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  1. This free agent class is meh. Glad he didnt, cannot stand the guy.
  2. You don't need offense from the D-men when you have a stacked team like Canada has, Montreal is the farthest thing from stacked offensively so that's why what Subban brought was so needed.
  3. We could had had PK AND a new top 6 winger, the PK/Weber trade doesn't affect the ability to get a top 6 winger so I can't see why people keep bringing this up. To make a bad trade to hope to get a better trade later on but using no resources from the first trade, unless we're trading Weber away.
  4. I hope this is hyperbole...I really do
  5. I am strongly considering this as well, it wont be Nashville though. Las Vegas could be interesting.
  6. Thanks CC saves me the trouble of typing this out.
  7. Why should we as fans care about money unless it's salary cap based. Should we be happy that Molson saves some money?
  8. I'll always be a habs fan, but my interest is almost nil.
  9. Expectations are Bergevin trades Gally and Plek for more third line wingers. Then in a surprising to none move trades Price for Ludqvist because Hank had more wins than Price last season. #MontrealScrewJobPart2
  10. This team got worse, that's how I know this trade is bad.
  11. I have lost all faith in this org.
  12. This is the defination of a shit post, ing grade A shit post.
  13. You can always count on Brian to know the CBA
  14. I will be an unhappy habs fan til Bergevin is fired if they trade Subban. I can't fathom a return that makes me happy.
  15. Haha is there an award for the 'Sung Hero' its not like everyone doesn't know that he is the best player on the team haha.
  16. Sarcastically speaking, but should Price win the Hart this year? No other player has showed how valuable they are to their team apparently. Words cannot describe how embarrassed I am to call myself a habs fan this year haha.
  17. Thanks man. I was just a lurker for the last while, just everytime I wanted to say something, someone would say it before me I do love discussions, this is the best place for habs talk. As aside does anyone else go to other teams blogsites and read what they say about the habs after a loss? Haha....yeah me neither >.>
  18. You are a smart guy Brian, but I don't see things the same way as you. Taking time away from a developing player to give it to a 3rd line at best plug is just a recipe for disaster. I will never understand this need for coaches to 'break in' young players. Play the players that are your future, develop them sure, but so many times I've seen players make one mistake and get benched, how is that for development. As to thinking he doesn't take criticism, I haven't seen any proof of this, except for a player looking out for his career because he dislikes his current org. I wish they would do away with ELC, imagine being stuck in a job you hated, but you couldn't go find a new job for x amount of years.
  19. This is a young players league, I can respect players that want to take their career in their own hands. I used to respect contracts, but really, owners can trade your contract without a second thought, so if you think you're getting a shitty end of the deal, speak up for yourself. The NHL is stuck in this 'sit down rookie do as your told' bullcrap, I'm glad he's taking it to the bolts. The bolts are dumb if they refused his request to not play, you can hate his agents methods but sitting out and not playing for an organization that you will have no part of in the future is smart business. We as fans forget that this is a business, and rookies get paid like dirt (I mean not compared to us, they make tons, but to other players in the league), and if he got hurt, you think the bolts would 'support' him for the rest of his career? Nah, they'd dump him on the side of the road like orgs do with all players they don't want anymore.
  20. I am with you, this is a watershed moment for me.
  21. Did you pour cold water on my hand Dr. Penfield?
  22. Ottawa Senators Montreal Canadiens LINEUPS Forwards Bobby Ryan - Kyle Turris - Clarke MacArthur Milan Michalek - Zack Smith - Chris Neil Colin Greening - Jason Spezza - Mika Zibanejad Matt Kassian - Derek Grant - Cory Conacher Defense Jared Cowen - Erik Karlsson Chris Phillips - Eric Gryba Marc Methot - Mark Borowiecki Goaltenders Lehner Lawson Forwards Michael Bournival - Tomas Plekanec - Brian Gionta Max Pacioretty - Alex Galchenyuk - Brendan Gallagher David Desharnais - Lars Eller - Rene Bourque Travis Moen - Ryan White - George Parros Defense Markov - Subban Gorges - Diaz Bouillon - Murray Goaltenders Price Budaj Team/Player Stats Record: 5-6-4 Scratches: Injuries: Anderson Goals: Spezza, Ryan (8) Assists: Turris (13) Points: Karlsson (17) +/-: MacArthur(+9) Record: 8-7-1 Scratches: Injuries: Emelin Goals: Gallagher (7) Assists: Subban (12) Points: Subban (15) +/-: Markov, Bournival (+6) GAME NOTES Puck Drop: 7:00 PM EST TV: RDSHD, Sportsnet
  23. I don't think many were complaining that Gauthier/Martin wasn't ripping their players in the media. The game has changed and old techniques have to change, I do not agree with ripping players in the media. Well, I'll turn the question on you then DON, what is the benefits of ripping players in the media? What is Subban went and said "..the coachs line choices are terrible, why am I not on the ice more...etc etc", ripping into the coach? CH would be up and arms about being disrespectful to the coach and he'd be on the first bus out of town.
  24. I can't see any tactical value in giving the media MORE ammunition against a player they already love to hate on in Subban. Out of touch coach using out of touch tactics.
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