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  1. Here's my rankings: 1. M. Richard 2. J. Beliveau 3. H. Morenz 4. P. Roy 5. J. Plante 6. G. Lafleur 7. D. Harvey 8. G. Vezina 9. L. Robinson 10. B. Gainey IMHO some of you are underrating Patrick Roy. He finished with most career wins and carried two unlikely Montreal teams to the Stanley Cup.
  2. Here is a more detailed look at a couple of leaf problems. A column by Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun. One of my buddies in Toronto, a leaf fan even, pointed it out to me. What does Quinn see in these guys? Enjoy!
  3. I don't think Latendresse will play regularly (if at all) in Montreal this year. I think Jeff Carter of the Flyers wil win the Calder
  4. 13 forwards 7 d-men 2 goalies 22 players... one spot left. Keep Vandermeer or Ivanans up? Or leave the spot empty and save the salary-cap room for later in the season... Btw: This thread is the biggest in HW history, it totally destroyed the former biggest thread. Good job guys. Can't we keep more than 23 guys on the roster and cycle them between the press box and the ice?
  5. The same colour commentator says that there's '126 goals' missing from TB's line-up tonight compared to Montreal's '62'. He says that this goes a long way towards explaining the lack of offence on TB's part. That's not enough to explain a 6-1 loss. Nor to explain Montreal's domination of TB tonight.
  6. I am not worried about Milroy yet. He had very little playing time 2 years ago in Hamilton. Realistically he knew he had no chance to make the Canadiens this year. As a RW, he is competing with Kovalev, Ryder, Sunstrom, Koistitsyn, Latendresse and Perezhogin and Ferland. At least he doesn't need to worry about Ward any more I think the above competition may explain why Locke is still in camp but Milroy is gone. I don't think Milroy will be very disappointed to have been cut although maybe he would have liked to stick at camp a little longer. Milroy has a great wrist shot and c
  7. I think #40 is Maxim Lapierre. Here is a scan of the roster from camp. http://www.habsworld.net/isource/albums/pi...camp_roster.jpg
  8. When Brisebois left we lost the last player remaining from the 93 cup win. So now we have no one on the team who has won a cup with the Habs. When was the last time Montreal started the season without any players on the roster having already played on a habs cup winning team? I wonder which other team has the second longest streak of this sort?
  9. Actually there was a thread with the topic "Greatest Roster of all Time" less than a month ago. It was started by kaos and here is what he had to say (I can't find much to dispute about koas' points):
  10. Actually the Leafs are only paying him $500,000 for 1 year. This is about what he is worth. We don't want him back even at that price. We're much better off using whichever of our prospects show the best progress.
  11. Actually what I really like about the changes Gainey has made is that he has kept *exactly* the valuable assets we had when he came on board. With the exception of Garon, and possibly Ward I don't think any of the other players who are gone would fit with the current team. Everyone he has kept is an important cog in the surrent team (except Sundstrum?) and none are significantly overpaid except Rivet. Bonk may end up not being worth Garon, but on the other hand he might. I trust Gainey, although not even he knows this for sure. Really, it is amazing what Gainey has accomplished in 2 year
  12. Under the new CBA there is no more waiver draft.
  13. I was watching a replay of the Habs vistory (5-2) over the Bruins in game 1 of the first round of the 2002 playoffs on the nhl network yesterday and was struck by how much the team has changed (and improved) since then. Here is the Habs roster from the last game of the 2002-2003 season an 8-2 loss to Carolina in the 2nd round of the playoffs (sorry to remind everyone of that horrible game). I have marked the players still with the team with a *. Habs Roster May 12, 2002 ===================== Audette Berezin Brisebois Bulis * Dackell Dykhuis Fiset Gilmour Juneau Kilger Koi
  14. Does anyone know how this works with respect to trades? For example, with Theodore he will cost us $5.33 million against the cap for each of the next 3 years but in 2007-2008 we will be paying him $6 million. If we trade at the beginning of the 07-08 season him his new team will have to pay him $6 million but am I right in presuming they will have to charge the whole $6 million against their cap?
  15. Okay I am going to have to name Toe Blake (2nd best coach ever?) and Jacques Lemaire. However, I do think that playing skill is not a requirement for a good coach. In fact as a coach and teacher, I would say the opposite is true. It is much easier to teach/coach a skill that you struggled with compared to something that came easily. For this reason I think Gretzky may struggle as a coach. Of course, there are lots of factors that go into being a good coach and Wayne may have these other skills.
  16. I also fully agree with Simonus. Julien was the big difference. I remember in the years before that the Habs never seemed to have any sort of defensive system. We were always getting caught out of position and our passing was terrible. I used to cringe continually while watching the play. Within a few weeks of Julien taking over the change was remarkable.
  17. I read a couple of years ago that many countries (including Canada) are trying to standarize this. They have agreed to use the format year-month-date. This seems unusual but the reason for this format is that you can keep going: year-month-date-hour-minute-second-(tenth of second)-(etc) Where you should stop depends only on how precise you want to be. Having said this (and I confess I kind of like this system) I haven't heard much about trying to promote its use.
  18. Washington signed a big contract with Jagr a few years ago. When he was traded from the Capitals to the Rangers, Washington agreed to pay half his salary for the remainder of the contract. Thus both Washington and the Rangers were on the hook to pay him a little over 4 million (each) for the coming season.
  19. I don't really know but I think Washington would have bought out their portion of Jagr's contract. Either way they have to pay a 4 million to a player not playing for them. May as well buy him out and save the cap room. The only disadvantage to that is they have to pay the 4 million all at once, not spread out over the season.
  20. I have always liked Duncan Milroy. Not sure if he will make the NHL or not but I'm hoping he has a good season in Hamilton. He should get more ice time this year and so he will have his chance to show us what he can do.
  21. 1. Ribero - I think Ribero will blossom without the red line and with less obstruction. 2. Dagenais - I think Dags may surprise us. This is probaby a make or break year for him and I think he knows it and is motivated. Of course Dagenais won't have a good year unless Ribero does. 3. Streit - We're not expecting much but I think he will be a solid 6th defenceman. 4. Koivu - He has incredible heart and I think as captain of a much better team he will really improve his stats.
  22. Thanks LifeLongHabsFan. My wife and parents-in-law are big Leafs fans so I have put up with some grief the last few years but I am really looking forward to this year and the next few years.:ghg:
  23. Well I may not be as proficient as most of you but I have been using computers for 34 years. It is a bit easier now that I don't need punch cards though. By the way alexstream, I will take this opportunity to say that I have been lurking around HW since a couple of months after it started and I have always been impressed by the quality of your posts (especially for someone of your tender years). :bow:
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