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  1. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    goal called back since drewiske used his hand ... still it was a great de la rose play to set that up (right after another nygren poor decision)
  2. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    nope. 3-0. lucky goal really - tho nygren drewiske defensive pair again. I should add - de la rose is also making GREAT choices. positioning - passing - when to hit. very impressed.
  3. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    de la rose is singlehandedly turning the momentum last shift. Hope the next line keeps that energy going.
  4. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    Beaulieu ... that was embarrassing. he tripped on the blue line ... slid to the other blue line ... and tripped again. nygren and pateryn ... split for monster goal 2. terrible terrible. he just went between them on a 1 on 2 nygren caught flat-footed as I watch replay
  5. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    here's the thing - I am behind Monster net for first period. I don't know who the bulldogs are until they turn around and I can see there number. I see enough bonehead plays by the same number or impressive plays - then I post here. I didnt have any preconceived notion of who was doing what. 2nd period will be different.
  6. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    Nevins wins his fight!!! nice control - no panic. 1 2 3 and Maggio is down
  7. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    sloppy sloppy zone clearing plays! what the heck!! Dowell, Nygren, Sorkin ... I can go on!!! get it out of the zone!!
  8. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    Nygren has made a couple of questionable decisions
  9. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    Thomas has impressed me so far
  10. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    weak call by ref for Hudon penalty. yes his stick hit the guys shin - but he just fell. condon is skittish in net
  11. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    bulldogs dominating ... monsters score 2 on 1 (tinordi only d there) my guess is it was a bad line change - other d didn't make it
  12. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    Bennett Crisp Finley inactive bowman, andrighetto, dumont, nygren, drewiske, condon starting.
  13. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    I'll be at the game tonight. I'll give eyewitness updates!
  14. Magnificent Seven? Penguins @ Bell Centre, 7:30PM (RDS, SNE)

    legit contenders don't go on six game losing streaks. losing streaks sure - but 6 games? that would say we are middle of the pack capable of good hockey (oct to mid nov) then back to earth (6 game losing streak)no thank you.
  15. Magnificent Seven? Penguins @ Bell Centre, 7:30PM (RDS, SNE)

    my prediction - both teams will end up with a point, the question will be who wins the 2nd point. and I'm gonna go Habs! cuz, you know, I'm a homer.
  16. Gonchar in, Moen out!

    Traded Moen for Gonchar!
  17. Gonchar in, Moen out!

    could this impact Gilbert? what of the LH RH?
  18. Gonchar in, Moen out!

  19. Best team since '89?

    In 1993, the 10th leading scorer in the NHL had 123 points. league scoring was completely different back then. I don't think the comparison between Savards points total and Deharnais points total are a fair barometer of their offensive contributions.
  20. I'm not a fan of the shootout - tho it is entertaining and it does ensure the game ends in a timely manner. (seems no one noticed that my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek over the Joe Sakic Trophy comment). might as well play a game of darts to decide the winner, the shoot-out isn't hockey. BUT - even more annoying than the made-for-tv skills competition to me is the loser point. I really wish the loser got NOTHING for losing - or at the very least make the games 3 points for a win (regulation or OT), zero for a loss, and 2 points for shootout win, 1 point for shootout loss.
  21. I think it would be awesome if they made a trophy for most shootout goals in a season like the Art Ross is for scoring or the Maurice Richard is for goals. name it the Joe Sakic Trophy
  22. I didn't check everyone else's predictions - I'll adjust if I have to due to being an inadvertent copycat! 46-24-7-5 2nd Atlantic 5th overall 230 goals
  23. Tokarski, Moen on trading block?

    I figured Thomas was around still in case a regular got injured, but that he is now the 1st injury call-up.
  24. Tokarski, Moen on trading block?

    totally expect Moen gone next. no other reason I can think of for de la Rose not headed to Hamilton with Thomas.