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  1. I don't see this happening. To bring Hainsey back up to Montreal this season he will have to clear waivers again on his way up. However, any team claiming him will only have to pay him $375,000 for the year. We will have to pay the other $375,000. If he has shown any promise in Hamilton I don't think he'll clear waivers under these conditions.
  2. The Canadiens remain a smaller than average team, but have got bigger with the six-foot-two Kovalev and six-foot-three Bonk, not to mention the hulking enforcer Ivanans, who weighs in at 263 pounds and reportedly has the lowest body fat count on the team. I said this before but I would like to see the Habs try putting Ivanans in front of the opponent's net on powerplays. I don't see anybody being able to move him.
  3. I had the same problem - my wife saw how much time I was investing at Habsworld and so she surprised me with 4 tickets to the March 23rd game . Then she decided we should go to the March 25th game too. She discovered that there were a bunch of single seats left and bought 4 in the same section. Actually she got 4 good but separate seats. But this was 2 weeks ago. Maybe all the single seats are gone too? Good luck.
  4. TSN has released their power ranking (done by Scott Cullen). He has us ranked 12 overall and the Leafs ranked 16. His order seems okay to me except that he has the Bruins ranked 2nd. I believe they should be ranked somewhere around us - nothing above 8th.
  5. This is suspicious. I really can't remember the last day during which shortcat1 posted less than 13 messages. I believe we can detect the hand of puck7x already. Congratulations, shortcat1 on achieving the Hall of Fame. I can tell you registered 3 weeks before me. I may never be able to make up the 3 week head start. :bow:
  6. I thought I heard somewhere that we are responsible for half the salary of any player of ours who is claimed on waivers by another team. Okay I tracked this down. Here is how it works >According to Lamoriello, players who have one-way contracts have to >clear waivers on the way back up to the NHL. >Players on two-way contracts do not. >And if a player is claimed on the way back up, the team that claims >him will only be responsible for half of his contract; the team that put >him on waivers would be responsible for the other half of his contract. This is exce
  7. Okay Hossa (and Ward) will make the Rangers. Here is an article giving the remaining 24 players in the Rangers camp. It includes Hossa and Ward but not Balej and since it has 8 defencemen the final cut will have to be a Dman.
  8. The later site lists a 26 man roster so I don't think it settles the question of whether Hossa has been cut. [edited for spelling] [Edited on 2005/10/4 by Peter Puck]
  9. I thought I heard somewhere that we are responsible for half the salary of any player of ours who is claimed on waivers by another team.
  10. I remember during the first preseason game, against Atlanta, there were 45 members browsing. So 17 not really that high. I think there is less talk though because we are all waiting for the real thing.
  11. Marcel Hossa Still 1 more to go. WHO IS HE ?? I still think it will be Latendresse. Everyone seems to see trading Hossa as making room for Latendresse. But I still think another year in junior will benefit him more. I see trading Hossa as making room for Perehogen.
  12. I have to agree with this. Its unfortunate but you do need a goon. One thing that intrigues me about Ivanans is the idea of parking him in front of the opposition's net during power plays. I don't see how you can move this guy even under the old rules. Ottawa had quite a bit of success doing this with Zedano Chara.
  13. According to TSN "Boynton, 26, is two years away from possible unrestricted free agency. "
  14. Just noticed that the Leaf's took 40 minutes in penalties in 1st 2 periods including 10 minor penalties.
  15. cjad announcer says "Dajenais is very physical". Is this true? Did this happen?
  16. ... who has scored? Drury, Pominville? and Gaustad for the Sabres. Chad Kilger for the Leafs!
  17. Habs outshooting Bruins 4-0. Ben Walter (Ryan's son) gets Bruins first shot and Bruins go on the powerplay. Any updates on your class for us?
  18. I have no strong quarrels with your list, but don't forget Hainsworth played in the era before the forward pass was legal. A very good player but I wouldn't put him in the top 10. Still a 50% shut out rate for a season is impressive
  19. I am surprised to see Ferland still around. I guess they want to encourage him. I think the reason Perezhogin may be cut is that he can be sent back to Hamilton without risking losing him on waivers. This gives Gainey some time to make a trade. If he does get cut, I expect to see Perezhogin with the Habs after a trade within the first month (or after an injury).
  20. Don't forget that Guy Lafleur played 1 year with the Rangers and 2 years with the Nordiques. I don't think these extra years at the end of his career should overshadow his great Habs carreer. The same applies to Savard.
  21. I'm not underrating Patrick Roy. I didn't include him because 1) he didn't play his whole career with Montreal and 2) he had some more great years with another team (Colorado). Serge Savard comes in the same category. His last two years with the Winnipeg Jets were just sort of an afterthought in his career. I know that Jacques Plante played with the Rangers for a bit (traded for Gump Worsley) but his BIG years were with Montreal. Okay we each have our own rankings. But ... Roy played 10 (or 9 1/2) seasons with Montreal and Dryden only played 8. Of course Dryden won 6 cups in his 8 year
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