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  1. NHL trade deadline thread

    Everything was changed when the Bergevin nation attacked.
  2. NHL trade deadline thread

    I remember when the trade deadline was full of "who are we going to get!?", now it's "what deadweight can we cut".
  3. The issue people rightly are having is the issues from pre-season, the issues people said the team would have when the roster was made in the summer is happening. It's not the team lit it up in pre-season and is just having a rough patch. Some people think this is the level of the team, some think it will get better, we will see who right very soon.
  4. there is a sarcasm emoji right here
  5. This is the perfect emote for the season
  6. 9/25, Habs vs Leafs

    Who knows what it'll look like going into the playoffs, the management doesn't fill me with confidence like some others here, so we'll see. The bar is certainly low for expectations though.
  7. 9/25, Habs vs Leafs

    For that reason this season doesn't excite me, I'll still watch..just wish no expectations.
  8. 2017 NHL Offseason Thread

    This is a crazy good article about Nashville from Rinnes' perspective. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/pekka-rinne-nashville/
  9. Fire Bergevin

    Maaan come on...killing my buzz, can't we pretend MB is not going to ruin the team further?
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Sort of off topic, but with offer sheets, does a player have the right to refuse the offer? Is the offer made to the player or the team and team has to pass it along. Can a team make an offer to a player, the player turns it down and the other team never finds out unless the player tells them?
  11. Free Agent Day Thread

    RIP my entertainment
  12. Free Agent Day Thread

    I expect nothing, so I wont be disappointed, but might be surprised. I really just want this team to go back to being exciting to watch, I hate the way the team played last season.
  13. Deadline Day GDT

    Brendan Gallagher is a 6g scorer, whats your point?
  14. Deadline Day GDT

    We can make it a drinking game: 1 shot for the following phrases/words: - character guy - prices too high - believe in our core - team toughness