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  1. I'm 44 years old (as you can tell from my bio) for a few more days. I'm surprised there aren't more 40 and 50 year olds. You youngsters missed out on some great teams and some great cups.
  2. I have to agree with Bullis_the_Habbie and say Andreychuck. I remember after the 95-96 season when the Leaf's let him go because they thought his best years were behind him. He has put up 634 goals and 686 assists in 1597 career games.
  3. Well I've always liked the Kings. I loved Vachon and the deal we made for Lafleur. and the Devils, I rooted for them for years but now that they have won cups and been good I am losing interest.
  4. No need to worry about losing player a the waiver draft and BG wn't be plucking any surprises for us this year. There is no more waiver draft under the new CBA. You can find his at the nhl's site: http://www.nhl.com/nhlhq/cba/index.html (about 2/3 of the way down)
  5. Sportsnet is reporting this on their web site. No details though. Edit: added this reference http://www2.sportsnet.ca/nhl/free_agent_tracker.html [Edited on 2005/8/16 by Peter Puck]
  6. Who's is your coach? Toe Blake or Scotty Bowman? someone else? I'll take Pollack as GM (although with this lineup he won't have much to do )
  7. Well I looked around a bit and I can't find a definitive answer to this question but it looks like the answer is as follows. Allison's performance bonuses count against this year's cap unless they push the Leafs over the cap limit. Then whatever amount the Leafs exceed the cap by will count against next year's cap.
  8. I understand that any bonus money paid to players such as Alison and Bure who were injured in 03-04 counts against the cap next year (06-07).
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