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  1. Huh? Everyone in the rink, especially Bullis knew that was a penalty. He's lucky it was only 2 minutes. PP
  2. Geez Bullis is having a brutal game. Missed the breakaway. Now he takes his second stupid penalty.
  3. But Clarke built his team over the summer after the new rules were installed. PK [Edited on 2005/10/26 by Peter Puck]
  4. TSN just had a stat saying that the Penguins have only been ahead in a game once all season.
  5. Yeah so what. Is it written somewhere that bigger players are entitled to a system that rewards them for their size. It seems Bobby may be rethinking his off season strategy.
  6. I have to say that on the replay Komisarek did drop his gloves first. Brashear challenged him and he didn't hesitate. I'm impressed.
  7. Komisarek got a 10 min misconduct. All together that makes 17 minutes. He'll be back with 7 minutes left in the 2nd period. Good to have the extra defenseman.
  8. So - so. Didn't have a lot of possession in the Flyers zone.
  9. We'll see. I am sure that if Dagenais is dressed in a game ending with a shootout that he will be one of our first 3 shooters. The only reason the guy is in the league is because of his shot. He and Kovalev were our best two shooters in pre-season shootouts, Regarding Bullis, as much as I like him, I don't think he will be taking many shootouts. He has great speed, good hustle but very little finish. After the last game lots of people here were picking him for 1st star partly because he had 3 breakaways. I think this is a common error. Getting 3 breakaways and missing them all doesn'
  10. To the mods: please, please don't ban shortcat1, he didn't mean it, really he didn't. I know he didn't.
  11. Snowball II [because I am closing in on 100 posts]
  12. This info is available on the HabsWorld home page, just below the Northeast Division standings.
  13. I still think Dagenais will prove useful in shootouts. I would have liked to wait a little longer on Hossa but I trust Gainey. I won't be surprised to see Hossa disappear in baout 10 games.
  14. I am a little worried about what will happen when we face the Penguins. They now have: 1. LeClair who as Quebecois says has 30 goals in 34 games against us. 2. Lemieux who is always very good against the Habs 3. Recci 4. Crosby who I expect will be especially excited to play against the Habs. They also have former Habs Lyle Odelein (who doesn't worry me at all) and Jocelyn Thibault. Fortunately the Penguins have no defence this year.
  15. After the game last Saturday, on HNIC Cherry went out of his way to mention Begin and say how much he liked him.
  16. I can't decide if this is Simonus or Shortcat1 posing as a new member.
  17. I think this sums up why all of us are habs fans (and why deep down we really just feel pity for the Leaf fan).
  18. I believe somebody (Bullis_the_Habie?) suggested this name during the pre-season for our future #1 line of Kovalev-Koivu-Koistisyn(the elder).
  19. While I disagree, I still think I could hear the whistle on the replay before Bonk hit the puck, we can't complain about the bench not asking for a review. A question about whether the puck was in or not before the whistle blew is not subject to video replay. The referee's decision is final in such a case. Here is the rule.
  20. Are you saying that the pollution in Windsor is worse than in Sudbury???
  21. I heard both Quinn and Julien complaining about the refs after last night's games. Julien said that he saw the puck in the net before the whistle on Bonk's disallowed goal. That's about all he said - that he was unhappy that the ref's blew the call. [i think it was clear on the replay that the whistle blew a quarter second before Bonk hit the puck. Although I think the refs got this call correct it was unfortunate that they blew the whistle when the puck wasn't frozen. However, when they lose sight of the puck and it looks like its under the goalie they are supposed to stop play.]. Q
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