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  1. If Jonathan Drouin LW the 3rd overall pick of 2013 draft out of QMJHL turns into Jon Draper LW 3rd overall pick of 2013 draft out of WHL, does the Sergachev for Draper/Drouin trade still happen?
  2. Reway on release waivers

    When it rains it pours in Hab land
  3. Bergevin......

    I hope Molson fires Bergevin before he attempts a job saving trade like Mete, Galchenyuk and a 2nd Rounder for Vermette, Beauchemin and a 6th, stating, "we need more character and veteran presence in the dressing room."
  4. Glad this game is blocked out in my region
  5. Oct. 7, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

    I'm going to work. There's no TV there
  6. Yea I will guarantee you Weber does not score 20
  7. Leafs vs Habs Sept 27 2017

    On the plus side it should light a fire under Bergevins ass to trade for help. On the negative side....see previous statement
  8. Leafs vs Habs Sept 27 2017

    It's ####ing embarrassing
  9. How long will Drouin last at centre?

    Galchenyuk wasn't a 200 ft player. Drouin is even less of a 200ft than Galchenyuk. Theoretically it shouldn't last long.
  10. 2017-18 Line-up

    Pacioretty Danault Lehkonen Galchenyuk Drouin Gallagher Byron Plekanec Shaw Matinsen Mitchell McCarron Schlemko Weber Alzner Petry Benn Davidson Streit
  11. That 2nd Toronto goalie was a sieve. McNieven was excellent. Especially early. I was one of the shooters at 1st intermission one ice contest. My friend was selected but chickened out. I had to wear his friends Leaf sweater to do it.
  12. Good luck winning the Gagarin cup in the KHL and having a few more Rubles in your pocket Andrei.
  13. So what good does that do when there are no UFA to spend it on? Your defence is arguably worse than it was last year when you lost in the 1st round of the playoffs Your team has two #3 and two #4 centres. And the prospect capital to purchase above required upgrades is zilch!!!
  14. You can take $4M of Plekanec salary and add it to Prices salary increase starting next year.
  15. Has there ever been a true tear down and rebuild? Not in last 30 years anyways. There's no reason to believe it'll happen in the future.