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  1. Thank Hockey Gods. Sigh of relief. Cammalleri awesome
  2. Thou Hockey Gods, Who art in Glory, Enshrined in the cup thy name, Thee Habs known to have won, Thy will be done, With Hockey as it is in your legendary memory, Give us this day our saving ghost, And forgive us our fan misgivings as Les Holy Flanelle forgives us. And lead us not into complacency, but deliver us victory, For thine is the chief seats, and the skill, and Les Glorieux, Habs Forever and ever Amen. I plead to the Hockey Gods. Let us be steady :hlogo:
  3. Pens are playing 4 men high. Time to dump and do the same with 4-1 down low on defence. At least 2 should try to recover the puck on dump ins. We could even send in 3 high on the attack. We need something. Good thing the score is within reach
  4. Fleury shutout. Holy Flannel love Marc Andre Fleury.
  5. OK, I'm starting to get mad at the refs. Enough!
  6. Knowing the league and the fact that the reffing has been wacko in the NHL for 15 years I suspect a Pens and Habs powerplay. Awesome. GIANT-A
  7. At least the game is within reach. I'm concerned with our fatigue factor and our puck possession game is off. Too many bad passes offensively or on transition are ocurring with active Pens sticks in the lane. Holding the puck makes more sense. Pittsburgh is playing their own trap so at times the forechecking might be off for them. Our players have some more time. I'd like to see better decisions on passing in the 3rd. And dumping the puck with 2 forecheckers chasing is what I'd like to see more of. We have to! It's risky but puck recovery on the dump is a must! Beyond that I have no clue Go HABS GO!
  8. Regarding the reffing. Trevor Steinberg once said to me, "That's the way it goes". Like it or not - hockey's a bitch! We're not losing on account of non calls. We gotta get it going!
  9. Thanks dlbalr. HIO updated it just after I posted the question. Too bad Spacy is out. But that's the situation. No matter. GO HABS GO :hlogo:
  10. Three different Habs fans at my work have told me Spacek is ready to go and is in tonight. Anyone else hear this? Pray with me now.
  11. Look on the bright side. If any of you concur with me then you must be feeling good. We can win this. Hopefully we do. For the exception of the 3rd and a lack of a full 20 minutes the team showed they can skate and work with the Pens
  12. To be fair to Vancouver, they have more than the Habs do. But I'm confused why bother to create contraversy. Is it up to the Feds to proclaim this? To rubber stamp this? Let the fans decide. Good luck to Canada's Team. The Canucks as demonstrated by our elected officials. Maybe the government will anoint Georges St. Pierre as Canada's kick ass fighter! Maybe they can anoint the best person who can play the spoons
  13. C'mon Philly. Slow down the B's. If Pittsburgh wins we as Habs fans certainly would want the Pens to defeat which ever one wins. If Montreal prevails it's the same thing. We want this series to go 7. Let them hurt each other that much more! Tie up the series Flyers! Banner update
  14. This should help the C's get more Quebec votes so they can get their precious majority Dumb dumbs
  15. It really doesn't matter. What does matter is we won home ice and we have to seize the advantage. Stats smats blah blah. History will be made. One thing about hockey is certain. There's no Einstein who can tell the outcome of 4 series from here on in. We have a split and WE ARE IN IT! What else happens is anyones' guess. We don't know! That's hockey! Go Habs Go
  16. Yup, "History will be made" for sure. Will it be by us? Doubt it. But trends are made to be broken. And BTW: What makes you think massive shots will continue here on in?
  17. It's basic. We can win the cup. But we need to have home superiority. I said it before. I'll say it 1,000 times if need be - I miss the Forum! Home is a must or else it's junk
  18. I'm just scrappin'. And there's no guarantee about anything. But when was the last time we had a backdoor chance like this?
  19. It's a "general" outside the box comparison. And even though that has never happened to New Jersey. Maybe it will. In the spirit of it. In general terms I meant. On some levels we are not but on others yes. And, we can now go home
  20. Two mighty giants? President and the cup champs? Any team that can over come this mountain deserves to be champions. Only the B's or Philly would be in our way. Knocking off the Caps and the Pens (if we could) then we would be dubbed contenders. I doubt the outshooting trend after this series will continue until the final, if we make it there.
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