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  1. TORTURE! Get out of the period please Habs. I plead to the Hockey Gods. I honour all of you. Even Mickey Ion. One of many referee Hockey Gods who over sees the game and the refs. I beseech thee great Mickey Ion that you help us
  2. Agreed on that one. Yeah, it's wicked to have the support for opposing goals. At least two games in this series when we have scored 1st the Pens got the equalizer. I don't recall a 2-0 lead yet? Up by 2 yes but not 2-0 in the 1st KEEP GOING HABS!
  3. At the moment. It's great but there's 42:40 left - I'm still exploding
  4. C'mon guys. It's crunch time in the 3rd. No way Pens want to go to the room like this...and just as I was typing we get 1 MOORE Goal
  5. Red Horner & Boom Boom Geoffrion - Great Hockey Gods. We as fans remember you and honour you. Adorned by your greatness - forever. Does anyone here wish to honour these great Gods? They're enshrined in greatness and lore.
  6. All hail Hockey Gods Lester Patrick and Syl Apps - Greats they are in the Hall of the Hockey Gods
  7. Don't get me started. Some teams have a stigma. For Boston, for so long after Moog they couldn't solve their goaltending for the life of them. Philly is stuck in this mode more recently as well. Some teams like the Rangers and the Leafs attempt to use money to change things. There are aptterns and the Canucks make me wonder. Vancouver is a team that I have always associated as a bad inter-marriage. Call it locker room or bad chance - it's always something, anything other than real success. They hate it. Calgary and Edmonton fans subtlely remind them of it. A new direction whether it be coaching or personnel is a good idea. I would recommend not to disturb the nucleus and the team too much. I do moreso wonder about Vigneault
  8. I guess for at least 22 hours the Habs assume the role of Canada's team. What a bummer for the Canucks.
  9. Vancouver has a pulse. O'Brien. 3-1 Hawks 15:50 left
  10. 3-0 Hawks. Alain Vigneault is making mistakes. We're looking at a potential consecutive 2nd round loss to the Hawks. Considering the roster and expectations I wonder if they'll move in a new direction. Last I heard, Guy Boucher is available.
  11. Pinch me people. Ah nevermind, no need for it. There's that nervous heart rhythm reminding me that the Habs are still alive. Yeah! :hlogo: Thank Hockey Gods I'm a heavy sleeper GO HABS GO!
  12. Canucks were standing tall but it's a game of mistakes. Salo made one sort of. He should have stood up to the shooter. The center Wellwood was lousy on the back check but even bigger was; where was Salo's partner? That was the 1st goal. The Versteeg goal is just a bummer. C'mon Vancouver - Lu needs goal support!!! Tick tock tick tock
  13. Graham James is a piece of shite and doesn't deserve his own thread nevermind mention. A woodchipper is more suited for him. In that, I apologize even typing his crap slop name. But, I can take solice in the fact that this is bad news for dickface. The media is crowing! Tomorrow night on the National Neil MacDonald catches up with the bastard. Too bad his hiding scheme has failed. It's so wonderful knowing he's worried right now. Go get him Neil
  14. I must have been heard. Praise be to Hobey Baker and all the mighty Gods
  15. He's got to get to Hockey God Church on time I'm not complaining. And my humble apologies to my theme. I've tried everything and all I have left is to plead to the Gods. Glory be to Jacques Plante. Inventor of the 3rd D as a goalie and more. Howie Morenz - you will always be remembered. All of the Gods.
  16. Herb Brooks - a mighty coach sits as a Hockey God! He is one with wisdom who can teach us all.
  17. Maurice the Rocket Richard! I love the Rocket!
  18. John Ferguson was a giant and terrible to deal with. Chief seats for Ferguson. Terry Sawchuk was unearthly with his speed and anticipation. Dit Clapper, Eddie Shore, Tim Horton, "Cyclone" Taylor and Ted Teeder Kennedy might be looking down on Lapierre. He might want to stop that. I pray to those much greater than myself to inspire him. I beseech thee and all of Hockey's Greatness to deliver not for tomorrow, but just for today.
  19. I'm just praying and honouring their greatness. I hope they appreciate my penance. And it's all of the Gods. Badger Bob is a Hockey God too! They're all judging to see who deserves the greatest prize. Super Spaceman scores. :hlogo: I serve you Hockey Gods. Bruins, Rangers, Leafs, Blackhawks, Red Wings and Les Canadiens Gods. I wonder what Sam Pollock and Roger Neilsen are thinking? I pray to them. They were mighty!
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