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  1. It's evident that Norris calibre defencemen are a must to win the cup. The most prominent names in the last 5 years that have been effective are Zubov, Sydor, Bourque, Blake, Lidstrom, Niedermayer. It's been mentioned in articles by sports wrieters that the exception was Tampa Bay with Boyle, Sydor, Kubina & Pratt. They point out that Tampa didn't have a calibre defenceman so it's not always necessary to have one. I disagree. Let's face it. Sydor has 2 rings. He deserves mention with the other names. In a nutshell, the last 6 years featured Norris winners or runner ups winning the
  2. Let's hope this is the only bad news the Habs get. I was thinking recently that the good news stories we've been having lately regarding Perezhogin, Higgins & Latendresse meant it was only a matter of time until we had some bad news. At least it's "good" bad news. Ryder won't be out long. Go Habs! :hlogo:
  3. Well, I actually grew up all over Canada (military brat) but I was born here. You always seem to come home I guess. Ryder fan? I'll be a Ryder fan as long as he is a Canadien for sure. Anyway, as far as Les Glorieux go, I'd just like to say to our detractors - WE ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN YOU THINK! In case anyone is wondering about my Moniker, it's the 1914-15 Canadian Athletic Club or CAC. I just like the way Athletique sounds. In a manner of speaking, due to history we have the right to refer to our team as the "Athletics" as a 2nd name - it's in our history. That is, until Gary expan
  4. http://www.nhl.com/features/preview05/mon_...main091605.html There is the URL - good feature. Posted By: ATHLÉTIQUE.CANADIEN - Canaan :hlogo:
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