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  1. Hockey Billeting, has anyone done it?

    I do a lot with the Youngstown Phantoms of the USHL. I don’t know the set up for the league you might billot for - in the USHL the players often have their own transportation. But I would say this - for the players - it’s about the food. I’m not sure the hosts were paid enough to feed the players properly. That said - if your family loves hockey and feeds well and is basically sociable with teens (not too involved, not too distant) - then it’s an awesome thing to do. The players will be respectful and appreciative (unless you get a real dud - but I found those are rare) and you’ll create a friendship that will last for decades. (Unfortunately, Curtis Hall, a good kid I became friends with got drafted by the Bruins in the 4th round - i can’t easily root for him anymore) you can always message me if i can help more. Overall - if the transport is figured out and you feed well and are appropriately sociable .... GO FOR IT!!!!
  2. 2018 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Thing about the Romanov pick - we learn of all the ‘experts’ opinions of where he should be drafted, not the opinions of the GMs. If Timmins had him that high, maybe someone else did too. And if Romanov ends up being, let’s say, a top 4 d-man, everyone will be complaining that we and 29 over teams blew it. I feel like this draft really was Timmins draft, more than any other. I feel like MB didn’t have much say this time - we kept our picks, maybe only dealt them with Timmins ok. No basis for this. Just seemed like we would always go into the draft in recent years and our wealth of picks evaporated away through trades - and there were always picks (McCarron maybe) that left us scratching our heads - they just didn’t feel like Timmins picks but more like MB or PG or BG picks. No point having scouts if at the end of they day you just draft off of Bob Mackenzie’s list. The time to evaluate is in a couple of years - but my hunch is that 2018 was Timmins draft more than any other.
  3. 2018 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Unless the Habs picked Zadina, their pick would be called a reach ... and then Zadina falls. Round 1 - we didn’t make the splash of Detroit or the Icelanders, but then again, we only had the 1 pick. The pick was early and the Habs played it smart. Round 2 is the difference making round for us. Go Habs Go!
  4. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Or - if the Habs threaten to trade the pick to another team - that way Arizona trades for 3rd OA to make sure they get Hughes instead of another team swooping in and picking him up (or the Habs picking Hughes to trade him right after making the pick)
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    But if Weber retires before the contract is up, isn’t nashville still on the hook for the cap hit? I thought that was one of the terms of the trade.
  6. 2018 NHL Draft Lottery

    I also love the bonus that Ottawa fell out of the top 3!!
  7. Fire Bergevin

    Melnick and Francis come back to work? Any word? I loved the pressure put on MB - my respect for Melnick grew again because of this interview.
  8. 2018 draft thread

    When does the draft lottery take place?
  9. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    This may have been the highlight of our season
  10. GDT Penguins @ Habs Thursday March 15 7:30pm

    I know the tradition is that when the Habs win, whoever did the game day thread for that game does the next game until the streak is broken. I thinknin the spirit of Team Tank, whoever does the GDT for a loss should continue to do so until the next dreaded victory. Just my 2 cents.
  11. 2018 All-Star Weekend Thread

    I have zero interest in the all star game - I haven’t for a while now. Losing Olympic hockey hurts. Imo that’s the best hockey - even better than the Stanley cup finals. NHL finals is such a marathon that teams are often beaten up and bruised - too players sometimes nursing injuries. In olympic hockey, they seem fresher and even if a top player is injured, there are still full lines of all-stars to roll out shift after shift. Now, maybe some of the weaker nations can’t say that, but by the time we are in the Olympic semi-finals, there is nothing like it. (NHL playoffs do give me the seven game series and the sudden death overtime, so it’s not that I prefer everything about the olympics)
  12. I was thinking the ‘winning’ pedigree. That said, he has always seemed intelligent to me and not given to irrational/impulsive behavior (ala Patrick Roy). He’s seen Stanley Cup teams be built from the ground up and knows what it takes to win it all. I don’t know if he has the skills to make the moves needed to build a winner, but i’d Imagine he has the resources to assemble a better leadership team than it seems Bergevin has assembled.
  13. What are the chances then of a Martin Brodeur as GM? Certainly the pedigree and the language and the class. I’ve always seen him as cerebral .... can he build a winning team? How available might he be?
  14. Merry Christmas, Habsworlders!

    I honestly LOVE this site. I’m from Montreal but have lived in Ohio since 2007. This place IS my source for Habs news. I stumbled onto this site when Kovalev was signed as a free agent and I’ve never left. I don’t post much anymore, but I’m a faithful reader. Regular posters like Cucumber, dlbalr, Commandant .... I better stop cuz I’ll end up missing others .... THANK YOU! My 2018 resolution - is to give more ❤️ to posts that I particularly enjoy.
  15. Davidson claimed by Edmonton

    So - is this overall good news for the Habs? Lost an asset, that’s bad. Maybe needed him in Laval, that’s bad. Perhaps a good callup back to the big club, also bad. But if he was never cracking the top 6 with the Habs, is it better his contract is gone?