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  1. Senators vs Canadiens 7:30

    I'm not really concerned about the slump. plenty of time to regain momentum before the playoffs start. if this were the final 10 of the season, momentum is an issue. if this slump were in the first round of the playoffs, the Habs would be toast ... but it's not. it's mid-March and the Habs are too good to slump til April. Nashville slumped, heck, the Kings slumped to the point they are scratching to make the post-season! I could worry - but I'm not. not yet. this is the abberation ... and I'm actually glad it's now rather than any other time in the season. (why do I think this is a good time? its late enough in the season that we aren't panicking over making the postseason and the trade deadline is passed, and early enough that the ship can be righted)
  2. Mar. 10, Lightning vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    I listen to Nilan on TuneIn Radio ap on my iPhone.
  3. Mar. 7, Habs vs Coyotes, 7 PM

    is Chipchura really their 1C??? wow that's not a good sign for the Yotes!
  4. HABS vs KINGS March 5

    interesting that Montreal is the only team from the east
  5. First Round Matchup

    No. NYC is gonna have to go thru MTL! goHabsGo!!
  6. I have zero problem with MT fiddling with lineups and breaking up winning combinations as long as our playoff spot is secure. do we really want to play a perfect lineup that other teams can have months to gameplan against? MT should test EVERY possible line up and remember to never ice the bad ones again and save the ones that work for the postseason. why show the opponents all our cards before the real poker match begins?
  7. wow. I really like Sekac. put me down as very disappointed to lose him. I don't know anything about Smith-Pelly, so i can't say I like or don't like the trade ... but I am seriously skeptical.
  8. Jan. 3, Habs vs Penguins, 7 PM

    I was at the game - haven't heard what any analysts or commentators have said - Gilbert was impressive, regardless of scoring. got under Downie's skin - made good choices. Habs were relentless on the forecheck in Pitts zone - can't tell you how many times Pitt failed to clear the zone allowing for sustained offensive pressure. Habs PP got better as game went on. Price is just so solid. You never fear when a shot is coming at him. his cool confidence is contagious. MaxPac is great at both ends of the ice. Habs 4th line dominated numerous times forcing play to stay in Pittsburgh zone. Beaulieu made a number of bad choices and you could see Gonchar prepping to cover for him. I don't mind the mistakes. seemed that Nate got better as game progressed (or at least I cringed less often) Pitts dominated in the hitting stats, but it didn't feel like they dominated physically at all! seemed even. both teams got a few good hits. Ifinally, seemed very often the Habs had their preferred matchup line to line. maybe i am wrong on this, but that Pitts just rolled lines and MT won the coaching battle. good game to be a Habs fan.
  9. Jan. 3, Habs vs Penguins, 7 PM

    I'll be at the game tonight! can't wait! go Habs go!!!
  10. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    Hudon didn't get my attention unless he was going to the box last night.
  11. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    goalie pulled down 4-2 ... 2:32 left sgarbossa seems like a nice skater - good vision - smart decisions. taking important face offs.
  12. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    dietz ... clear the zone!!! ugh. tinordi is carrying him. pateryn bealieu is the best pair drewiske nygren are causing premature graying
  13. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    yawner 3rd beaulieu is making things happen. slow 1st ... but better and better as the game goes on.
  14. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    andrighetto hasn't impressed. seems to give up on the play.
  15. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    power play is real good so far this time! weird.
  16. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    they are just soft. not finishing checks - no edge at all - only a few players back checking - and it's costing them. it's like they stick out their stick and hope that is enough. all I see right now is a lot of reaching.
  17. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    he scored ... I'll watch for his play tho 3rd period. I KNOW! I was about to commen how inept it was. they had a good 15 second and scored.
  18. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    well - maybe nygren just had a rough start. nice goal. power play WAS terrible - they FINALLY moved the puck around and made something happen setting up a good shot.
  19. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    Thomas disappeared this period.
  20. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    I'll take your word for it glad Bulldogs scored. just a good shot - no real play development - and i don't care that nygren got an assist. - he just got out of the box so was part of the play.
  21. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    nygren penalty. I swear! I didn't have an opinion on him 1 hour ago!!!
  22. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    goal called back since drewiske used his hand ... still it was a great de la rose play to set that up (right after another nygren poor decision)
  23. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    nope. 3-0. lucky goal really - tho nygren drewiske defensive pair again. I should add - de la rose is also making GREAT choices. positioning - passing - when to hit. very impressed.
  24. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    de la rose is singlehandedly turning the momentum last shift. Hope the next line keeps that energy going.
  25. Nov. 28/29, Bulldogs vs Monsters

    Beaulieu ... that was embarrassing. he tripped on the blue line ... slid to the other blue line ... and tripped again. nygren and pateryn ... split for monster goal 2. terrible terrible. he just went between them on a 1 on 2 nygren caught flat-footed as I watch replay