John Tavares. Pacioretty a 30 goal scorer with team friendly contract $4.5 Million that runs through 2018/19 season John Tavares Franchise Centre on Team friendly $5.5 million contract. Has partial NTC. UFA after 2017/18 season What does Montreal have to throw in to get the deal done? Assuming Islanders and Tavares would consider it.
  15. 46-26-6-4 102 Pts 2nd place behind Tampa Bay 7th Overall in NHL 253 goals