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  1. Not really, it just means he's still got some work to do. see Michael Ryder
  2. everything will be all right. 28 other teams haven't done anything yet either but I think the gates will open soon with the signing Foote.
  3. But the habs shouldn't be so quick to put younger players into the line-up because the sooner they get into the league the quicker they become Free Agents(7 year rule). I think they should be absolutely sure before they bring anyone up.
  4. I also don't mind him as short term, especially at $450,000. Teams are going to need players like this on there teams to compete under the cap to save room for(enter UFA). But only until one of Perezhogin, Higgins, Hossa, Plekanec or Kostitsyn jumpup to take the spot.
  5. Maybe the same people who booed Brisebois from there "dark corners". I don't think you'd here them anyway and if you could Bob'd go kick there a$$.
  6. Who would you want if Kovalev doesn't come?
  7. according to IIHF website Dowd played in Germany for Hamburg last year. Not sure how he did though.
  8. Maybe so but Andrei Markov was drafted the same year 162nd overall and has played 276 games for the Habs even though defencemen are supposed to come along slower than forwards.
  9. Perezhogin, Hossa, Higgins or Plekanec in no paticular order or........... Would you bring back Dowd for the minimum?
  10. Ryder is 25 years old. He was drafted in '98, the same year as Ribeiro. He was sent to Dallas and picked back up and spent three years in Hamilton working his a$$ off. Yeah, I'd say he took a while.
  11. Bouillon - Love the guy, plays bigger than his frame, doesn't get pushed around, jumps into the rush and is going to cost about $450,000. Brisebois - I agree, re-sign him for less, had a pretty good year after BG stood up for him. Komisarek - Ready. Made huge improvements during the last season and during the playoffs I couldn't wait for him to get on the ice. I bet Thornton is still feeling that hit! Rivet - Good hard nosed player is stuck with us 'till his contract is up. Wouldn't mind better value for the money but..... Markov - Our best puck moving defenceman. Gets pushed around in the east which is why he should be paired with Souray or Komisarek. Hainsey - Don't give up on him just yet, D-men take a little longer and the Devils gave up on one too early.... Souray - complete package. But I cringe every time him throws a punch with that bionic wrist. I don't think the defence looks that bad but would love to see Aucoin come.
  12. Hence the signing of Yann Danis - Plan A and the drafting of Carey Price - Plan B It works at all positions in 2000 they took Hainsey and Hossa in the first round and in 2001 they took Komisarek and Perezhogin. Komisarek is leaps and bounds ahead of Hainsey so they can be Patient with Him Perezhogin had a great rookie season in Hamilton and if not for a certain incident:wall:and a year long lockout would have worn the CH this past year, so they can afford to be patient with Hossa who had a good year in Europe as far as I've heard. Ribeiro Took a while - led the team in scoring Ryder took a while - should've been R.O.Y. you just want to get a steady influx of players through the draft for promotion or trade to keep your team competitive for years to come. Just my opinion.
  13. I agree. But I think all of the top notch forwards have a bit of risk in them even Kovalev, I love what he did for us in the playoffs but he has been known for spouting off when things arn't going well. It's going to be tough now for the Habs(and others) 'cause a mistake now with one of these guys could haunt them(and us) for a few years 'cause of the cap.
  14. I think the only way we should get Kariya is if he signs for the same deal he got in Colorado. Not gonna happen, so why not raise the bar and say........ Markus Naslund? It'd be nice to have another Naslund on the team and OH how deadly would that line be?
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