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  1. I would forget about Bouwmeester ... to many teams will be on him and jack up the price. I would go all in and target Vinny ! Screw this year, we're not going anywhere.
  2. I here you man ... ! Go Bob Go ! So how many people actually thinks Bon will pull a major trade ? How many think that it could be Vinny for real ? :hlogo:
  3. Wow he has the same birthday has me ! Cool
  4. Tu as raison, mais le projet est trop gros pour être construit dans la ville ... mais si ça fonctionne ! Trop nice !
  5. Link C'est vraiment bien de voir qu'il y a du développement à Qc !
  6. Bonjour, je cherche à renommer ma ligue de hockey simulée sur EHM. Comme vous pouvez le voir dans ma signature, le nom actuel est la QcFL - Québec Fantasy League. Je me cherche des idées de noms originales & francophones.
  7. My lineup : Kovalev - Koivu - Ryder Higgins - Plekanec - Kostitsyn (best line at the end of the season) Latendresse - Lapierre - Smolinski Bégin - Chipchura - Kostopoulos HS : Lahti Markov - Komisarek Sreit - Hamrlik Bouillon - Dandenault HS : Gorges / O'Byrne
  8. Handzus has signed with LA ... And with the Kostopoulos signing, no way Dandenault will play F.
  9. I don't think Kosto will be on the press box ... he's the kinda player you want on your 4th line. He'll be like Bégin ... exactly like him (which is good).
  10. Boring signing from a boring GM ... we have to face it, we have to like Bob like an old 70 years old man loves the women he has been with for 45 years. No more excitement ... Bob isn't a bad GM, he just isn't a flashy one ...
  11. http://www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20070703...1006/CPSPORTS01 But as said in a press conference that he is happy of what he got yesterday and he doesn't intend to sign more players. He also said that trading is still a possibility. Damn ... that's it !? For me it was a hard week end ...
  12. Well disappointing day to be a Habs fan for sure ... Bob got out of his normal way to offer ludicrous offers to the top free agents, and nobody wants to come here. Brière is a coward ... going to Philly can't be a "hockey" decision ... c'mon ! Pitkanen for Lupul ... ? Peeeeelease ! Right now next season is looking hard ... real hard. I'm still hoping for Shanahan right now, and maybe Stuart ... Next in line could be Handzus or Bertuzzi also ...
  13. Smyth trade probably got down too late for Bob to react ... But Smyth to the Isles is bad news for MTL ... But what a price to pay for a guy who will probably resign in EDM this summer !
  14. Eklund just changed his title to "Kovalev on Waivers ?" He's saying he's looking in to it and will have answer soon.
  15. Ok .... well we'll see I guess. But if it's true ... WTF is hapenning !??
  16. Well saying Bob is in "talks" with a team is like saying there is fish in the ocean, ie not saying much !
  17. Well Bob did say he would talk to the press when he has something to announce. They said yesterday on 110 % that he would talk to the press in Nashville. So he could have something to announce. We'll see ... but no backup for sure. Aebi will simply not be resigned this summer, I don't think there is a market for him right now. San Jose is still the most logical trade partner right now for Bob. Minnesota seems legit also. But when all that is said and done, there's still a chance that Bob will stand path.
  18. Honnêtement, je suis content pour Halak qui a goalé un bon match. Mais pour le CH dans son ensemble c'est une mauvais victoire. Ils ont joué juste une période, mais ce matin on se réveille au 8e rang. Encore plus difficile pour Bob de faire le ménage. Par contre, grosse semaine de hockey avec WSH, NAS, NYI, TOR et NYR. Bob doit préparer ses trades et attendre de voir ce que l'on fera contre NYI, TOR et NYR qui sont dans la course avec nous.
  19. À votre avis, est-ce que Bob est vendeur ou acheteur en ce moment ? Moi je crois que tout dépend de ce soir. Si Halak peut gagner le match à lui seul (ie un jeu blanc avec un but sur un dégagement !) p-e que Bob ira pour du renfort. Par contre si le CH en perd une 7e de suite, Souray finira l'année avec Joe Thornton et Patrick Marleau ! Je crois que Bob doit y réfléchir longuement. Et que même si le CH fait les séries, on est loin de la coupe. Souray peut rapporter gros en ce moment, et a mon avis ne vaudra jamais l'argent qu'il aura cet été. Donc je dis que Bob doit vendre, mais intelligemment.
  20. Well we'll see ... I kinda agree that Aebisher isn't usefull right now and could help another team better than us. There is a article in 'La Presse' this morning stating that Carey Price should be called up if his junior season ends without playoffs. I think Bob needs to make a move and it might involved Aebisher.
  21. Bob's big idea was to prove to Samsonov that he didn't have the right to ask for a trade and that he should've counted himself luckey to be paid 3.5 M$ this season. Bob : "You see sammy, nobody wants you ... so shut the **** up and start playing !"
  22. Well Samsonov has cleared waivers : http://tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?fid=10460&hubname= Oops ... just saw the other posts ...
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