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  1. It's not all I wanted but I was desperately hoping to get it nonetheless given the disaster we had tonight
  2. I'm just about ready to... ...until then I hope we win to stick it to these rats
  3. I guess we should give Boyd another look. Hopefully he is reborn again and hopefully North Korea goes democratic
  4. Is Hamilton about to be gutted? Is Ryan White healthy?
  5. Or his wrist. Oh great, now Gionta is shaken up...Nevermind, he's laughing with Muller.
  6. I should have posted this funny when MacLean was fired and it'd be more funny but better late than never I guess.
  7. I am visiting family up in Ft. McMoney (could call it Ft. McFreezing) so games here are rare to view but TSN has it. Woo hoo Go Habs Go. A must if we are going to keep pace withe the dreaded Beans and Wieners GO HABS GO!!!
  8. Thank goodness (AKA: PK SUBBAN) Woulda freaked if we blew that one. Hopefully lessons have been learned - they finished flat againast Rag$ on Saturday too - ENOUGH!
  9. Fellow Habsworld posters and to the players themselves: Do you smell that? That smell that reflects Boston taking over the Northeast? LET'S GO NOW!
  10. It's about time! I wish I could get that type of job security. Sutter has in the last 2 years the same track record as a Canadian Maritime Meteorologist as for as being correct in regards to his job.
  11. New Jersey's magic number of death = 11 regulation losses. If they drop 11 more in regulation, the best output they can achieve is 92 points. YIKES! I made this pic for the whole humour of the MacLean firing: Sinking Ship / IMAGESHACK It's too big to post on thread so I just put in the link. The pic is safe for work.
  12. OK Habs, "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" is a television show - NOT a strategy! "This Hour MUST HAVE 60 Minutes" or if need be "This Hour MUST HAVE 65 Minutes"! My thanks goes out to Buffalo for keeping the B's at bay yesterday but the B's still have those 2 games in hand. So NOT BEING lackadaisical out of the gate is a MUST! We lost to Detroit, Toronto and Philly for several different reasons but what was common (IMO) was some periodic brain cramp moments whether they were individual players or team faults! You could see it all evolve last night as the game went on. I kept yelling at the TV, "You're not going to beat the Flyers like this guys"! So, let's go now! GO HABS GO!
  13. Time for the Habs to get back on the horse. The last 2 losses have led to our Northeast advantage over Boston evaporating. This is a MUST WIN if we want to remain in charge of our division and avoid falling to 6th or something. Hopefully we bring a deadly "A" game tonight. GO HABS GO!
  14. Rest In Peace Pat Burns. I will remember!
  15. Maybe the good ol' AC making a thread appearance for the 1st time in forever will help the cause. GO HABS GO
  16. MAB could be good at rushing. He has speed. He just has no clue when to dish it off. Usually the giveaways are at the blueline or centre ice. He just seems to still believe he can deke 1 on 1 with anyone in the league....and he can't. If he could grow a brain on that he'd probably do OK
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