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  1. Maybe I was spoiled during the World Juniors, but damn didn't those hits look fantastic? Where is the hits from Begin from earlier in the year? I'm not critizing Begin, as I think he's a good player, it's just an observation. With the exception of that hit on Brisbrois(spelling?) there was no hitting on Montreal's part. Now, I really, really hate the leafs, but they have guys that hit. Why has it been the trend in Montreal lately to get small and fast? Well I should just say small now..because lately the team hasn't been fast of late. Is anything thinking the habs should tank the season so they could pick up one of the great defencemen that are likely to go in the top 5 draft? Does anyone have an explaination on why Montreal continues to draft goaltenders and forwards and rarely pay any heed to defencemen? Now, I have no facts that Montreal hasn't drafted defencemen, I'm just going on what I can remember, please correct me if I'm wrong. Also as a side note here, why not bring up the rookies and play them damnit! We're losing with vets, which is a piss off, but if they let the rookies play and we lose it'd ease the anger a bit, because these players are the future. I believe long past is the ability to buy a team and you must have a good set of rookies to develop with the big club e.g. look at the Sens. I'll concede it took them many a losing season to get where they are(which is early exits from the playoffs, but thats a different story). As well as Huet played the last two games, they need to put Theodore back in the nets for Sat. Night, I bet he's pissed at being benched twice in a row, I hope this motivates him to improve his game. Well I wrote more than I intended. Bar
  2. I do think Huet is flukey right now, but thats not a bad thing. Maybe Theodore will kick it up a notch(to steal Emeril's catch phrase). Whenever my faith in Theo waivers, I remember that series against Boston, he will get it back. I really hate to make excuses but between his injury, the new goalie equipment, and the change in ice dimensions I believe there is a lot to get adjusted to, some goalies are adjusting better. Bar
  3. I get mad at Theodore at times when he lets in softies, theres still no better goalie out there I'd want. For me it's as simple as the rules have changed, the goalies equipment have changed. I think once Theodore notices that more goalies around the league are staying up longer, he'll get the message. I don't think a few games by Huet means he can handle the pressure as number #1, I'd say Huet has just been 'flukey' so to speak. Bar
  4. Here's my theory...play the rookies, I want them in the lineup. If we make mistakes and lose with rookies, it makes me feel not as bad as when we make mistakes with vets. This may not be realistic, but I want the habs to play all out offense, I hate when they stay back and try to defend. I mean if many armchair goalie coaches here on Habsworld can see that Theodore is going down too early, then why can't professional coaches, and Theodore himself. I get so pumped up for games, and then Theo lets in a weak glove hand side goal and it's like deflating a balloon, and it shows on the players. I honestly expect the other team to score everytime they come roaring down the ice, or are on the power play. Can anyone explain why the habs play with a passive box on the penalty kill when they have such great speed that they can challenge the D-men? I mean with it being harder to move guys infront of the net, you think it'd be an obvious choice. The goalie usually can't stop what he can't see. It must be hard to always be coming from behind. Bar
  5. bar

    Online Gaming

    I got a 360 for xmas, so I've been playing Call of Duty 2, Tiger Woods, Madden, and Kameo inbetween stints of playing Final Fantasy Online....I'm a MMORPGer at heart. Oh, and one of the best FPS for computers is Return To Castle Wolfenstein! Bar
  6. I hope the Habs do not give up on Theo. I know there is a lot of Theo haters here, and I'm not really interested in getting into an argument about it, but people are failing to remember that the goalie gear has changed drastically, Theo is not the only goalie thats struggling this year. It'd be interesting to see if the style of goalie has anything to do with how a goalie is playing this year with the smaller gear. For Example: Butterfly vs. Stand up. Bar
  7. Oh, hey...sorry wasn't at my computer this weekend. No, I voted for 'yes'. Bar (Sheldon from Halifax)
  8. WHy not do what the NFL does, give the coaches 1 or 2 challenges a game, for the ref to go upstairs. I bet if they did in the game vs. the leafs, the Markov goal would have counted. Just a thought. Bar
  9. Last game against Ottawa it seemed the habs were kind of lazy. Passes weren't tape to tape, there wasn't much hitting, even from Begin (I love the way he plays by the way), and there wasn't much hussle. This is gonna sound like a broken record, but I want the habs D to shoot more from the point, it's hard to get rebound shots if no one takes the inital shot. If the habs shoot more the PKers will come out more to challenge the shot, then the D can pass the puck up, and opening room in front of the net. Thats all from the armchair Coach Smac
  10. I was watching Law and Order last night, and since I live in eastern canada, after it they had the news and it was a breaking story about the Boston-SJ trade. You know what that news tv guy said... he said Thorton never lived up to expectations...EXPECTATIONS! I always jumped through the TV to kill him, but then I got lazy and didn't do it, but it was in such bad taste to say that, after Thorton played through the rib injuries against Montreal in the playoffs. Smac
  11. I noticed something in the last few games I was wondering if anyone else noticed. The habs seem to be trying to make too many highlight passes and goals. The defense never seems to want to shoot, they always try to pass it off to the side instead of just blasting it. We usually have one or two forwards in front of the net. Do you think this is intentional? Maybe this is part of Julliens system? Sourey has a wicked shot, but he never seems to blast away with it. I'd rather see a point shot and save by the goalie, then passing the puck around for 45 seconds only to have the other team intercept the pass and fire it down the other end. Just my $.02 Bar
  12. Yeah, so...we're leading our division. Theodore hasn't been great, but we're leading our divison. The power play hasn't been good, at all...but we're leading our division. We take too many penalties, way too many...but we're leading our division. The goalies AROUND the league aren't having stellar seasons, the dimensions on the ice have changed, goalie equipment has changed, give it some time before you start pressing the panic button, seriously, you know who you are sounding like: *thunder noise* Leaf fans. I said it, thats right leaf fans. Lets not turn into leaf fans. *Guards the trade button* Haha bring on the flames.
  13. bar

    Where Ya From?

    Me: Dartmiuth, NS, Canada Mom&Dad: Hants County, NS, Canada Grandparents Mom side: Hants County, NS, Canada Grandparents Dad side: Hantsport, NS, Canada All my family lives close...sometimes good and sometimes bad.
  14. Ok, 'Leafs Suck' you got me there with that comment about Naslund not fighting his own fight. I really have no counter point to that. As to the Brashear/McSourley thing...I believe, and this is only my opinion, that the result could have been lessened if Brashear had his helmet strap tightly done up. I seem to recall his injuries we suffered from his fall rather than the slash if I remember correctly..feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. As an aside...how come there is no outrage in the states when a pitcher throws a 90 mph fastball at a batters head intentionally?
  15. I'm glad to see that the habs have resigned Markov for the next two years. Wow, lots of action last couple of days, with the Luongo news, and St. Loius. Articles below: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?id=134525
  16. Ok here comes a name out of left field, as maybe not the most over rated but what about Theo Fleury? We all know about his off ice troubles with substance abuse, but surprisingly he has decent numbers: 1,088 points (455 goals, 633 assists) in 1,084 career NHL games. I read on TSN.ca the other day that he's just signed with the Belfast Giants...thats right Belfast, Ireland. Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?id=134367
  17. Haha ok you'll have to excuse the title I couldn't resist. Seems the habs have just signed a Swiss player: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?id=134522 Mark Streit, 27, seems like he did alright the last couple years in the Swiss Elite league. Think this guy is a contender to crack the habs lineup or is he destined to spend a year with the bulldogs?
  18. Well I'd like to cheer for Nashville. I'm gonna hop aboard the TooToo train! It's too bad he doesn't make a bigger impact, he was great here in Halifax during the World Jrs.
  19. I'm not going to back my comments up with fancy stats or anything. In my opinion, hockey players put 'bounties' on peoples heads all the time. A clean check on a star player results in that stars team taking the number of the resulting player. Thats just one example, there are others I'm too lazy to go into them right now. I'm in the 'action should dictate the penalty not the result' boat. It was a poor choice Bertuzzi made, I beleive the resulting pile up caused the injury to Moore not the inital punch. Bertuzzi has suffered his penalty, now we should move on. The fact he's invited to Canada's camp makes sense. He's one of the best players we have, I for one would be mad if he wasn't included. Now, I know this is gonna sound harsh, but this all could have been avoided if Moore had of taken on Bertuzzi like a man. The game was out of hand, or for that matter why would the Avs put Moore on the ice at the end of the game? Emotion is a strong thing, players play with emotion. In fact we love players that do, we even praise them for that ability. Yet, we sit back and judge players like Bertuzzi who have a history of playing on the edge. We can't have it both ways, either we want players with no emotion that are in control all the time or we have players like Bertuzzi. I for one would vote for Bertuzzi. Well those are my thoughts, bring on the haters
  20. Wow...so this is my first post, been reading the threads for a couple of weeks, and I thought I'd weigh in. I predict a #1 in the league finish. I say this because we really don't know how ANY TEAM is gonna fair in this new landscape we call the NHL. Also, I'm hopefully optimistic when it comes to my habs. All I know is the leafs and habs play 8 times...everyone of those games will be the game 7 Stanley Cup finals for my roomate(she's a diehard leafs fan...booo!) and myself. Only way I'll be disappointed this year is if the habs don't make the playoffs, which I wont think will happen. I know people are gonna say, "Oh be reasonable, there's no way the habs can win first place", that could be true but ignorance is bliss. Well I welcome responses, I'm a big boy I can take it
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