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  1. Google has served you well then. :)

    Tres bien. So, my math puts us at a need to go 10-6 if we win tonight. That's a rough calculation for us to have hope. Maybe we can beat the Leafers and then we'll need to go 9-6. It would be so cool to get us to 6-6 required with 12 games left before the deadline.

    I know I keep saying it & it's likely a dream now, this team still has the chance. There's just no more sand left in the hourglass to waste anymore.

  2. Who wants the Habs to lose? Not me. But in the last 15 years, when we failed to make the playoffs it was always 9th or 10th in the conference - resulting in a 15th or higher pick. We didn`t draft well for a long time and that didn`t help either. If we aren`t going to make it, it`d be sweet to add a player of the calibre similar to possibly Rick Nash, Marc-Andre Fleury, Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Erik Johnson, Patrick Kane, Steven Stamkos, John Tavares, Taylor Hall or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Better that than Terry Ryan or Kyle Chipchura.

    Toronto has sucked forever & what do they have to show for it? Seguin & Hamilton! Toronto lost those guys for Kessel. Compare that to Montreal`s case, we could have 1 bad tank of a season & we can draft Grigorenko or Yakupov & come right back next year. Our corps have a lot of flexable potential.

  3. Time for some positive music to finish my evening. We get Bourque tomorrow. This team is running out of road as far a 6 game win streak beginning cure goes. Not that I believe they`ll do it but hey team: `Time`s up - 6 gamer now or golf`.

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