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  1. I was just about to post: "We'll still have to survive the "Van Hellemond" Back in the ol' days he could be counted on for calling a penalty out of game context. He'd let them play and with 5, 4, 3 minutes left he'd call something dumb
  2. I wish Bob Cole would add "...sucks for the Leafs" to finish a sentence when he announces the score when we are winning. Or if we are down he should add "...Leafs happy right now" Sigh
  3. Just saw the replay and Leighton did stop Giant-"A" but there was about a foot from his pad to the post left uncovered.
  4. Even off the last breakaway Leighton didn't have it covered
  5. This would suck if it turned out to be. You'd have to banish yourself from the games. If a genie made me the deal I'd do it. Hopefully genie would let me watch Canadien Express or a taped game after so I could have the viewing memory
  6. More 2 on 1 forechecking needed on dumps. It's never easy OR 1 forechecker must recover the puck GO HABS GO
  7. I give up. I have nothing. Hockey Gods not listening. Not wearing a jersey on game days no longer working. I had worn it during the Washington series but it backfired. Way to go shutout Leighton. I'm stumped. Superstition has died in me... ....Habs not playing Bones: "We're all stumped Jim"
  8. Two perspectives on this using Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan and Full Metal Jacket (FMJ is somewhat reworded) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (KIRK)- Scotty - what's left? (SCOTTY'S VOICE) - Just the batteries, sir. I can have auxiliary power in a few minutes (KIRK) - We don't have a few minutes. Can you give me phaser power? (SCOTTY'S VOICE) - A few shots, sir. (SPOCK) - Not enough against their shields. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philly has hit every major hockey target, against Montreal, and hit 'em hard. In Philadelphia, the United States Embassy has been overrun by crazy hockey nut suicide squads. Montreal is standing by to be overrun. We also have reports that a division of the Flyers have occupied all of the city from the Saint Lawrence to the possibly and likely the final. In strategic terms, Philly's cut the series in half... the hockey press are about to wet their pants and we've heard our enemies are going to say the war is now unwinnable. In other words, it's a huge shit sandwich, and we're all gonna have to take a bite. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Habs are mesmerised in many ways. SUCKS!
  9. Eddie Shore, Dit Clapper, Toe Blake, Syl Apps, Fred (Cyclone) Taylor, Newsy Lalonde, Ted Teeder Kennedy, The Great Roger Neilson and Bob Badger Johnson - I beseech you all in your greatness to inspire our Habs and judge this hockey on who merits it :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
  10. I won't comment on the series. Philly's physicality, Pronger, Carcillo, Asham etc. I'm worried - yes. I won't underestimate the Flyers. We've got nothin' yet! GO HABS GO! BTW: There's a new Annakin Slayd - Feels Like '93 (2010 Version)
  11. Anyone remember my New Jersey comparison? I recall Wamsley01 challenging my comparison. Well, being an "I told ya so" type of individual I will ask what do you think of it now? Yours truly, The Big meanie.
  12. IMO, Washington was personal for me because the TSN talking heads wrote us off. They predicted it did again against the Pittsburgh Penguins because it seemed obvious that their talent and better grit and cohesiveness would beat us. I admit my faith was low. Hence my plead and thank you's to the beautiful skilled mighty clever emaculate Hockey Gods. The Maurice Rocket Richard is smiling as he sits as the chiefest seat on the council! :hlogo:
  13. Bad penalty by Gill. Yikes. Time is short but this sucks
  14. Johnson being in sucks. We'd better get it going.
  15. I hear ya but in all fairness to the refs - Pleks is too anxious
  16. I believe in all the Hockey Gods. Their soul is enshrined in the cup and old homes like the Chicago Stadium, The Boston Garden, Maple Leaf Gardens, Joe Louis Arena and The Montreal Forum live forever as their shrine! Go Habs Go
  17. We made it with a 2 goal lead to go into the 3rd. We'd have taken it if asked before the game. Circumstances we wouldn't have.... ....That is unless they play better series must be had hockey in the 3rd. Muller and Jacques shousld straighten them out. It's 20 minutes - fight back!
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