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  1. I have zero faith left in the current org. I feel bad for Price.
  2. This is the lineup of a first round 0-4 sweep.
  3. I just feel it has diminishing returns. I second that booo Berg.
  4. Cup experience is such a overhyped intangible used at the deadline.
  5. I'm not surprised the king of bottom lines didn't make any bold moves.
  6. Yeah, I wish I didn't dislike Weber because of the trade, it's not his fault, I'm just irrational haha, can't help it. So I'll likely never give him the benefit of the doubt.
  7. I don't know what game you're watching, but Weber is nothing if not boring and steady if that floats your boat that's fine. As an aside it's so interesting how this trade has divided this fanbase so much, it's so funny haha.
  8. He really brought me out of my seat with that 5 foot pass to Gally..oh boy can't contain my excitement.
  9. Him scoring doesn't change the fact he looks slow, and is boring. Sports it's supposed to be entertaining and winning isn't enough for me. I wish for the firewagon style of hockey we had under Carb.
  10. He's boring and slow, not what I want in a #1 d-man.
  11. I find it funny that you're doing what you yelled at habs fans for haha.
  12. Markov looked slow and old and out of position most of the night though...
  13. We should trade for a puck moving D
  14. It's hard to be excited about this team.
  15. I'm watching and thinking 'would any habs player do anything exciting?". and I'm thinking maybe Gally. This is just a boring team.
  16. I don't think it's dumb, it's a great question. Last year showed that when the habs needed leadership the most, Max wasn't there, and somehow PK got the focus for lack of leadership. Max may end up being the worst captain in canadiens history.
  17. This might not be directly to do with the habs, but I recently got rid of my cable because I never used it, I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten any online viewing packages and what their experiences are with it. For example, can I get all the habs games, or will there be blackouts of certain games.
  18. I was just about to write all this. I can take analysis of the Weber/Subban trade and their performance, but what HF1989 said is what I've seen so commonly as a response when people show the metrics that prove Subban is actually good defensively. They can't equate that players with the punk more make more mistakes. Thanks for always saving me the trouble of typing so much Hab29, between you and CC, I rarely have to type.
  19. Except all the metrics numbers proving Subban is better...
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