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  1. I wish I could say I was shocked to hear the return for Galy, but I'm not. This management team has fumbled their way into decision after decision, I can't see how Molson keeps letting him do this. This team is plagued with old thinking dinosaurs in the management and coaching side. Sometimes I feel like this org is strangled by the past successes and traditions: old french speaking coaches, players have to act a certain way (see: Subban).
  2. Everything was changed when the Bergevin nation attacked.
  3. I remember when the trade deadline was full of "who are we going to get!?", now it's "what deadweight can we cut".
  4. The issue people rightly are having is the issues from pre-season, the issues people said the team would have when the roster was made in the summer is happening. It's not the team lit it up in pre-season and is just having a rough patch. Some people think this is the level of the team, some think it will get better, we will see who right very soon.
  5. Who knows what it'll look like going into the playoffs, the management doesn't fill me with confidence like some others here, so we'll see. The bar is certainly low for expectations though.
  6. For that reason this season doesn't excite me, I'll still watch..just wish no expectations.
  7. This is a crazy good article about Nashville from Rinnes' perspective. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/pekka-rinne-nashville/
  8. Maaan come on...killing my buzz, can't we pretend MB is not going to ruin the team further?
  9. Sort of off topic, but with offer sheets, does a player have the right to refuse the offer? Is the offer made to the player or the team and team has to pass it along. Can a team make an offer to a player, the player turns it down and the other team never finds out unless the player tells them?
  10. I expect nothing, so I wont be disappointed, but might be surprised. I really just want this team to go back to being exciting to watch, I hate the way the team played last season.
  11. Brendan Gallagher is a 6g scorer, whats your point?
  12. We can make it a drinking game: 1 shot for the following phrases/words: - character guy - prices too high - believe in our core - team toughness
  13. It seems every year our deadline improvements are "Players will just get better", haha.
  14. I wish I could have your faith, I had faith in MB when he first came, and every year people would say don't worry the deals will come, and they haven't.
  15. It is debatable that this team is better, more physical sure, but I wouldn't say better, since their issue was scoring.
  16. To be fair the fans expected deals to be made before this season that would increase offense, he didn't deliver, so you cannot blame fans for hoping beyond reason that he would actually go for it this year, especially with Montreal's cup chances closing.
  17. It's getting to a point where you have to consider what MB plan is for this team going forward. Does he want a team that wins games 2-1 every night and his bringing in big bodies as a sign of his change in philosophy, or if the deals were really that bad at the deadline, and all that was available was 4th liners.
  18. Yeah I obviously meant trade Sergachev for Drew Stafford, are you dumb? All I ever see you do is play the devil's advocate card, I don't know why I am even wasting my time responding to you, trolls get off on the attention.
  19. Anyone that can play on the top 2 lines? There was a board of players available, HELL Stafford went for a 6th round pick.
  20. The least exciting hockey zzzZZZzzz.
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