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  1. Who gets traded? Weber? Rival GM's at the deadline that represent weak teams will look at Weber. Low cap, young & he has skills. Since we are highly unlikely to trade away Subban or any other D I can just see him being part of a bigger package.
  2. I guess my fellow friends in here are frustrated. Hmmm? Yeah, I haven't been posting a lot. The first 10 games I'm surprised I didn't set fire to my TV! Oh well. In short, this team needs to "hang on". That's the simplest way to put it. We'll be holding our breath for at least another month. You get what you get. If we can survive - we can turn the corner. Jacques Martin isn't going away and no more Kaberle's are likely to beam into Habsworld. I think us fans need to chill. However, to those that can't, I can relate. Talking me in to acceptance in October would have been a waste of key strokes.
  3. It's on tonight at 9:30 ET on RDS. So it's likely on RDS at 7:30 Calgary time.And, I'm just saying overall he looked solid. On 2 plays left alone on partial breakaways he was worrisome but I expected far more disaster than what came of it. He recovered pretty well. I just hope he fits with the Habs like he did with the Leafs. We'll see
  4. His overall performance in this game was huge. Many of his shots got through. If he keeps playing like he did today, you'll love it. We can only hope. Fingers crossed. If you can watch Canadiens Express - I recommend it!
  5. It`s too bad for Brodeur. He`s lost his game. Maybe he can get it back but I doubt it. His numbers and performance weren`t up to his own standards last year either. In the one game he got get pumped up and did well to rise to the old occasion he unfortunately runs into the push back factor- Carey Price. NEUTRALIZED! Marty doesn`t even own the Leafs anymore. Who does he own now?
  6. Good ol`catch 22 with less than 2 mins to go. It`s either a blessing or a curse.
  7. No shutout today. Batten down the hatches Habs and work hard! We need to continue good forechecking but I preach to the choir, my bad. Go Habs Go
  8. This is so funny. 3 years ago if we had asked Leaf fans to fantasy trade Komisarek for Kaberle straight up they would have laughed.
  9. I posted on HF last night: He he, I might not have been off by much at all in my post. It`ll be sweet since every Leaf, Bruin & every other sort of troll & idiot could not or would not admit any upside If Kaberle holds up this will be funny. I guarantee Leaf fans will be far more public on how this is bad for the Habs. Privately they`ll be seething hahaha
  10. If Kaberle continues this performance on the powerplay I'll be happy. The shots are getting through
  11. On the bright side, looks like we are settling into the game.
  12. That's a little better. We need to be on the right side of the puck on the fore-check. Defensively, Price keeping us above water...again
  13. Here we go. It'll be refreshing if our newest player is a positive, not a negative. Of course 1 game means nothing but I'd still like to see the positive start & of course, a W
  14. Might as well let them all get loaded at the end of the game Jacques. You too Jacques, have 15 drinks for me. Desperate men can sometimes have the most idiotic revelation when staggering around drunk. Maybe you'll have yours.
  15. I get it. Price has to get a shutout to support our 1 goal per game output. That's how we'll make the playoffs - on Carey's shutouts
  16. Anyone know some serious good fan superstition jinxes we can put on Pittsburgh? You know things are bad when you're turning to superstition. Sigh
  17. It'll be nice when we can defend Jacques again. It'll happen right around the 10 game winning streak! Right? No?
  18. I'm contemplating my Halloween purchases but I don't want to add paper bags to the list.
  19. The players are better than the coach. I place a lot of blame on Martin. I watched the exhibition games and I've watched all the regular season games. A trend I have seen repeated is our inability to successfully chase on a dump and chase. Or our forwards are being isolated to the outside when trying to cross the blueline. No puck possession or recovery when attacking is a recipe for disaster. So, the strategy must change. Another idea would be to work on the many issues they have and have failed to identify in practice. Is Martin currently adjusting his strategy? Is Martin working on these blatantly obvious problems in his practices? Just a thought.
  20. Maybe they'll wake up now. My favourite strategy. Go down 2 goals and realize there's a game being played.
  21. Why is Subban with Emelin? Martin said they'd win more games than lose if they played the way they did against Buffalo. Now he's changing D pairings. Why? Habs seem goofy tonight. I don't see much hunger. I noticed many plays where we backed off and protected the puck when there was no Pittsburgh pressure on the puck. If there's magic in the Montreal Canadiens it'd better show up soon. In spite of injuries the youth call ups should be good enough to rise to the occasion if there's enough veteran support. Well, there is enough! And if this roster cannot snap out of this then something else is very wrong. Hopefully this rant is all tripe and I eat crow at the end of the night. But make no mistake. Ol' AC is growing impatient.
  22. I don't really care about the Leafs or their crowd. I do care about us getting 12 season points and for them: Nothing! Well, if they want 6 OTL's that's OK I suppose hahahaha. LET'S ROCK - GO HABS GO!
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