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  1. The KHL option is SPECULATION not fact!

    He didn't say he didn't want to continue splitting duties. WHat he was upset about was sitting for long stretches when Price would get the starts. He wanted a shot to be a starter, which since he made those statments, he is finally getting an oppertunity. ALthough, he still doesn't get a chance to start after a loss as often as Price has historically gotten. Tonight was one of those exceptions.

    I agree it is speculation on our part. However that does not mean it is not a fact.

    Whether Halak is willing to stay and continue sharing the goal is something the Habs need to find out. If Halak tells them he would rather go to the KHL then they pretty much have to trade him.

  2. There is absolutely NO REASON to trade Halak or Price right now. BOth are RFA's. Unless someone is willing to offer some very SOLID players/picks in return (i.e. Jeff Carter, Edm 1st round pick, Penner, Ryan - and none of these are going to happen!!), make a move in the summer or let them continue battling next year.

    I would like to keep Halak and Price. However, Halak has indicated he doesn't want to continue splitting duties. Since he has the option of going to the KHL we may be forced to trade him.

  3. Trade any assets possible that give a reasonable return.

    Tanking is the wrong way to put it. We are tanking without effort.

    Here's a list of our assets that we can trade:








    both Kostitsyns











    Trading them all will certainly guarantee us a top 2 pick. We can probably also get

    6 or 7 more first rounders and a number of second rounders over the next two years.

    We will also guarantee ourselves a top 2 pick next year and probably the following year.

    Of course if things don't work out we can repeat in 2015.

  4. Tanking is not the answer. We have no way to fall below the Leafs and the Oilers nor probably the Hurricanes. If we try to tank we probably won't make the bottom 5. There are a few teams in a position to sell almost all their decent veteran assets for prospects and we can't do that. Atlanta will fall like a stone once they trade Kovalchuk for some picks and prospects.

    We have a good shot at finishing 7th or 8th in the East. Maybe we fail and finish 9th or 10th in the East which is 22nd or 23rd overall (where we are now). If we tank we can finish 25th. Will the 6th pick be all that much better than the 8th or 9th? I don't think so given that the cost is to install a culture of losing in some of our young players.

  5. Never gonna happen with Price. Brodeur and Price are not even from the same planet. Brodeur comes from Mars, Price comes from Venus.

    In the middle of the 2003 playoffs, Brodeur's wife files for divorce and started harassing Martin, calling him in the middle of the night to tell him he'd never see his kids again. Brodeur carried the Devils on his back all the way to the Stanley Cup with a 1.65 GAA and 7 shutouts.

    Carey Price cries when he his pulled from a game and needs hugs if a teammate calls him out.

    See any difference? Mental toughness. Price has zero. At this point, Halak has way more chances to one day become a dominant guy than Price because Jaro has the mental toughness and discipline a pro goalie needs to be at his best on a consistent basis. Price can be Martin Brodeur in the 1st period and André Racicot in the 2nd and Ron Hextall in the 3rd. You cant build any long-term team around that kinda goalie.

    You are comparing Price to Brodeur, of course Brodeur is better now and mentally tougher. You need to compare Price to a 22 year old Brodeur. Brodeur's record was 19-11-6 with a .902 save %. Right now Price is 11-17-4 with a .910 save %.

    By your logic, it is Markov who must be weak mentally since apparently he was the one who needed the hug which Price provided. What has Halak ever done to show any mental toughness? I'm not saying he doesn't have any; I'm just curious as to how you can see his mental toughness.

    Here are the stats of another 22 year old goalie: 13-27-6 with GAA 3.25 and save %0.898.

    Obviously another bust that no team could build around. I'm sure Pittsburg regrets keeping Marc-Andre Fleury.

  6. Which just proves that numbers can be made to show anything? ^_^

    The numbers show that very few goals are scored (per minute) while Gorges is on the ice even when you account for the fact that he doesn't play against the other team's top line. Somehow, you think that this is some statistical magic and he is in fact horrible? :wacko:

  7. Looks like another former habs is on the move. Flames picking up Higgins in a deal that includes Jokienin going the other way. This is certainly a better move for the flames then the ridicilous Phaneuf deal.

    Just a thought - not a rumour. If Higgins could be signed for around $1.5M as a UFA next year, who would like to see him back in Montreal. I for one would love to him as a 3rd line winger, as long as his role is clearly defined as being that of a 3rd liner. However, now that he is going to the Flames, i'm pretty sure Sutter will try and lock him up.

    I do think the Flames could have gotten more for Phaneuf than they did but he is not the great player many people think he is. He has been very average for the past 2 years and he is getting 6.5 million for the next 4 years.

    However, the second deal (if it goes through) between the flames and the rangers is just horrible for the flames. Please tell me how this can be considered anything but insane from the flames point of view.

    Jokinin hasn't had a very good year but previous to this year his goal totals are: 36, 26, 38, 39, 34, 29. This is a guy who still has value even though he is a UFA. He is the guy the flames got realizing it meant giving up Cammallari. Now they are dumping him (with Prust) for Higgins and Kotalik??? :unsure: Two guys who look like they their best years (which weren't great) are probably behind them (although Higgins might recover). Higgins is a UFA but Kotalik is signed for 2 more years at 3 million per year.

    This deal makes no sense at all. Maybe the flames want to rid themselves of Jokinin but why are they saddling themselves with Kotalik and his contract? I am pretty sure they are teams out there that would want Jokinin as a rental for this year's playoff - there was a bidding war for him at the trade deadline last year. Calgary gave up a first round pick and Prust and Lombardi to get him together 3rd round pick less than a year ago.

    Maybe Sutter has come to his senses and canceled this trade. If it goes through there will be a lot of unhappy flame fans.

  8. The Red Wings and the Devils are EXACTLY the teams that we should be emulating. Teams that don't tank it to succeed. Teams that consistently shrewdly draft mid to late round gems, hire excellent coaches who they don't have to fire every year or two, bcoz it was obvious they hired the wrong guy.

    It seems to me that what Gainey is doing is exactly trying to emulate the Devils. They have been a dominant team for 15 years due to Martin Brodeur with a descent cast and a good defensive system. Brodeur's breakout season came in 96-97 when he was 24 and the Devils have been riding him ever since.

    If we are going to emulate the Devils we need Price (or Halak but that is much much less likely) to become dominant. This could well happen and if you want to emulate the Devils this is the only way for it to happen.

  9. I really like Gainey and most of the moves he's made, but he has to get in contact with Plek, I can't see what he's waiting for to actually have a conversation, unless he doesn't want to distract Plek from his game, that could be it, but I'm not sure. The longer the season goes, the more his value goes up.

    I'm not sure why this is true. I think it's pretty clear that his value has dropped over the last couple of weeks since AK got injured. This is probably why Gainey hasn't made an offer yet. If he returns to his highly successful play before his AK returns then his value will continue to rise. If he doesn't his value will fall. I suspect Gainey wants to know which of these 2 things will happen before he signs Plekanec.

    This may mean paying more for him then signing him right now. On the other hand it may mean paying less. It all depends on Plek's play. I would rather have Plek show he deserves the extra cash than try to save a little money by signing him now.

  10. I also suspect that GL was grumbling in the dressing room or otherwise sending toxic signals within the team. Gainey used the word 'distraction' in the press conference, and he also said this move would improve the 'focus' and 'spirit' of the team; and I think the most plausible reason for this action is that the coach/GM felt they couldn't just let Laraque sit there, probably because he was becoming a problem. However, this is inference on my part. But I believe that Gainey is taking a zero-tolerance policy to ANY of the kinds of shenanigans associated with last season's bunch.

    I think C.C. is bang on here.

    The method the team is using here speaks volumes about why they are doing it. If they just thought Laraque was ineffective they would probably have made him a healthy scratch for the rest of the season. This would have allowed them the option of putting him into games against teams with heavyweights if they wanted to.

    Instead they tell him they will pay him for the rest of the season but he won't be with the team. To me this says that Gainey and Martin view him as a problem in the dressing room.

  11. This is direct proof of Gainey's weakness as a GM. He should have followed our previous method that we used with Kordic. Why not just trade Laraque to Toronto for Kessel. I guess it must be due to the no movement clause. :glare:

  12. Just heard Gainey quoted on CBC. He said:

    1) The team decided to get rid of Laraque last week (I think he meant before the earthquake).

    2) He, Gainey, offered Laraque a leave of absence due his personal situation vis-a-vis Haiti but Laraque refused the offer.

  13. I've noticed this too. It's hard to judge if we are getting unfairly treated - I am never sure how much is my own pro Habs bias.

    My theory is that this is due to 2 factors:

    1) the tendency to let "stars" get away with more and be very strict with rookies and other young players

    2) the Bell Centre fans. Most teams get more PP's when they are the home team. We don't. I think this might be because every time a habs gets knocked down the fans immediately yell for a penalty. This might be making the refs uncomfortable about calling a penalty since they don't want to be seen as homers.

  14. The Canadiens played the same defensive style in the 60s and 70s and when Lafleur came up HE WAS forced to play

    defense like every other player coming up in the Canadiens system.

    Look at Lafleur's numbers his first 3 years in the league. He didn't become a dominant offensive force until he was 23 years old

    and had paid his dues.

    This is exactly what I was thinking.

    I really like this deal. Maybe its because I haven't seen Pouliot since he was drafted. But I think Latendresse's lack of speed and lack of quick hands means he will never be a top 6 forward. On the other hand I think (hope) Pouliot's skill set mean he could still become a number 1 centre. Even if this is a long shot, I'm glad Gainey took it. We have been searching for a big skilled centre forever.

  15. Wow, this thread went in all directions...

    I should have underlined my point:

    In 2007, our scout in the QMJHL, thought that Perron would never play in the NHL. Not only did Perron played in the NHL right off the draft, but he's right being Kane and Gagner in pts from all the picks of that draft.

    This isnt a scout misjudging a 6th round prospect. This is our guy watching over our backyard being completely oblivious to the best prospect there. That's like going hunting and not shooting a moose because you think it's a squirrel. Scratch that. That's like going hunting and not shooting a moose because you think it's a rock and you brought a broom instead of a riffle. Gross, unacceptable incompetence.

    Let me just point out that what someone hears a scout say out loud at a game is not necessarily what the scout really thinks.

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