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  1. My first 2 kids have adopted the Habs as they should have. It did require me to move to Ohio from Toronto to ensure this - but so worth it. My failing is my 3rd child who has become a Ducks fan. For shame. I know. I was playing for a team that wore Ducks jerseys and found one that would fit him as a 1 year old. For cryin out loud he never forgot the d*mn jersey and has had a place in his heart for them ever since. I rue the day I let my 1yr old look cute in that jersey.
  2. Peter Puck or Hockey Showdown or Howie Meeker ... I enjoyed intermission as a kid.
  3. Trade

    Since he hasn't done much since arriving in Montreal (I'm being nice here), I asked one of my friends from LA about him. They said he was simply a cap casualty and were real sad to see him go. All I can hope is that they are correct and his A game is yet to come.
  4. I like Mete too - his skill is hopefully enough to compensate for his size. My point was that Bourque isn't small - he's no giant, but no smurf either.
  5. 6'1" ... that's reasonable imo. Victor Mete at 5'10" is small for an NHL dman.
  6. Poor poor DD ...
  7. I wonder if MB would consider doing a Gauthier and trade MT during the game ...
  8. Is it a T below the 9? Laval Titan? and tho it won't ever be a favorite logo, I like it. It seems classic like our CH and away from the cartoony bulldog and the like.
  9. Is Danault's play gonna mean we lose him in the expansion draft? I don't think we saw him as someone to protect at the season's start.
  10. GDT

    Was that too many men on the ice penalty legit? looked to me like a hab went on the bench at one end and another jumped on at the other end gaining a bunch of ice as the play was moving back to the Habs end. Officials made numerous dubious calls. Numerous.
  11. GDT

    I don't really want to watch 3 on 3 against the Pens lol
  12. GDT

    Terrible second period. Habs were lucky to tie it up on a deflection. I've lost count on how many oddman rushes the Pens have had. The Habs cannot play this wide-open against the Pens! where is da system!
  13. GDT

    I wrote this before the second goal was scored. He just helped prove it. Now I don't know why he was on the ice so long!!!
  14. GDT

    I can see the Habs defense better this period ... OMG #89!!! Is that Johnston??? Manhandled. Man. Hand. Led.
  15. GDT

    2 on 2 - Weber had the puck carrier ... why Emelin didn't take on Hornqvist, I'll never know. EDIT! Just saw the replay. I'm too hard on Emelin here. Weber was beaten way earlier in the play and it was Byron racing back to try to get the puck carrier before the pass happened.