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  1. I have never personally seen the problem with the timing of the Cammy trade. deals get finalized when they get finalized. I’m sure sometimes it happens during dinner, sometimes mid-practice, sometimes during a flight, sometimes over night, and so why not during a game. If a GM calls up MB during a game and says - we have a deal. Then there is a deal. Then what? Let Cammy keep playing, risk injury, and nix the deal? No - I pull him too. I actually think Waite’s timing is more questionable - like take your stuff and vanish. More like a dishonorable discharge.
  2. I had expected there to have been more of a rotation among the players given the condensed schedule. Like Tatar sitting or Lekhs was. I feel like Weber should have the night off now and then - everyone really. it’s not a benching but a resting. maybe the cap crunch made that impossible - but still - it’s something I expected and still think would be prudent.
  3. I’m happy we aren’t retreading a fired coach - for a while, Habs seemed to find a coach and then they went on to success elsewhere. I’d like it if this time we have found a coach and he is able to find success HERE.
  4. Bergy is definitely all in this season. that said - I think this firing is a mistake. Unless the locker room was a mess and CJ had lost the team, I don’t think this is the answer. had the Gally’s goal rightly counted, is CJ fired this morning? I don’t think so. The team is poised to rebound - but I’m not thinking the credit should go to the new coaching staff.
  5. I hope it’s not a back breaker. Just as the Habs creativity was coming back, he lets in a soft one. sadly, soft goals DO completely undermine and render the spectacular saves as meaningless.
  6. It’s like toffoli just said this shift - screw you, I’m gonna score.
  7. Finally! I say it’s all about speed. The faster they play, the better they play. Maybe cuz there is less time to think about it! hopefully the tide as turned for the next 10 games+.
  8. Sooooo disappointing. That period was ugly. The Habs have either made the Sens a good team or made them look like one! blender the lines. let’s see what happens. KK - I love you - but take your man on the backcheck!
  9. I still felt like other than OT that the Habs outplayed the Sens. So many crazy puck bounces, not just referring to their goals but times it seemed like there was a force field forcing the puck up and over our sticks - particularly at the blue line. I really think if the Habs bring their energy, this is a big win game. I hope the lines stay in tact. if the Habs have become headcases, put the lines in the blender for a period - just for the shakeup. This isn’t a talentless bunch. If they are trying too hard it’s a head problem and they are going for their memorized
  10. I never felt like the Sens would win - always thot the Habs were the better team through 3 periods. until the OT where the Sens dominated.
  11. How the heck did we let that become a Sens on Allen shooting gallery!!!
  12. Is the ice bad? So many odd bounces over dman sticks.
  13. Remember when we scored short handed goals? i do! let’s have another.
  14. Evidence shows you are correct - since NO ONE took him. But I still think someone could have and should have selected him and would ultimately have been glad they did. but, if you are going to use a waiver claim or sign a vet leader, there are better options - so that’s what they are doing.
  15. Byron is a tough case. I’m glad he cleared because he is a good player for the sake of versatility going forward THIS season. I wouldn’t have minded losing the salary this season and especially future seasons. he still has the A so his leadership is something the team/staff recognizes. makes no sense that NO nhl team wanted to take him for nothing. I think for 2020-21, this is a good thing for the Habs.
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