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  1. We need skilled players like Drouin, even when they are flawed. its Domi that has become superfluous with the clear emergence of Suzuki and KK (and Danault). Even Evans as 4th line C. trade from strength/depth. Don’t make a hole to fill a hole.
  2. Habs go on a Cinderella run under Muller. Julien has a full recovery after coaching Muller through the playoffs. Muller becomes coveted by another NHL team and leaves to be their head coach. Habs PP has a resurgence in 2020-21. Ya heard it here first lol (but in all seriousness - prayers for CJ and a full recovery - that’s the one SINCERE wish in that list)
  3. It just never feels right to lose. if it happens it happens - but I’m so glad we won the series and have more hockey to look forward to. plus - the experience gained and to be gained is so valuable!
  4. Well - it ain’t the Maples ...
  5. If we had a 100% chance of getting Lafreniere, maybe I’d think the best long term plan is to fail vs Pittsburgh. But the minute Lafreniere isn’t guaranteed, what just happened is the best thing for the Habs and their development. This is good for KK, for Suzuki any young player. To feel like a winner. This has to encourage Price. Even CJ ends up getting a boost since he clearly out coached Sullivan. I’d even add that the players that didn’t play like Romanov, Fleury and Primeau gain through all this. Maybe not Poehling who might not see where he fits. Possibly not helping Domi any (tho - remember, as a 4th loner, his line mates may be Swiss Leaguers (hello Weise), but he also should be getting the softer opposition avoiding the Pens top lines. As the regular season wound down, I was fine with getting a top 10 pick. When the first round of draft order was set, I was thrilled with the shot at Lafreniere. But I’m convinced that the best case long term scenario has just played out. I’ll take the success over Crosby, Malkin et al over a winger that will only hit prime after Price and Weber are backups.
  6. I’m seeing a lot of blind passes either to no one or to the Pens ... more than normal? Or am I just finally noticing??? overall, I’m ok only down by 1 and the Habs competing here in the 2nd. I was worried about a big Pens start to the game. but the blind passes ... too much.
  7. Remembering this post ... who knew!?! Lol
  8. Seems to me like the Habs are about to make the playoffs!! It’s got me wondering about our lineup - now that there has been time for injuries to heal, possible AHL callups etc I’d love to see what a projected lineup would be!
  9. 1. Guy Lafleur 2. Ken Dryden 3. Larry Robinson 4. Doug Jarvis 5. Pierre Mondou
  10. He was the first Hab I remember liking. One of my earliest memories is watching Habs games on black and white tv and loving to see #16 skate. btw - he only celebrated his 21st birthday last week on Feb 29th.
  11. I never understand why we should move petry or Tatar for a pick that we HOPE in 3-4 years becomes at least as good as the petry or Tatar we now have. Those are exactly the types of players we’d need to overpay to acquire next year if we didn’t have them. Losing them creates holes. Losing them guarantees we’ve thrown in the towel on next year already. Keeping them means we can go for it next year and still move them should we eventually throw in the towel next year. this was not poor asset management. What it was was not giving up on next season before it even started.
  12. I have felt that for a very long time, Timmons has made the later round draft selections but the GM has made the first round selection. this, to me, is why Timmons seems bulletproof - internally, they know the misses weren’t his fault.
  13. I don’t think we should be moving Domi ... but I bet the Leafs are the team that would overpay for him.
  14. I keep hoping to come to this thread and see Habs RE-sign Ilya Kovalchuk Seems like he fits. Good asset management or not - I like him in a Habs uniform.
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