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  1. JMMR's post is making light of his unfortunate. Look past hockey for a second and think of Justin Williams as a person. The guy's life is going to be miserable for the next 4-6 months while he hobbles around with a screwed up foot. Its probably going to be hard on his family and on his career, why harass the guy. Also im not a habs fan, and your song was stupid. =) :clap:
  2. Must be nice that he basically cant walk for 4-6 months.. yup thats a good thing to "wish" onto someone. Your a real class act.
  3. This thread seems really familiar... If I remember correctly it was pretty much the same thing... Step 1: Uneducated Habs fan makes stupid comments about being happy someone got injured. Step 2: Uneducated Habs fan #2 agree's making the entire forum look stupid. Step 3: Fan from West time zone that see's both conferances play makes comment on how ridicuous it is. Step 4: Habs fans continue to discuss Karma, because accidents dont exist. Step 5: Non-Habs fans on the board look down at you with disgust and continue to feel sorry for your attitude about how its a good thing someone got
  4. I dont know if I clap or cry. Should be an upgrade over Nolan and at 1.95 Mil and a 1 year contract should be nice. Im just hopping he doesnt bring more than 1 suitcase because who really needs all the baggage he brings? the Flames almost resigned him. He may have only got 32 Points last season but he brought leadership and toughness to the team. There are intangables the guy can still bring to the table, but at 2.75 Im glad the flames didnt fork it out
  5. I will Cheer for Calgary East, and boo New San Jose.
  6. man I really wanted atlanta to get that pick.
  7. good post, I agree for the most part. The team hasnt played well this year and to be perfectly honest I miss Sutter behind the bench as that was the last time I felt that the team was heading in the right direction, and since im being honest I think signing Langkow over Huselius was a good idea. When Huselius is playing his best hes quite a shifty make stuff happen kind of guy, but when hes not scoring he turns into a liability. I dont see Any team in the NW better than calgary because there all about the same in terms of ability (just look at the standings :puke:), but I do feel like the Sha
  8. Seem pretty defensive about my comments, guess you just realized that I tell it like it is. All your doing is spell checking my last post and whineing about the fact that I proved you wrong. Im sorry you feel insulted that we got to sign 1 of langkow or huselius, its not like we developed them into who they are today. Please be more tolerante, this is the nhl talk forum. If not go cry in your habs forum and close a box around you where you cant see out.. thats what toronto fans have done.
  9. How can you say that? The flames had there cup run right before the lockout.. if there is a time to make assloads of cash it would be then. Clearly the habs fans dont have time to stayup and watch the west, because all your comments seem uneducated.
  10. a gimmie in a draft year? Are you telling me Ryan Suter and Braydon Coburn were gimmies? Id also like to know why you think Huselius is such a great player??? I bet you think Samsonov is a great player too.
  11. he cant win, when washington misses then playoffs.
  12. I think the best fans in the league are St. Louis.. people actually watch that team, even tho they havent made the playoffs in what feels like a decade. If you had to change provinces that you live in, which would you move to?
  13. Assuming neither the Capitals or the Thrashers make the playoffs.. then who wins the MVP? Assuming neither the Capitals or the Thrashers make the playoffs.. then who wins the MVP?
  14. None, I hate the habs. I value them on the same level as the leafs. If you could remove one NHL team from the league which would it be and why?
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