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  1. I agree - I’d love this as the away jersey. I bought it just recently - it’s fantastic - none better imho. Ps I didn’t get a number or name on it - I’m struggling with which one to go with.
  2. Agreed - as much as I love your hockey analysis, we won’t agree politically. And that’s fine. I miss the days though when people could disagree on politics and it not be so visceral. I don’t believe he thinks Mexicans are rapists and thugs, you do. likely, it’s President Biden now, so the whole this is about to be the stuff of rear-view mirrors, thankfully.
  3. Those are CNN headlines - not in context. like I’ve watched the rapists and thugs quote - he wasn’t saying that of all Mexicans - only that it’s criminals that cross the border illegally. He has denounced white supremacy so many times - the fact he keeps getting asked isn’t because he hasn’t answered satisfactorily, it’s that the media refuse to accept his answer. muslim bans were because of where the terrorist threats were coming from, not because of their religion or skin color. im not going to go through all of your points, not because they are all false - for all I know, the casino thing is true, but that’s the past - like Biden’s school segregation wish. We’ve all grown and matured. Evolved. I’m sure Trump has too in his view of minorities. I think context is vital. Trump’s lack of political acumen was his Achilles heel - not racism. He gave the media sound bites they ran with. That’s on him. But policies and decisions he made - they lifted minorities, not white supremacists. but if he is a racist who had 4 years of power, I think the kkk is very disappointed in him. As I’ve said - lots of reasons to not like trump or not vote for him - I just don’t think racism is one of them.
  4. I get not liking Trump’s right leaning capitalist stance, his selection of constitutionalist justices and even his narcissism. I just don’t get the evidence of racism. From his days as a tv personality to now as a politician, I don’t see racism. Under his presidency, unemployment among the black community dropped to what I believe were record lows. Tho, you could say he did that for whites and blacks just benefitted like collateral damage. but then what about the releasing of so many criminals for drug possession. I’ve seen interviews with my own eyes of those who have been released. When Trump had prisoners released, they were mostly blacks. then what about his support for HBCU? He went beyond the executive order signed by Obama and did more than he needed to. Why? Because he is a racist? I just don’t see it. and the statistics I’ve heard is that although most minorities in the US still vote Democrat, that in 2020 he outperformed all previous Republican candidates. So, that means minorities softened up a little (a very little) to the Republican Party under Trump’s watch. Surely they aren’t voting for someone they consider to be a racist. Trump is extremely flawed. But then again, I think we all are. I just think he is a terrible politician in that we all know to keep our flaws hidden while he just lays them out there. I’m embarrassed that back in my youth I told racist jokes. But I’m glad those are from 30 years ago. Just as we can dig up racist dirt on Biden, I’m certain Trump has some dirt on him to in terms of racism, but everything he has shown me, is that if you are what he considers a winner, then he likes you - regardless of your race or gender or whatever. His flaw is that winners and losers in his mind are defined by him - which I’d call narcissistic and anyone who can’t stomach voting for a narcissist, voted for Biden. But racist? As Joe would say ‘c’mon man!’ Lol
  5. I know. It’s the hypocrisy. I get people preferring a left-leaning government. Heck, Canada leans more left so in this forum, I’d expect more fans of the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. but Biden gets a pass for doing the same things Trump was blasted for doing. I long for the days it can just be an issues based election and not a personality based election. I feel it’s been personality/media presence based since Clinton.
  6. Or that you don’t believe Trump is a racist.
  7. I hear ya. I don’t know any reasonable American who loves his tweets. that said - those that don’t like his tweets tolerate it because when it comes down to decisions and policies - he’s not a fool at all. (millions of people will vote for him, even if he loses) oh - and here’s the thing about the FACT he uses Twitter to insult people, many Americans feel he does in public what other politicians do in private. Not that Trump is worse than other politicians, but the same as other politicians, only that he does in public what politicians do in private. I’m NOT saying I’m ok with his tweets - I’m just providing a voter rationale - I’ve found American voters to be way more level headed than I realized before I moved here
  8. But with the US actually not dependent on the middle east for oil any more, that makes a HUGE difference (not that the US doesn’t use overseas oil, but the threat of not buying from overseas has driven prices down)
  9. Just to put it here - unless I’m blinded by Ohio - I think Trump is winning this election. Wouldn’t be surprised if the house and senate go republican too. Ohio tends to vote with the winner and it just looks to me like Ohio is going red.
  10. you’re exactly right. or as some of my friends - do the above AND hold their nose as they vote for Trump one last time.
  11. The richest of the rich & white are voting for Biden, not Trump.
  12. The polarized nature of politics does drive me crazy these days. To many in my real life world, a vote for trump is a vote for racism OR a vote for Biden is a vote for socialism. I tend to be a small government, free market capitalist who I hope isn’t a racist. as an immigrant myself, it really bugs me that Obama and now Biden/Harris would give citizenship to illegal aliens. I like Trump on immigration. in my world, the middle class did better under Trump (unemployment being low I feel helps the middle class the most). maybe your world is different. Gas prices alone helped me GREATLY and helped stop inflation (I remember under Obama when gas was at $4 a gallon and they were raising the cost of groceries to keep up with the fuel/delivery costs) Obamacare personally hurt me. I was fighting off bankruptcy at the time and couldn’t afford ANY health insurance and come tax time I got fined per month for not buying healthcare. All that is struck down so far is the fines - as long as Trump keeps his promise to not hurt those with preexisting conditions, all will be fine. Will Trump keep his promise - I suppose that’s the thing to wonder/debate. but here - at least this is a discussion on ISSUES - not simply, he’s a jerk. I agree with you 100% that there needs either to be a C option or at least a willingness to work together in spite of differences instead of what I see - that republicans instantly disagree with anything a Democrat says and Democrats instantly disagree with anything a republican says. Neither side is ALWAYS wrong and neither are they ALWAYS right.
  13. Stu Cowen’s Montreal Gazette article is very disappointing. Doesn’t bother me at all that he doesn’t like Trump - many people I respect don’t. but to give up your childhood hero because they are in support of Trump? Kinda shallow if you ask me. Trump to me is like Gallagher - hate him on the other team, love him on yours. (Or any mouthy star on the opposing team). Trump’s noise aside, he does what he says he will do. If you don’t like his policies, vote against him, if you like his policies, vote for him. His economic policy will long outlive his tweets.
  14. Ya - I was about to comment but figured politics belongs elsewhere. I’m glad Orr isn’t ashamed or afraid of being public with his convictions. Nothing wrong with that.
  15. I don’t believe the only measure is points. So what if Domi got more points per year - hits matter, defensive responsibility matters, creating space matters, goals > assists. I don’t believe we lost the domi & 3rd for Anderson trade. Anderson is worth more because he is worth more.
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