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  1. This describes my current situation & the USA just scored to close within 1, Freakin' embarrassing. Yukapov, here we come I guess
  2. A race against the clock and I failed. I'll post it for effort and ask if any of the players frequent Habsworld maybe the'll put in some EFFORT as well. Six game win streak or bust. Geez a six gamer takes faith and it's in short supply with this bunch. Go Habs Go...please do! Nice GDT bar
  3. I really can't think of anything else to say. 2012 had better have Habs stars astronomically aligned or something.
  4. The victory over Ottawa provided little solice since the Sens were off their game.
  5. No presents this year. I have enough already lol. Tomorrow promises the best presents of all. Gallagher might, just might be Canada's best forward in this tourney. Beaulieu super impressed me during Habs exhibition fooling NHLers on the rush and distributing the puck like a pro. He's fast. And, Bournival is a good scoring 2 way player.
  6. Thank goodness the penalty is over so we can get back to the 5 on 5 pressure. Christmas can't come too soon for this team. Go eat your turkey!
  7. Did someone just serve coffee on the bench. Two lines just had a good shift...keep that up!
  8. Arnie is back again. Sigh. It's tough to get in to their zone but at least try. It's on the players, not Randy! This team needs to hear from Charlie, the Chiefs trainer or else he won't use Downy fabric softener drying the players jerseys. KILL 'EM, KILL THE BAS---DS Yes, please do
  9. Red Fisher says Serge might be an option. I see his logic since he's been there before and under Molson of before. The fanbase in spite of what complaints there are will take him over Gauthier right now so he gets a pass on that...I think. Desjardins and Leclair for Recchi and Lamb will always be hated, but he did draft St Patrick so he has an out on that score IMO. Lemaire won't come back - who else is there out there with GM experience and need to know French? Jacques Martin lol?
  10. New Strategy - draft lottery. On every goal it's always something JM or not. Lazy, watching the play. This sucks.
  11. Bonjour soir, Magnifiq dans Montreal. Just got in & started watching - Go Habs Go. (AC francais fail)
  12. There is a bright spot to Gomez, the closer we get to the deadline the easier he will be to move. This is not a rumour, just speculation but I could see a dance parter in Calgary. Feaster might consider Gomez playing with Iginla. I doubt we'd get anything substantial back. Stajan would be nice but....?
  13. Jacques Martin was behaving a lot like Julien was in Montreal. Anyone recall Higgins on the 4th line? Leblanc scores his 1st NHL goal & it`s bench time. No offense to Darche personally but why did he get more crucial minutes than his 4th line status should allow? On the powerplay? On to another player - Kostitsyn. Yeah, maybe he`s moody but Jacques Martin doesn`t seem to have the ability to use other types of mental reinforcement when dealing with these types of players. There were no waving carrots, only sticks! I tried to be supportive & patient that things would change but increasingly over time I was getting more fed up with his in line changes & changing up strategy & tactics during the course of the game as it unfolded.
  14. I myself am confused about all penalties. Clutching & grabbing has increased & it's subtle but effective. Er...Um....what about it Gary, is that "New NHL" rules from the glorious 2005 season? I've also noticed holdups of forwards attacking down low when the puck is 4 meters away. FOUR METERS? The D's can get away with leaning defensively into the attacker. Interference is EVERYWHERE! The problem is the league hasn't figured out that on an ice surface 200 X 85 feet with 10 men on skates moving very quickly you're not going to end up with different results tweaking this rule & disregarding it the following season..Gary, hockey doesn't fit into the "Neat Box". Never has & it never will! Management at the NHL level needs to drink more booze! Drinking less would probably make these morons dumber & booze would do the opposite.
  15. KEEP GOING...................! ATTACK! KILL! A lot of errant passes on open lanes tonight
  16. Here comes the impatient feeling. Get A Goal!!! Go Habs Go. Nice shootin' Emelin
  17. It is more than my gut. During the OT losses & playing .5 all season long something definitely seemed missing. Saying the Kaberle acquisition is the turning point would be too simple since there are other elements of the team that are emerging for the first time this season. Our depth scoring seems to be waking up. Systematically, I really like what I see. Positionally & also without the puck, our opponents are being funneled to the outside. The team is providing excellent puck support when defending. On the other hand, Kaberle has changed things. Campoli being available is huge as well. Both of them distribute (1st pass out of the zone) the puck very well. it's not going to be smooth sailing but I think the true fight & the true Habs just woke up!
  18. I AM SO FREAKIN' HAPPY Some who have known me in this forum for a while & some of the people I have yet to exchange ideas with - both will likely say that this could be premature...& it is. Nonetheless, why is my gut telling me WE'VE TURNED THE CORNER!
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