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  1. I’ve been here since we signed Kovalev. I was searching for news on it and stumbled on this site. A week has never gone by that I haven’t read everything i can here!
  2. I DO NOT want the Maples anywhere near Lord Stanley’s Cup ... but I can’t help but wonder if the fastest track for the Habs to hoist it again might be if the Maples did happen to win it all this year. Would any remaining sense of complacency be eradicated at the ownership level by a Maples championship??
  3. 47-25-6-4 104 points 3rd in Atlantic 6th in East 280 goals
  4. I do want Markov for the season - maybe ala Plekanec deal last year, where he gets his 1000th game, plays only if he earns a spot in the lineup, and retires a Hab
  5. I have always felt that Timmons was excellent in his ranking players for the draft, but the GMs and their egos always overruled him in the first rounds. I’d love it if Timmons could write a book when he retires and showing his personal BPA lists for each draft class.
  6. Taking the chance cost us NOTHING. I don’t believe there will be vengeance - given that in the past when offer sheets have been tendered, GMs seemed to see it as business and not take it personal. If Domi or whoever get tendered an offer sheet, so be it - match or take the picks. I feel MB looks better today than before - because he took a swing. So what if he missed. For years we wished GMs would go for those RFAs. We have a GM that tried. That said - if he is done and this is our opening day team, then he failed. But it’s July 9. I’m ok with the Aho try. He hasn’t failed yet. Those thinking MB is terrible can continue to lay in excited anticipation of his looming evidence of ineptitude - but it’s too soon to pounce. Im encouraged by last summer and continue to be in excited anticipation of some move that justifies his clearing of salary. I hoped it was a UFA signing. It wasn’t. I hoped it was an RFA signing. It wasn’t. But there are still trades that can be made. I still have hope.
  7. Has the offer sheet been matched yet or is it still going to be matched?
  8. Maybe I’m crazy or just haven’t given up on the dream - but HAVE they matched the offer or just said they WOULD match the offer. I mean, if I’m Carolina and want revenge - no matter how petty - maybe I say I am matching, hoping the Habs screw themselves with the cap only to never match.
  9. Carey to MB: who cares about Duchene or Lee or the old boys club ... go get that Aho!!!
  10. Hate to lose Shaw. That said - definitely good asset management - selling when he was at top value.
  11. I say my vote is Chara too. If Marchand was on our team, I wonder if we would love him. Pests are always loved by their home town fans, loathed everywhere else. But with Chara, I’d forever be embarrassed that he was on my team after what he did to MaxPac or any other human being. That wasn’t him just being competitive, that was disrespectful on a human level.
  12. Me and my boys just started playing poker together - but I’m not in a spot to buy that at this time - but wow I wish I were!!
  13. I also think the second Vegas goal was a high stick. I was shocked when that was allowed. Luck goes both ways. In the end, they collectively control emotionally during that 5 min PK. Can’t fall apart THAT badly and then blame the refs.
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