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  1. All In Favour Of Selanne

    i remember reading somewhere that Sellanne said that if he plays again next seaosn, it will only be fr Anaheim.
  2. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Heres a translation (not very good lol): ____________________________________________________________________________ CH discusses with Roman Hamrlik Monday July 02, 2007 RDS.ca the Canadian currently courts the Czech defender Roman Hamrlik, who played with Flames of Calgary last year. According to what RDS learned, the Tricolour one would have a length in advance on the other teams. In 75 parts last year, it marked seven goals and obtained 31 master keys. It moreover finished the season with a differential moreover 22. In career, Hamrlik disputed a total of 999 parts of regular season with Tampa Bay, Edmonton, with Islanders of New York and Flames. It marked 131 goals and piled up 374 master keys.
  3. Canadiens sign Hamrlik, Smolinski & Kostopoulos

    I dont mind Yashin but only for the right price (?Bonuses?). Nagy would be great
  4. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I like ithat trade but that is total bullsh*t Too bad, that would have been nice!
  5. Ryder Signs!

    I agree but u never know, they could have just signed him to trade in a package for briere!
  6. Briere Arbitration Makes Him A Habs?

    I hope Montreal gets him! I'd give up almost anyone. I say, trade Ryder, Ribs and if we have to, throw in a prospect or draft pick.
  7. LOL, Im in Toronto :puke:
  8. Nhl 06/07 Standings

    1. Carolina 2. Ottawa 3. Boston 4. Montreal :hlogo: 5. New Jersey 6. Buffalo 7. New York Rangers 8. Philly ------------------- 9. Atlanta 10. Toronto 11. Florida 12. Tampa 13. NYI 14. Pittsburg 15. Washington
  9. Ryder Arbitration Hearing Set For July 25th

    That sounds pretty fair
  10. Bouillon In The Soup?

    That game was against Pittsburg. Thzt was awesome!
  11. HABS Avatars And Sigs

    Heres another Huet sig:
  12. HABS Avatars And Sigs

    Heres a huet sig:
  13. Game Thread | Tiny Tim Vs. Mr. Shutout | 04//04/06

    GO HABS GO! Downey just scored! it is 5-3!